How to Find a Job in Dubai From Canada?

Do you live in Canada and planning to get a job in Dubai? Are you confused about what job sector would be best for you? And how to get a job in Dubai as a Canadian? Then this blog is for you. Every year more and more Canadians are moving to Dubai for better job opportunities and the luxurious lifestyle of UAE. With its spectacular towers, lavish lifestyle, and thriving economic prospects, Dubai is a playground for the rich. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy year-round sunlight, excellent healthcare, work-life balance, and tax-free income? It’s like living in a fantasy world where money pours like water and aspirations are fulfilled. Dubai has an abundance of job vacancies for international migrants.  To take advantage of these job postings, you must know how to find jobs in Dubai from Canada. 

How to Get a Job in Dubai from Canada? Check Tips

Getting a job in Dubai as a Canadian can be easy if you are aware of the important tips and follow the guidelines. Remember, UAE recruiters welcome international job seekers with an open hand. You just need to find the right sector and impress the hiring manager with your skills and talents to get a job in Dubai from Canada. 

Follow the tips given below to learn how to find a job in Dubai from Canada. 

Step 1: Determine your skill set and interests.

Canadians seeking a career in Dubai should first determine what their skill set qualifies them for and what profession they want to pursue. Some of the most in-demand skills in Dubai right now are banking, risk management, coding, web development, marketing, and healthcare. Applicants must know about the top 10 highest paying jobs in Dubai and the best jobs in Dubai for females

Remember to consider all of the jobs in Dubai and industries in which you have experience and are interested in pursuing. Do research about Dubai job markets, salary packages offered, working hours, career growth opportunities, etc. 

When you are ready, filter down your large list to the job opportunities that interest you the most, but maintain the list in case one of those jobs doesn’t work out and you need to broaden your application pool.

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Step 2: Create a Resume tailored to Dubai

If you have previously worked in Canada, you are likely to have a CV or resume as per Canadian guidelines. Pull this out edit it and make a UAE-standard CV. It is uncommon in Dubai to send email attachments of your passport, degree certificate, or other credentials, so only provide these if expressly required. You must know how to write a Dubai standard resume and if not then you can hire the best resume writing services in Dubai. Your resume for searching Dubai jobs as a Canadian should be ATS-friendly. 

Application Tracking System (ATS) software is used by every UAE recruiter to screen job applications they get. For that, you must be aware of how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system.

Your resume for finding a job in Dubai as a Canadian must include the following details:

  • Your nationality
  • Sections of summary, job experience, educational qualification, skills, languages, etc.
  • Provide context for your professional experience. For example, Dubai recruiters may not recognize a Canadian firm you worked for, therefore you should include a one-sentence or shorter summary of who they are and their reputation.
  • Mention your job experience in reverse chronological order. Write about your current job first, then your previous jobs. 
  • The context for your university and school is important. Dubai recruiters may not be familiar with the school you attended, so providing a description to communicate its prestige or other distinguishing aspects is advisable.
  • Your visa status if you already reside in Dubai.
  • Keep your CV to 1-2 pages max.
  • Your availability, whether you can start immediately or very soon.

If you are finding it tough to understand how to write a Dubai-standard resume, then you can get your CV written by the best resume writing services in Dubai. Learnwithfaiz is a leading resume-writing service and cover letter-writing service in Dubai that has helped many job seekers get an interview call. 

Step 3: Apply for Jobs in Online Job Portals or Come to Dubai on a Visit Visa

After writing a Dubai standard CV is time to apply for jobs. You should create your profile on the top Dubai job portals like LinkedIn, Naukrigulf, Indeed, Bayt, Gulfmonster, etc, and apply for jobs through these websites. Do research about the top companies in your job sector, make a list, go through their website to check for job postings, and apply directly. To broaden your chances of getting a job in Dubai as a Canadian, apply for a number of jobs not just at 5 or 10 places.

If you can afford it, you can also plan a trip to Dubai and find a job on a visit visa. Many job seekers come to UAE for a few months and visit the offices directly, introduce themselves to the recruiters, and find jobs. You must know how to find a job in Dubai on a visit visa, and plan an itinerary about which companies and offices you will visit. 

To make the best of your job search trip to Dubai, we recommend that you come at the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai; in January and February. During January and February, the job hiring process in Dubai is at full speed, recruiters actively look for skilled candidates and the company’s new budget is decided. This season occurs in January and February each year and lasts through May. 

Step 4: Networking

Along with applying for jobs on Dubai job portals, it is important that you do networking. Connecting and networking with professionals in Dubai might lead to prospective job possibilities. If you are coming to Dubai on a visit visa to search job as a Canadian then take a number of recruiters and hiring managers to stay in touch. Ask for a follow-up on your job application. 

If you are applying for jobs in Dubai online from Canada then you can connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and professionals from the top level management on the job portals like Linkedin. Nowadays, most of the Dubai recruiters have their profiles on Dubai job boards. Add them to your following list and follow them. You can create a professional friendship with them and ask for job recommendations. 

Plus, if you have any friends, family members, or relatives living in Dubai, don’t hesitate to ask for a job recommendation. 

Step 5: Prepare for the Job Interview

Once you have received the call from the recruiter for the job interview, it’s time to do interview preparation. Remember that this is your chance to prove yourself worthy of the job in Dubai and the company. So prepare well in advance.

Some of the Dubai job interview preparation tips are: 

  • Be fluent and confident in explaining yourself and what you can provide.
  • Never interrupt the interviewer; even if the question is simple, wait for them to complete it before responding.
  • Listen actively; there is always something new to learn about the company on which you might capitalize.
  • Always use good language to describe your previous employment experience, and never attack former employers, managers, or colleagues; doing so will just put you down as disloyal.
  • Remember that you are not boasting; you are simply providing measurable facts about what you have to offer.
  • Be excited about your career and what you’ve accomplished.
  • Dress professionally. 
  • Research thoroughly about the UAE company before sitting for an interview using their social media accounts, websites, Glassdoor page, and so forth.
  • You should make yourself familiar with local traffic and transportation hours. With so many building projects in the UAE, there is often unexpected traffic. So, we recommend that you consult a local or take a trial run of your travel a few days in advance to estimate the time it would take you to arrive at the site.

If you pass the interview round successfully, you will get an offer letter from the recruiter and a job in Dubai as a Canadian. Analyze what is a good salary in Dubai to live a comfortable life. Keep in mind that, finding a job in Dubai from Canada can be tough and stressful. But if you are hardworking, good at what you do, and determined then you will surely get a job in Dubai. 

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We understand that securing a job in Dubai as an expat is tough since international job seekers don’t have much knowledge about the job industries in the UAE. In this aspect, you can seek help from your job assistance package and job apply support that will assist you in getting a job in Dubai fast. You can also get help from our one-to-one consultation service in securing a high-paying job in Dubai where you will get complete career guidance from industry experts. 

We hope that this post on How to Find a Job in Dubai From Canada was helpful and informative.