How to Find a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa?

Are you planning to come to Dubai on a visit visa? Are you wondering how to get a job in Dubai on a visit visa? What to do first? How to impress UAE recruiters? Then this blog is for you. Over the years many people have come to UAE to find a job in Dubai on a visit visa. But only a few job seekers became successful and lived their dream lives in Dubai. It’s because not everyone makes the best use of their visit visa and applies a smart approach to get a job. Dubai is filled with various job opportunities for migrants. You need to set clear goals and plan your every step to get a job in Dubai.

For reference, you can go through the following blog to learn how to find job in UAE on visit visa.

How to How to Find a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa? Complete Guide

If you are coming to Dubai on a visit visa to get a job, then follow our tips given below. These Dubai job search tips will help you get the highest-paying job on your visit visa. Keep in mind that finding a job in Dubai can be stressful and many people face several rejections. But after hard work and several rejections, you will get your dream job in Dubai. 

We recommend that when you are coming to find job in Dubai on a visit visa, come alone and don’t bring your family. Once you have got the offer letter from the UAE recruiter then plan on bringing your family.

Check the tips on how to find job in UAE on visit visa below.

1. Plan Your Journey

The first thing you should do when you are coming to UAE on a visit visa is plan your journey. Since you are coming to Dubai on a visit, keep in mind that your goal is to find a job, not explore the city and waste time. You can explore the city in the evening if you wish to, but fix your days for a job. Find out the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai. Usually, January and February are considered the best months to come to Dubai on a visit visa as UAE companies are actively hiring during this time. 

  • Plan where you will live and create a budget.
  • Make a list of companies to which you will go and submit your resume.
  • Make a list of the job industries you will be targeting.
  • Research about your job options and salary packages.
  • Analyze what is a good salary in Dubai to live a comfortable life.
  • Plan your days on which day you will go to which company
  • Shortlist some recruitment agencies.

Once you have done research about the above-mentioned pointers, come to Dubai. 

2. Get a UAE Phone Number and a Dubai Metro Card

After coming to Dubai, you should get a local Dubai phone number as soon as possible. Update your resume with a Dubai phone number. Once you will update your resume with a Dubai phone number the likelihood of getting calls from a recruiter increases. Including a Dubai phone number on your CV, job board profiles, and LinkedIn profile informs recruiters and hiring managers that you are here and ready to go!

Also, get a Dubai metro card to save on traveling expenses. You will be going to various offices and submitting your resumes. So, if you take a taxi it might be expensive. Traveling through the Dubai metro will not empty your pockets. 

3. Update Your Resume

Your resume matters the most in getting you a job in Dubai. You will be submitting your resume to various UAE offices and handing it to many recruiters. So, make sure that your Dubai resume is updated and as per the guidelines. Tips on how to write a Dubai standard resume:

  • Make your resume ATS-friendly. Understand how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system?
  • Write your job experience in a chronological manner
  • Write your job experience above your academic qualification
  • Your resume should not have any grammatical or spacing mistakes
  • Add correct keywords on your resume
  • Mention if you speak more than one language
  • Remove details like marital status, ethnicity, etc from your resume
  • Add your Dubai phone number to your resume

Along with your resume, don’t forget to write a UAE standard cover letter. Gulf country’s recruiters also go through the cover lever to make a hiring decision. You can write about your work experience, skills, and achievements in detail in your cover letter. Make sure that it is a maximum of 2 pages long, not more than that.

If you are confused about how to write a Dubai standard resume on your own, you can get assistance from Learnwithfaiz resume writing services and cover letter writing services. We will offer you a perfect Dubai resume according to the job industry you are interested in. 

PRO TIP: When you are in Dubai on a visit visa to get a job, first submit your resume as per your previous work experience in your home country. If you didn’t get the job in the first month with your previous work experience then in the next month, change your resume and make it a generic one for various job profiles like salesman, admin, manager, etc. 

4. Visit the Company’s Offices

Now, that you are all set with your phone number, visa, metro card, and itinerary, it’s time to go to the companies. Take out the companies list you prepared earlier go to each office one by one and submit your resume. Meet the hiring manager, be polite, and show professionalism. Don’t stop at a few companies, keep on visiting offices and giving your resumes. 

When you are in Dubai, you should keep an eye on which firms are posting job vacancies. You must conduct thorough research and submit resumes online. Also, examine whether any of the companies need you to participate in a walking interview. If you are going for an interview, be confident and always wear an outfit that enhances your individuality. Show your professionalism via your body language and communication style. 

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5. Apply on Dubai Job Boards

When you are looking for work in Dubai, one job search approach is never enough. You need to broaden your job-applying techniques. Apply for jobs on the top Dubai job portals like Linkedin, Indeed, Bayt, Naukrigulf, etc. These top job portals in Dubai have most of the UAE recruiters and companies registered. Every day you can find a number of Dubai job vacancies on these portals. Create a profile, upload your CV, and turn on the notification to get timely updates. Open these job boards, fill out the application form, and apply for jobs. 

6. Networking

Networking is a smart way of getting a job in Dubai. If you have any friends or relatives in Dubai ask for recommendations. If you know anyone from the management in any firm, don’t hesitate to meet them and ask for the job. Many job seekers in Dubai have got to work through networking. While you are visiting various Dubai offices try to make contact with the hiring manager and ask for updates. You can also network on the Dubai job boards like LinkedIn and get in touch with the hiring managers. 

7. Get in Touch with the Top Dubai Recruitment Agency

One of the things you should do when starting your Dubai job hunt is to engage with one or two Dubai recruitment firms. Top Dubai recruitment agencies help job seekers find jobs. They also assist companies in recruiting highly skilled candidates. Many top Dubai companies have tied up with recruitment agencies that give them skilled candidates. If you connect with the top recruitment agency in Dubai you can get job search assistance. You can get to know about job openings in various UAE companies and apply there. 

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Finding a job in Dubai is not easy and requires proper industry knowledge. If you are a migrant and searching for Dubai jobs, then we recommend that you seek professional help from LearnwithFaiz, a Dubai career coach. You can get one-to-one consultation, job assistance, and resume writing services through LearnwithFaiz. Many people have gotten high-paying jobs in Dubai through our guidance. We hope that this post on How to Find a job in Dubai on a Visit Visa was helpful and informative,