Dubai Job Hunting Tips

Every year, several job seekers come to Dubai to look for a job and make a living out of it. Out of thousands, only a limited number of people get jobs in Dubai. It’s not because there are limited job openings in Dubai, but rather because job seekers search for Dubai jobs in the wrong way. Expats who are planning to get a job in Dubai should be aware of the important Dubai job-hunting tips that can help them get an offer letter in just a few days. In this blog, we have mentioned the Dubai employment tips in detail. 

Dubai Job Hunting Tips and Tricks

Every sector of Dubai from construction, engineering, finance, teaching, healthcare, law, hospitality, etc has a number of jobs waiting to be filled. Candidates need to be smart and steady while searching for a job in Dubai. For that, they can apply these Dubai job-hunting tips to secure a high-paying job.

1. Give Time to Dubai Job Search

Many job seekers apply for 5 jobs in 20 minutes and then cry about not getting a job in Dubai. Finding work in Dubai requires dedication and time. Looking for a job is not a part-time or weekend pastime. You must be continuously on the watch. 

Set up a certain amount of hours per day or specified days per week for your job hunt, and don’t stop until you have a few interviews scheduled. Alternatively, make a target of applying for 10 – 20 jobs every day.

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2. Apply on Various Job Portals

Applying for Dubai jobs on 1 job portal will not help. You need to broaden your horizons and apply for jobs on various top Dubai job portals. Some of the top Dubai job portals are:

  • LinkedIn.com: LinkedIn is the best job search platform for the UAE and other Gulf nations. LinkedIn has all the most demanded job openings posted on it. It is the best job site for networking and connecting with recruiters. 
  • Dubizzle: Dubizzle has worked with leading recruiters to provide job searchers with several options. You can filter Dubai jobs by educational level (high school, bachelor’s degree, etc.) and job kind (full-time, part-time, etc.). 
  • Bayt: This platform is specifically developed to meet the recruitment needs of the UAE and other Gulf nations. This Dubai job site, like other platforms such as Gulf Talent, serves organizations and applicants throughout the Emirates.
  • Gulf Talent: Gulf Talent also provides some excellent value-added services, such as the option to search salaries for jobs according to the UAE.
  • Indeed: Indeed is one of the most popular job sites in the UAE and other Gulf nations. This platform is really user-friendly. You only need to input basic information such as employment position and location, and then click the search button to find the jobs in Dubai. 

3. Keep Your Resume Updated

These Dubai hunting tips may look obvious, but it’s crucial. Your resume speaks on your behalf. It tells your career story, highlights your skills, and speaks about your educational background. Write a proper Dubai standard resume and make sure it follows the UAE resume guidelines. Include any relevant volunteer experiences or certificates to help your CV stand out. If you have any professional gap in your career, justify it properly. 

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4. Tailor Your Application for Each Job

Don’t submit the same generic cover letter and Dubai resume to every job you apply for. You can’t submit the same CV for the sales job and the store manager job. You need to tailor your Dubai job application for each job. Big Dubai companies employ applicant tracking systems (ATS) to go through applications and eliminate people who do not meet the algorithm’s requirements.

Don’t copy the resumes from Google, write your own impersonal resume. You need to learn 

how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system and how to write a Dubai standard resume

5. Maintain Your LinkedIn Profile

This is one of the important Dubai job hunting tips. You may not believe but almost all the UAE recruiters are on LinkedIn and they look at the candidate’s LinkedIn profile before making a hiring decision. Creating a professional LinkedIn profile is a crucial aspect of the Dubai job search process. It sets you apart from other candidates and makes it simpler for recruiters to locate you. When creating your profile, provide relevant information about your own experiences, talents, and accomplishments. Make sure your profile appropriately represents your professional brand.

So, be sure you optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • Use a professional profile photo in your LinkedIn profile
  • Have the appropriate headline and summary.
  • Keep your profile up to date with your education, employment experience, and talents.
  • You can create your online presence on LinkedIn by posting frequently. 

6. Work on Networking with Dubai Recruiters

Networking is one of the key Dubai employment tips to find a job fast. Join industry-specific online groups and forums to network with people in your area. You can network with Dubai recruiters on LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, Bayt, etc. Participate in discussions, contribute thoughts, and maintain contacts that might lead to career possibilities.

Attend industry-specific events, Dubai job fairs, online webinars, and career expos to connect with Dubai employers and broaden your professional network. Many organizations now hold virtual job fairs where you can engage with recruiters and learn about the Dubai job openings. Take advantage of these Dubai job events to network and explore prospective jobs. 

Participate at industry events or conferences, whether in person or online. These events allow you to meet experts, learn about upcoming trends, and connect with hiring managers.

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7. Don’t Underestimate the Interview Round

Many candidates once get a call for the interview, get overconfident, and don’t properly prepare for it. Dubai job interviews have many applicants in the line. Therefore, you need to create your impact there too. Some of the Dubai job interview tips are given below. 

  • Research the company in which you are going for a job. 
  • Read the job description and prepare answers on why you deserve that job or why you are the best person for the job.
  • Keep your eyes open. Listen to what the hiring manager is saying. When HR is speaking don’t interrupt in between. 
  • Work on your communication skills. Don’t stammer and answer the questions calmly. 
  • Maintain a good posture and wear professional clothes. 
  • Research about your job sector. Get an idea about the salary offered in that job sector of Dubai. Having salary knowledge beforehand will help you negotiate well.

Send a personal thank-you message or email within 24 hours following the interview. Express your thanks for the chance, and repeat your interest in the role.

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8. Work with a Career Coach

Looking for a job in Dubai can be challenging and time-consuming. You can seek help from a career coach, who has a proper understanding of the Dubai job markets and is aware of the job openings. They can help you find a job in Dubai fast and prepare you for the Dubai job market. A career coach also works with you to help you establish your objectives and ensure they are consistent with your beliefs. So, when you find your next job, you can be confident that it is a good fit for you.

LearnwithFaiz, is the best career coaching service in Dubai who have helped many job seekers in making a successful career. We offer one to one consultation services and job assistance package that you can avail of and get career guidance. 

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