Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Job in Dubai

Every year several job seekers come to Dubai to find a job and live their dream life in the Emirates. Many people apply for Dubai jobs online thinking it will help them in getting work. But out of them, many fail to get a job in Dubai. It’s not because there are a limited number of job openings in Dubai but rather because their job search strategy is wrong. Dubai is filled with job opportunities for job seekers. Candidates are looking for a Dubai job in an old-fashioned way and then complain about Dubai being hard. The job market and recruitment process in Dubai have changed now. If you are not able to find employment in UAE with so many vacancies present, you should know about the reasons why you are not getting a job in Dubai.

In this blog, we have covered the reasons why you are not getting a job in Dubai. 

List of Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Job in Dubai 

Being aware of the reasons why you are not able to find a job in Dubai will help you improve your mistakes. You can see where you are going wrong in your Dubai job search and apply the correct strategies. In this regard, we have mentioned the list of reasons why you are not getting a job in Dubai below. 

1. Not Applying During the Job Season

If you are applying for Dubai jobs when the recruitment process is slow or almost nil you will not get the jobs. I strongly suggest you avoid visiting Dubai to search for jobs in Eid (March/April) and at Christmas (November/ December). During these months, the hiring process is slow as most of the recruiters are on holiday. There are very few job postings present in Ramadan. Your job application will most likely not even be viewed by HR if you apply for jobs in Dubai during Ramadan and the Christmas season. 

The best time to apply for jobs in Dubai is January and February as during these months the recruitment process is done at full speed in most of the offices. Companies plan their hiring and annual budgets. Recruiters post several job openings and meet the candidates. The interview date is arranged fast. 

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2. Applying for Dubai Jobs from Outside the UAE

This is the hard truth of current times, but if you are applying for Dubai jobs from outside the UAE you will likely not get hired. Dubai recruiters prefer candidates who resume say UAE residents and have UAE phone numbers. If you don’t live in Dubai then you should plan to come to Dubai on a visit visa to find jobs like many job seekers are doing nowadays. When you go to the company’s office, submit your resume, and meet the HR it creates a personal touch and HR remembers you. If you submit your application online, you are not even in the eyes of the recruiter. 

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3. Submitting Improper Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and cover letters play a major role in determining whether you are fit for a job or not. If you have a poorly written resume that doesn’t highlight your skills, work history, and education you will not get a job. Your resume should follow the Dubai resume format and have all the required sections. In addition, you should also have a proper cover letter that compliments your resume. Some of the common mistakes that people make in their Dubai resume are:

  • Not following the ATS format
  • Not adding keywords according to the job description in their resume
  • Not updating the resume before applying for each job.
  • Not having all the required sections (Summary, work experience, education, skills, personal details)
  • Not writing the work experience in the reverse chronological order
  • Adding a photo to their resume
  • Not adding the correct contact details in their resume

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4. Applying for Dubai Jobs Online Only

The one common mistake that job searchers make is relying just on one online source to apply for jobs in Dubai. Job seekers make the mistake of creating their profile only on job portals and there they apply for jobs. To find a job in Dubai, one job portal is not enough. You need to be present on all the top Dubai job portals like Bayt, Naukrigulf, Indeed, Linkedin, Dubizzle, Monstergulf, etc. Download these job portals, create your profile, upload your latest resume, and apply for jobs daily. You need to stay active on these job portals and see what new job openings are coming, what skills recruiters want, and what HRs are posting on their page. 

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5. Not Dropping the Resume in the Hands of the HR 

The majority of job searchers are ignorant about submitting their CVs to HR. Either they don’t know the importance of submitting a resume in the hands of HR or they are just lazy to do that. Dropping off your CV in the hands of HR is ideal since you may be allowed to introduce yourself to the recruiting manager at that time. It helps you stand out from other job seekers and increases your chances of getting a job. 

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6. Job Seekers Don’t Understand the Value of Networking on Social Media 

Networking is really important in today to get a job in Gulf countries like Dubai. We are not in old age where you can find jobs only by applying through portals and submitting resumes to HR. You need to do extra work to get a job in Dubai. Most of the social media apps like Linkedin and Facebook have most of the Dubai recruiters there where they are hiring candidates daily. You can friend recruiters and HRs through LinkedIn and talk about how you are looking for a job. 

LinkedIn and Facebook have professional work groups that you can join where several people are looking for skilled employees. By joining these work groups you can even get some personal projects and freelance work. You get access to unlimited clients of your field and domain by being present on these social media apps.

7. Job Seekers Become Victims of Recruitment Agencies

When your job hunt appears to fail and you are about to quit, you start approaching recruitment firms to find work in Dubai. They offer false promises, fool you, and even get aggressive after collecting the recruitment money. I would recommend that you search for a job in Dubai on your own and if you are finding it tough then look for only legal recruiting agencies that have their licenses validated and authorized by the UAE government.

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8. Not Preparing for the Job Interview

Getting a job in Dubai is not a cakewalk. Every aspect of Dubai job search requires preparation from applying to giving an interview. Cracking a Dubai interview is not easy. When you will go for a interview you will see how many other job seekers are waiting in a queue to get a job. To stand out from the competition, you need to prepare very well for the job interview. Research about the company and job role. Prepare a solid answer for why you are the best candidate for the job. Speak about your accomplishments and skills. Dress professionally and communicate well. Don’t sound arrogant during your interview rather be confident. 

Finding a job in Dubai is not easy and requires hardwork, dedication, a smart job search strategy, and guidance from an industry expert. Learnwithfaiz, is a leading Dubai career coach service who have helped many candidates in getting a job in Dubai. You can also avail yourself of help from industry expert by trying out job assistance package and one to one consultation services.

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