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How to Find Dubai Jobs From India?

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UAE and has many personal development and career opportunities to offer. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a skilled professional, you will find a job in Dubai that meets your interests, qualifications, and goals. In this blog, we will provide you with some practical advice and tips that will help you find Dubai jobs from India.

Understanding the Dubai Job Market

Dubai has numerous job openings and scopes in different fields. However, despite having many job scopes and growth opportunities, understanding the Dubai job market for foreigners is important. To find Dubai jobs in India, you have to know the in-demand skills, competition, and qualifications required for your field in Dubai.

The more you customize your profile according to specific roles in Dubai, the higher your chances of finding potential jobs. However, you can easily overcome their barriers and challenges if you read this section thoroughly. To help you in understanding the Dubai job market for foreigners  better, we have explained certain points below. Those key aspects are crucial to consider to find Dubai jobs in India.

In-demand skills:

Different career fields require different skills and qualifications. If you are looking for Dubai jobs from India, ensure you possess those skills and qualifications that recruiters particularly look for in your field.

For this, you can first research in-depth the types of skills and qualifications your industry needs in Dubai. This will help you create a list of in demand Dubai skills for foreigners where you can work on those you don’t have or lack knowledge in.

Looking for Dubai jobs is not a joke. If you seriously wish to crack it you must keep your in demand Dubai skills for foreigners updated as per your industry standards and trends. You must always groom your current expertise, gain a new set of skills and work on it.

Some of the most common yet highly important skills that are required to get a job in Dubai are:


Dubai is a very saturated and highly competitive city when it comes to looking for a job. In every field, there are thousands of job seekers looking and applying for it daily.

Therefore, if you want to find and land your dream job in Dubai you must stand out from the crowd. For this, you must keep on customizing your resume and cover letter according to every role you apply for.

Even if you want to stick to the same field but are looking for job scopes in different companies, never send the same CV and cover letter. Different companies have different requirements for the same role. So to stand out, you must craft your resume and CV differently that align with the company’s goals and needs.

Don’t Send Too Many Applications

One of the many mistakes that job seekers make is that they overapply. Don’t apply for too many jobs in Dubai. It won’t help you. You need to find the jobs that suit you best. Not every job is right for you. So the best way to find Dubai jobs from India without wasting your time on jobs that you don’t match well with is by being selective.

Customize your job search:

Start your Dubai job hunt by choosing your industry and roles. This will help you apply only to the jobs that you can do well.

Look at the language, skills, education, and experience they want. If you apply for jobs that you don’t fit, you will get no replies. You will also annoy Dubai employers. So always look for those jobs in your field where your skills and qualifications can be put to work and be effective for the company.

Create a list of those companies you wish to apply at:

The best and the most effective way to look for a job in Dubai is by networking. So, don’t just apply to random companies without researching or knowing anything about them.

Do your research and list a handful of companies that are worth your time to apply to. You can talk to people who know of those respective organizations in your department. Apply to those companies who hire applicants with your set of industry, and qualifications.

Know The Right Time To Apply

Dubai works all around the year. So with a little luck in your favor, you might find and even land a job in Dubai anytime. However, if you apply randomly at any time of the year without knowledge, you might not land the job of your dreams. This is because there are certain months in Dubai where the recruitment graph is nil. But there are also certain months where the recruitment activity in Dubai is havoc!

What is the best time to find Dubai jobs from India?

Out of all the months in a year, January and February are two favorable months to look for Dubai jobs. In case you miss the chance to apply in these two months, you can also apply between March to May. Don’t worry, in these months, the recruitment activity in Dubai is very high. So to get the job of your dreams, you must channel all your efforts to ace a job with a lucrative package and other benefits!

Which are the months you shouldn’t find Dubai jobs from India?

However, there are certain months when you shouldn’t look for Dubai jobs. June – August are the worst possible months with no suitable job posts or recruitment activities.

Now that you know the best months to look for jobs and the worst months to not look for jobs in Dubai, you should also know their yearly holidays. This will help you to stay in the loop regarding your job search activity.

Find Dubai Jobs From India With The Help of Online Job Portal

To crack your dream job in Dubai, you must know where to search for it. When you find Dubai Jobs from India, you will come across many websites that show numerous vacancies. However, you must be mindful about where you are applying and should be aware to avoid scams.

However, to help you with your initial job search websites, we have enlisted four promising sites below. With these websites, you can find some of the best and most reliable job vacancies for your field in Dubai.

These websites too have their own set of pros and cons. However, with a little research, you will be able to crack to get maximum quality results with these sites. When you explore these websites at the right time, you will explore a bunch of reliable job listings for Dubai. You can use these websites for your initial or even advanced-level job search for authentic outcomes.

Contact Top-graded Dubai Recruitment Agencies

If you don’t have prior experience in the job search or need assistance for a better and more reliable search result, we recommend you to try Dubai recruitment agencies. Dubai has many top-graded recruitment agencies that will help you land your desired job.

Reasons to get help from Dubai recruitment agencies

How many Dubai recruitment agencies do you have to contact?

As we already mentioned before, Dubai is an ocean of recruitment agencies. So, when you look for one, you will come across a plethora of options. Although it might look very attractive to you, we suggest don’t pounce on the first recruitment agency you see.

Explore your options better and then choose a maximum of 2-3 recruitment agencies that have a strong grip and specialty in your industry. When you choose the best recruiters, they will help you get the best job and also help you get promotions later. Of course, you must maintain a good rapport with them for better growth opportunities in the future.

Which Dubai recruitment agencies should you get help from?

To select the best Dubai recruitment agencies, you must consider the following list of factors:

So, these were some of the best tips for contacting some of the top-graded recruitment agencies in Dubai to look for potential job scopes. However, if you need help in choosing and contacting some of the best Dubai recruitment agencies, then click here

We have already posted a detailed blog on some of the top Dubai recruitment agencies for you. So, if you want to save yourself from going through unnecessary trouble, refer to our Top Dubai recruitment agencies blog.

Utilize The Power of Dubai Job Boards

Using Dubai job boards to find Dubai jobs from India can be helpful but you must know how to use it well to utilize its power. Don’t randomly apply to every job post you come across if you want to.

The best way to use Dubai job boards to find the best Dubai jobs:

Customize Your Dubai Standard Resume For Each Application

Customizing your resume for every application might appear to be a bit daunting. But remember, you don’t have to apply for every job post in your field. You will apply for the ones that are a perfect fit for your profile.

So, you will have sufficient time to focus and customize your each job application resume. The efficient way to get a guaranteed Dubai job is by ensuring you apply with a quality Dubai standard resume for each application.

Therefore instead of applying for thousands of jobs on LinkedIn and Dubai job boards, use the time to customize your CV as per the applications. Your resume should be such that when a recruiter goes through it, they should immediately know you are the perfect candidate for the role. Applying with a Dubai-standard resume can increase your chances of getting your application selected. If you need help with writing a Dubai-standard resume, click here.

Important sections of your CV that you must customize as per applications

You are not required to spend time creating a new CV every time you apply for a job. There are certain sections in a CV that need to be customized per application requirements. There are four sections of your resume that you must adapt to ensure your CV reflects perfection for the role you are applying for.

Before you apply, always look for the job description posted by the company. Go through it thoroughly to identify potential keywords. Use and include them in your CV. Additionally, it will help you know certain skills, achievements, and experiences you must highlight to draw the recruiter’s attention. Check the list of important sections of your CV that you must customize per application:

So, these are some of the tips to customize your CV better. However, if you are new to writing a resume and need help in writing from scratch, click here. We have already posted a blog for candidates who are freshers. You can go through our comprehensive blog to understand the basic rules for writing a resume.

Use The Power of LinkedIn To Find Dubai Jobs

One of the best ways to find Dubai jobs from India is by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an amazing platform for professionals to network and find job opportunities. Maximum Dubai recruiters seek potential candidates through LinkedIn.

So, if you want to get a Dubai-based job, your LinkedIn profile must be 100% complete. You should always keep on updating your LinkedIn profile for better reach and job search results.

Keep in mind that the HRs and recruiters of Dubai will be using keywords to find talented candidates. So, your LinkedIn profile must have relevant keywords that align with your skills, qualifications, interests, and experiences (if any). The better you use keywords, the higher the chances of potential recruiters coming across your profile.

To help optimize your LinkedIn as per your desired search results and overall profile type, you can use Jobscan. This is a tool that will scan and study your LinkedIn profile while comparing it with your targeted job description. Through Jobscan you can extract powerful and potential keywords that will help you add them to the right sections of your profile accurately.

However, before you look and apply for Dubai jobs with your LinkedIn, ensure the below sections of your profile are completed:

However, to utilize your LinkedIn profile better for finding suitable jobs that offer a high-paying scale and other benefits, click here. We have already posted a blog on finding a job in Dubai through LinkedIn. If you want to land a dream job that offers lucrative perks with promising future growth and opportunities, check out our blog now!

Make Connections & Network

Networking is a strong asset that any professional uses to their advantage to find potential career scopes. If you want to find Dubai jobs from India, you must ace at making strong and influential connections. For a strong and long-term career path in Dubai, you will need networking. The best way to begin your networking journey is by using your LinkedIn profile the right way!

For this, start by looking and connecting with working professionals in Dubai who belong to your field/industry. You can reach out to them by sending them a connect request or you can InMail them and suggest a professional conversation.

LinkedIn has a very vast and open-minded networking scope. So, if you use it right, it can be your secret weapon to find lucrative Dubai job options. For starters, we recommend you spend at least one hour per day on LinkedIn. Try to find numbers or emails of potential and suitable networking targets. LinkedIn is a very useful platform for job seekers as many professionals working in Dubai have shaped their career path through it. So, understand the power of LinkedIn and explore it in a smart way to find the best jobs for you in your field.

To use your LinkedIn better to make suitable network and potential connections, you can use the following tools:


With this application, you can easily find out the contact details of anyone from your target organizations. This will help you to reach out to potential professionals directly.

Sales QL:

This tool will help you find the contact information of anyone from your LinkedIn network. With Sales QL you can send emails to your connections and suggest the idea of conversations.

Additional Best Job Search Online Portal

Lastly, there are some of the top-class online job portals you can use to find and get the best Jobs in Dubai. Searching for jobs in Dubai is not an easy task at all. This is why having sufficient and useful support is very important to land a decent job position. Now there are many online job portals available to search for jobs, use keywords, and even get a job in Dubai which we have already mentioned above.

However, apart from those, certain other additional best job search online job portals are great for finding Dubai jobs from India. These job portals are great and highly flexible, and you can easily get started with your job search for free! Below we have mentioned these portals for your help:

Dubizzle is a popular and easy job portal in Dubai. You can find jobs in many fields and industries on Dubizzle. It also has a section with advice on how to do well in interviews.

You can upload your resume quickly and use filters to make it easier for employers to find you.

Dubizzle works with many top companies to offer you many job options

Gulf Talent is another good job portal in UAE and other Gulf countries. You can filter jobs by location, role, industry, and seniority on this portal.

Gulf Talent also has some extra features like finding out the salary for a job in Dubai and tips for job seekers. It also has online courses that can help you learn new skills. This portal has many employers and professionals.

Laimoon is a free job portal in the UAE and Gulf countries. Many people use it in the UAE. It lets employers post jobs on different websites. It also has courses and training that can help you improve your skills. It has jobs in many fields and countries.

Monstergulf is a popular job portal in the UAE and other Gulf countries. It helps employers find candidates from all over the world. It also has services to make your resume better. You can upload your resume and get email alerts for jobs that you want. Monstergulf.com also has work-from-home job options.

This website lets you post jobs for free in UAE and nearby places. It helps people find jobs and make resumes. It also advises on careers. It works for both job seekers and employers.

Oliv is a free website for jobs and internships in Gulf countries. It helps students and graduates find work. Many employers use it to hire people with degrees. It has many options to search for the best jobs. Oliv is good for anyone who wants a job or internship in Dubai.

Jora is a free website for jobs in the UAE and nearby places. It is easy to use and find jobs. You can make an account, add your resume, and look for jobs. You can also get updates from Jora every day.

Final Thought

Dubai is a great place to work as it has many opportunities for people from different backgrounds and skills. But finding a job in Dubai is not easy. You need to plan and do your research. You need to know what kinds of jobs are available, what are the requirements, and how to apply. You also need to prepare your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Although finding a job in Dubai from India is  challenging, it is not impossible. If you follow our guide thoroughly, we promise you will find the best Dubai jobs from India. So go ahead, implement our detailed tips and tricks, and live your dream career life in Dubai!

However, If you need personalized help with customized solutions for your Dubai job hunt, learnwithfaiz.com can help you! With our Dubai job assistance package, we offer resume writing service, job searching services and more for every candidate. With our unique approach to finding Dubai jobs on behalf of potential candidates, we have so far helped thousands of applicants. Just contact us and talk to our experts. They will guide you through the process and make it easy for you!

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