How is Dubai Job Hunt During Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month in Dubai where UAE residents begin their fasts and work on their spirituality. Job hunting in Dubai during Ramadan is very challenging as the hiring process is slow, very few job openings are present, and hiring managers are mostly on leave. However, businesses and offices don’t shut down completely during Ramadan in Dubai. There is still profit to earn, business to do, reports to file, and deadlines to accomplish. For this, there is always a requirement for employees. Though the hiring process in Dubai during Ramadan is slowed, it doesn’t stop. 

Many recruiting companies look for employees to fill the required job positions. If you want to know how the Dubai job hunt is during Ramadan, we have got you covered.

In this blog, you can find out about the pros and cons of searching for a job in Dubai during Ramadan month. Also, get expert tips on how to find a job in Dubai during Ramadan. 

Benefits of Searching for a Job in Dubai During Ramadan

Though Ramadan is a tough month to find a job in Dubai. But, there are certain salient benefits you can avail yourself of by searching for a Dubai job in Ramadan. The perks of a job hunt in Dubai during Ramadan are:

Less Competition in the Job Market: There is less competition for a job position in Dubai during Ramadan as most of the job seekers have given up the job hunt. So, if there is any job opening in any company it is likely that you will be the top applicant for that job. Very few people will be present during the interview round, so you can give your best shot and get a job in Dubai. 

Adequate Number of Job Openings: Not all companies continue their hiring process during Ramadan, but there are still a number of companies that post job vacancies and want skilled employees. You need to be smart job seekers here and find out what companies are looking for new employees and apply there. These hiring companies in Dubai will take your job application seriously due to a shortage of qualified candidates.

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Disadvantages of Searching for Jobs in Dubai

If you are planning to come to Dubai on a visit visa to search for a job during Ramadan. We would advise you not to come to Dubai during Ramadan. January and February are the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai as that time recruitment process is very active and all the hiring plans are decided. But in Ramadan, you will only struggle to find a job in Dubai. 

The following are the reasons why it is not a good idea to come to Dubai for a job search in Ramadan. 

Low Number of Vacancies: You will find a very limited number of job vacancies during Ramadan. The Dubai recruitment agency will also be not able to help you very much during Ramadan as there are only limited positions open. 

Hiring Process is Slow: During Ramadan, most businesses stop hiring since it is pointless to hire workers when there is no business. Then there are the Eid holidays (3 to 7 days), and it takes another week to get the decision-makers back to the offices. Companies stop hiring altogether during Ramadan because even if you hire someone, there will be no work. 

Offices Close Early: Dubai is a Muslim country, and fasting is prioritized. Therefore, the Dubai offices closed early. People are in a hurry to complete their work and get back to their homes. The managers also do not pressure employees during Ramadan to finish their tasks. If you visit any offices during Ramadan in Dubai, the hiring managers will not take much interest in your resume and it will go in the resume bundle. 

Hiring Managers on Leave: Finding a job in Dubai in Ramadan is tough as you will not only find hiring managers or recruiters in offices. All the top-level management including CEO, CFO, department head, hiring manager, and recruiter will be on leave during Ramadan. 

Slow Visa Process: Even if you are chosen for the job, you will face delays in visa processing, legal procedures, and decision makers’ absence, and the Eid holidays will completely waste your time being on a visit visa, forcing you to take another one and return. So, avoid the Dubai job hunt during Ramadan. 

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How to Search for a Job in Dubai During Ramadan?

If you are in need of a job in Dubai during Ramadan and want to get employed, check the job search tips below. 

Do a Thorough Job Search: During Ramadan, work opportunities would not emerge out of nowhere. Good job openings exist, but they require a deep job search. Be active on the job portals like Linkedin, Bayt, Naukrigulf, Monster Gulf, Dubizzle, etc. Depending on the location, attending in-person events (or having headhunters attend) keeps job searchers in touch with prospective leads before they are advertised on the Internet.

Apply at Right Timing: Ramadan is the slow month for job search. So, if you are applying for a job in Dubai apply at the right time. The job offices get closed early by 4 pm. So, apply for the job during the working hours. During the last month of Ramadan, we recommend that you don’t apply as people are going on holiday and offices will be closed for 5 to 8 days. If you send an application at this time, it likely won’t be seen by the recruiter. 

Update Your CV: Don’t send the same CV for every job post. Personalize your resume as per the job description and job position. Understand How to Write a Dubai Standard Resume and How To Write Dubai CV As Per ATS System. And update your resume accordingly. Add relevant keywords, important skills as per the Dubai job market, correct contact information, and work experience in reverse chronological order. You can get expert assistance with our Dubai resume writing services and get a Dubai-standard CV. In addition, we offer cover letter writing services in Dubai through which you can get well-written cover letters that are as per your resume. 

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Network on Linkedin: The job hunt in Ramadan is tough but with networking, you can surely get a job in Dubai. Many people have got their Dubai job through networking. To advance in networking, be active on Linkedin, and add top recruiters and hiring managers to your account. Connect with them, tell them you are looking for a job, and ask for a follow-up. Ask your relative or a friend.

In case you want help updating your LinkedIn profile and making it appealing to the recruiter you can try our LinkedIn Optimization Services

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Finding a job in Dubai is a difficult task. Consider taking Learnwithfaiz’s job assistance package to ease your job hunt in Dubai. We hope that this post on how to find jobs in Dubai during Ramadan was helpful and informative