How To Write Dubai CV As Per ATS System?

If you are applying for UAE jobs, then make sure that your Dubai resume is ATS-friendly. ATS is an Application Tracking System that is being used by all of the recruiters to shortlist Dubai CVs. If you are on a Dubai job search in 2024, it’s important that you make sure your resume is ATS friendly or there is a high chance that your application may get rejected. An ATS-friendly resume increases your chances of getting a job in Dubai. To make your outdated resume into an ATS-level resume, you can go through the following blog. 

Refer to the following post to check what is an ATS, how the company uses ATS to shortlist resumes, and how to write an ATS-friendly Dubai resume

What is an ATS?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. ATS is a software programme that checks candidate’s job applications for certain keywords and indicates whether it is suitable for a job or not. Nowadays, recruiters receive thousands of applications for a single job in Dubai. It is not manageable for a recruiter to go through each UAE CV. Therefore, gulf countries recruiters use ATS to shortlist resumes for a job. There are several sorts of ATS. Some Dubai employment companies utilize their own proprietary ATS. 

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How Does a Company Use ATS to Filter Dubai Job Applications?

UAE recruiters are using ATS to filter the job applications of the candidates. Before diving into the details of how to write Dubai CV as per ATS, you need to understand how ATS works in streamlining Dubai job applications. To know that you can refer to the steps given below. 

Step 1: Recruiters enter job descriptions, including needed skills and work experience, into their company’s applicant tracking system (ATS). 

Step 2: As applicants submit their resumes, the ATA compares them to a specific job description and calculates a job match rate. The job match rate depends on how relevant a resume is to the job description contained in the ATS system. Most ATS will forward a resume with an 80% or higher score to a hiring manager or recruiter.

Step 3: The algorithm then generates a profile of the best applicant using particular keywords from the job description and looks for ATS resumes that have those phrases.

Step 4: The programme then delivers ATS-friendly Dubai resumes to the recruiter or hiring manager, who looks through the list to find the best ATS resumes.

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How To Write Dubai CV As Per ATS System?

There are a number of Dubai job vacancies posted every day in which a recruiter gets several resumes. With the help of the ATS, the recruiters and hiring managers select candidates for the next round of recruitment. Therefore, it becomes essential that you submit an ATS-friendly Dubai resume. To write a Dubai CV as per the ATS system, job seekers should follow the given steps.

Step 1: Choose an Easy-to-Read ATS Resume Template 

Your Dubai CV should be a one-column design with an easy-to-read layout. It should be organized from top to bottom and follow a consistent format. Don’t use any fancy template that includes images, graphics, non-readable fonts, etc. Use a simple template for your Dubai resume. Like a human reader, most computer software reads from left to right and top to bottom. This implies that your CV should be designed with this in mind.

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We at LearnwithFaiz, can offer you a well-written Dubai resume in the ATS-friendly template that UAE recruiters want. You get many template options to choose from if you take our resume writing services. 

Step 2: Review the Job Description

To write an ATS-friendly UAE CV, you should review the job description for the vacancy you are applying for. Go through the job description, check out the employer requirements, and see what skills they are looking for. Analyze what keywords or phrases the recruiter has mentioned in the job description. Resume keywords can be mentioned in the form of required technical- interpersonal skills, licenses, certificates, etc. 

Step 3: Write an ATS Friendly Resume

After you have gathered all of the relevant keywords from the job description for your ATS resume, it’s time to write a Dubai resume as per the ATS system. Organize your resume into conventional parts such as “Summary,” “Work Experience,” “Education,” and “Skills.” This helps ATS software scan your resume more properly. 

  • Summary: Write an ATS-friendly resume summary or objective statement by incorporating keywords for two or three job-relevant skills, a professional achievement, training, and the number of years you’ve been in your sector.
  • Work history: When describing your employment history for an ATS resume, include the experience, expertise, and technical and soft skills you used to achieve goals for the companies you worked for. Also, add the departments and areas of expertise with which you collaborated; all of these can be found in job descriptions.
  • Skills: This is the most easy component to include keywords in an application tracking system resume. Add similar skills as mentioned in the job description and format them as bullet points.
  • Optional Sections: Optional sections are an excellent approach to highlighting qualifications that don’t fit into other sections of your resume. Make a section for licenses and certificates, and include them in a bulleted list if your work demands them.

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Keep your sentences short and to the point. Use bullet points to list your accomplishments and responsibilities for each job or project. Quantify Your Achievements: When feasible, use figures or percentages to describe your accomplishments. For example, instead of stating “improved sales,” say “increased sales by 20%.

ATS can only understand what you have typed out as words. It cannot interpret images or infographics. If you use company logos for your career history or images to show your skills, you should change this to text. 

Adding keywords to an ATS resume is not an easy task. If you are finding it difficult to add keywords to your Dubai CV, you can take our help and get a Dubai-standard CV with all the keywords integrated. 

Step 4: Do not save your CV as an image file

Once you have written your Dubai resume, download your CV in Word or PDF format, not JPEG or PNG. If you upload it as a PDF, be sure that all information is taken up. To achieve this, select all of the content copy and paste it into a plain text document, and save it. 

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ATS Resume Writing Tips

To pass the ATS, resumes must be properly structured. Make sure that you follow the given ATS resume tips.

  • Avoid graphics
  • The most important component of an ATS CV is relevant keywords that correspond to the job description. Use a range of keywords in your CV. 
  • Tailor your resume to each job you apply for. Use an ATS resume template to guarantee your resume is properly prepared. 
  • Use a single space between each line of text.
  • Make a 1-inch margin on both sides.
  • Make clear, consistent headers for each area.
  • Use the proper font.

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We hope that through the above post, you get all the information on how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system.