Top 8 Reasons Why Dubai Employers Are Rejecting Your Resume

If you are repeatedly applying for Dubai jobs and every time you get an email,” Sorry to inform you but you are not selected for the role” there are some mistakes in your resume. Your resume has the power to either get you a job or make you rejected. Dubai employers read and shortlist CVs very carefully. They are looking for skilled candidates and if your resume does not highlight your skills, education, and work experience in the best way, you need to rework. The top 8 reasons why Dubai employers are rejecting your resume are lengthy format, bad English, no clear objective, irrelevant work experience, etc. To find out what more errors you are making in your Dubai resume, read the following blog.

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8 Reasons Why Dubai Employers Are Rejecting Your Resume

When you are submitting your resume for any Dubai job, make sure that it doesn’t include the following mistakes. 

1. Not Following ATS Format

Recruiters throughout Dubai utilize Applicant Tracking Systems to streamline their hiring procedures. ATS software automatically searches a huge number of resumes and rejects those that do not fit specified keyword criteria. If you receive a rejection immediately (or within 1-2 days of applying), your resume is most likely rejected by an automated ATS system rather than by a recruiter. So make sure that your resume follows the ATS-friendly guidelines. 

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2. Resume Too Lengthy 

A resume is neither a book nor an essay. Your resume should provide the most information in the fewest number of words. The lengthier your CV, the more likely it is that the employer would disregard it simply because he or she does not have the time to review it. If you are fresher then a page resume is good for Dubai jobs. If you have work experience your resume should be a maximum of two pages.

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3. Bad English in Your Resume

Spelling errors and poor grammar are the first things a Dubai recruiter will notice. A UAE recruiter will most likely take a brief peek at your CV before giving it a thorough review, and a spelling error is something you cannot afford. Before you send out your CV, proofread it. Speaking of unprofessional, having typos and mistakes throughout your CV makes you appear unqualified for any work. Before sending your CV to anyone, make sure it is free of typos and mistakes. Even if you aren’t applying to be a professional writer, you should still utilize good language, spelling, and punctuation.

4. Irreverent or Improper Job Experience

Your job experience section is one of the most crucial parts of your Dubai resume. It’s where you tell potential employers what you can provide. Unfortunately, many candidates do not make full use of it. You list irrelevant employment experiences: Many people work in many fields, but it does not imply you should include everything on your CV. Suppose you are applying for a writer’s position and you have mentioned your sales job it’s irrelevant. If you are applying for a teaching job in Dubai and you are given details about your Tele-calling executive job it’s irrelevant.

Your resume should be customized to the position you’re looking for. The recruiter just wants to know what abilities you have that will be useful in the field you are applying for. A more concise CV will demonstrate that you are focused and capable of completing the work at hand.

5. Submitting Copy and Past Resume 

Most likely, the reason your Dubai resume is being rejected is that it is not targeted to the position you are looking for. Employers want to see that you are a good fit for the job they are advertising and that you are honest about your employment experience.

You won’t stand out with a copy-and-paste document that looks the same everywhere. You can’t submit the same resume for a manager job and for a sales job. If the job posting is of an executive software engineer and your CV says, software engineer, you should change it.

Also, many job seekers usually copy resumes of their profession from Google and make little changes then submit them. This will not work in Dubai. Your resume should be written in a personalized way that highlights you in the best way.

6. No Clear Objective Mention

Your objective is the first thing that Dubai recruiters read. If its written improperly you will likely get rejected. Resume objectives are available on the internet, recruiters are likely to know them by heart. So don’t make the mistake of copying stuff off the web. Customize your aim to the position you are applying for. List what you intend to do if you receive the job. The recruiter should know your precise ambitions for his or her organization. 

7. Unprofessional Email Address 

You may be shocked to find that one of the most common reasons your Dubai resume is rejected has nothing to do with its information. Instead, it’s all about the email address. Many candidates give the wrong email addresses and recruiters can’t contact them. Several job seekers also give unprofessional email addresses like superstarrahul.com, kingasimkhan@gmail.com, etc. All these make candidates look unprofessional for the job and their resume gets rejected. 

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8. Unexplained Employment Gaps

In the post-pandemic era, it is possible that many job seekers might have job gaps. Many professionals also have employment gaps due to family issues, sickness, or learning new skills. If you have a job gap in your career make sure that you justify it correctly in your resume by mentioning the truth. Consider incorporating a brief line to explain any gaps on your CV that are more than six months lengthy, so that a recruiter is not left guessing.

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We hope that this post on the 8 Reasons Why Dubai Employers Are Rejecting Your Resume was helpful and informative.