The Best Time to Apply for Jobs in Dubai

If you are planning to work in Dubai, you should know the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai. Though the recruitment process in Dubai continues throughout the year, if you apply during the peak job season, the chances of securing an offer letter increase. When it comes to applying for Dubai jobs, you should be filling out the job application forms at the right time. You can take several other advantages of the peak job season in Dubai like the speedy recruitment process, the number of job options to choose from, favorable Dubai weather, etc. 

Knowing about the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai is also crucial if you are someone who is on a Dubai job search work visa. Dive into the following blog to know what is a good time to apply for Dubai jobs. Also, get details on how is the Dubai job process during summers and winters. 

The Best Time to Search for Jobs in Dubai

As per the industry experts, the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai is from the second week of January to February. During the start of the year, the recruitment process in Dubai goes at full speed. Whether you are applying for Dubai jobs in the healthcare industry, software industry, marketing industry, or anywhere else, the best time is to do it in January and February.

Now, you must be wondering why January and February is the good time to apply for jobs in Dubai. Well to answer that, it is because

Why January and February is the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai?
Reason 1 Many recruiters post job
Reason 2 Top executives are in office
Reason 3 The hiring budget is planned
Reason 4 The favorable Dubai weather

1. Many recruiters post jobs

During January and February in Dubai, there are many jobs posted. At the beginning of the year, many companies decide to hire new people. There are many Dubai job vacancies available on various job portals. By searching for jobs during this time, you can apply for many jobs. l

2. Top executives are in offices

In January, the top executives like the hiring manager, HR, and other decision-makers return to the office after celebrating the holiday season. This speeds fast the recruiting process. As all the hiring members are in the office, the application will be shortlisted quickly and interviews will be planned. 

During the other time of the year, the processing of job applications takes time as many officials are on holiday or not in office.

3. The hiring budget for the year is approved

During January and February, the hiring budgets of the companies are planned. If there is a requirement for a new person, the budget is prepared. The salary packages for the new employees are planned. The company’s various other budgets are finalized. 

As soon as recruiting managers receive their hiring budgets, they post job vacancies. Many telephone and video interviews take place in January and February. Additionally, several first-stage interviews begin.

4. The amazing Dubai weather

Dubai is a desert city where you will find summers exhausting. It is tough to find jobs in Dubai during the summer season, as the weather will trouble you. Especially, if any person is on a Dubai visit visa and looking for jobs by going office to office the summer is not a good time. 

Dubai weather in January and February is amazing as you can go to offices without getting sweaty. If you are planning to get a Dubai visit visa to find work, plan your trip during January and February.

Is March, April, and May a good time to look for jobs in Dubai?

Yes, March, April, and May are also suitable for looking for jobs in Dubai as not all vacancies from January and February could be filled. If you haven’t found a job in UAE during January and February, you can continue your job search in March, April, and May. 

There will still be many job postings unfilled that you can take advantage of and apply for. Even though January and February are the best months for job seekers in Dubai, hiring continues to be active in March, April, and May.

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Dubai Job Search During Summer Months (June, July and August)

Searching for a job in Dubai during summer is not a good time as you will not meet any recruiter, hiring manager, or employer. During summer, most of the top-level management goes on holiday to escape the Dubai summer heat. So, the hiring process is very slow or almost nil in June, July, and August in Dubai. There are not many job vacancies or the hiring process going on. The employers in UAE put the recruitment pause during the summers. 

Don’t make any visiting plans to Dubai during the summer to find jobs as it will be difficult for you to travel and visit offices. 

NOTE: Though you can’t find many job opportunities in Dubai during summer by visiting offices, still you can apply for jobs in online mode. There are top Dubai job portals like Linkedin, Indeed, Bayt, etc where you can apply for online Dubai jobs. 

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Dubai Job Search in September October, November, and December Months

In September the academic school year begins in Dubai, so people return from vacation. From the September season, the job process slowly begins to start in many organizations. The employers start planning the hiring process and post jobs. 

Job hunting in October and November is also a good choice. You will find many Dubai job postings from October as recruiters start looking for skilled candidates and offer them good salaries.

However, as the year comes to an end by the last week of November and December the recruitment process becomes slow in Dubai. Recruitment agencies and the HR team go on leave and plan their vacations in November and December. 

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Ramadan and Job Search in Dubai

After summer, Ramadan month is also not a good time to apply for jobs in Dubai. As most of the population of Dubai are Muslims, Ramadan is celebrated well. Due to that, most of the employers also take leaves and there is almost nil job hiring done. Very few or no job vacancies are there in Dubai during Ramadan. The hiring process is paused. It is very unlikely that you will get any call from the managers, or that your Dubai resume will be viewed. 

So, when you are planning a Dubai job search consider Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr as an important factor. We advise that you don’t come to Dubai to find jobs during Ramadan. However, you can still apply on Dubai online job portals. But, you will get a reply after a month. 

To conclude, we can say that January and February are the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai. You can come to Dubai to find work in January and February, you will be able to meet the managers and get an interview. 

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We wish you luck with your job search and hope that this post on what is the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai was helpful to you.