Consequences of Lying on Your Dubai Resume

You must wonder that if you hide a few facts or exaggerate your work experience more, it will help you get a job in Dubai. Or you must think that writing false information about your degree and skills will not get caught and you will pass the recruitment. Well, let me tell you, it’s all “NOT TRUE”. Lying on your Dubai resume has several serious consequences which may even lead to deportation from Dubai and the cancellation of your visa. Dubai recruiters work in the upper management and get resumes’ from around the world. They are not some uneducated or inexperienced people that you can fool and get a Dubai job. 

So, when you are submitting your Dubai CV for a job, make sure that it has all the correct and factual information that will not get you into trouble. 

In case you are wondering what happens if you lie on your Dubai resume, read this post first and then think carefully about the consequences. 

Why Job Seekers Lie on Their Dubai Resume?

As tempting as it may sound adding wrong information to your resume to get a job in Dubai is not an ethical practice. Many job seekers lie on their Dubai resume because:

1. Less Job Experience

For many high-paying jobs in Dubai, recruiters demand years of work experience. Employees who don’t have the required work experience lie about it. They may add a fake company and fake dates of working there. Or they may add some company name where they have never worked. Another bad practice by job seekers is they lie about their period of work. They may mention that they worked for 3 years but actually, they were employed only for 2 years. 

2. Lack of Educational Qualification and Skills

Each job has its own educational qualification and skill requirement. Applicants with the required degree will perform the job proficiently and easily. But, many candidates don’t understand this. They know that they are a misfit for the job and still apply for the job by lying about their degree. Lack of educational qualifications and skills leads to lying in Dubai’s resume. 

3. Fear of Not Getting a Job in Dubai 

Job seekers fear that they will fail in Dubai, not get a job, and return to their homes empty-handed. This helplessness they face is one of the reasons that leads them to mention false details in their resume.  Fear of unemployment and a desire to progress in the profession might be powerful reasons to exaggerate about yourself in Dubai CV. 

4. Fear of Not Standing Out in the Dubai Job Market

We all are aware that Dubai recruiters don’t receive 1 resume but rather thousands of CVs for a single job posting. This leads to candidate thinking about how will they stand out from others with their current education and career history. To overcome the competition of the job market, candidates are tempted to lie on their resume.

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Consequences of Lying on Your Dubai Resume

No matter how many reasons job seekers lie in their resume, it is not justified and unprofessional. Adding false information to your resume can destroy your career in Dubai and leave you with no job in your hands. The following are the serious consequences of lying on your Dubai resume. 

1. Termination of Employment

By lying on your resume you can lose your job in Dubai. The UAE recruiters are smart if they catch any lie in your resume even though you have accepted the offer letter and started working in their office. Once they found about the lies in your Dubai resume, you will asked to leave the job immediately your employment will be terminated. 

2. Loss of Your Reputation and Trust

Your resume is often your first opportunity to impress the recruiting manager. If they learn you lied about your educational qualifications, they will have a negative opinion of you and exclude you from consideration as a candidate. Lying in your Dubai resume can result in you being added to a do-not-hire list, making it difficult for you to pursue more jobs within the organization. Furthermore, the recruiting manager may warn other companies in their network about your dishonesty.

3. Legal Complications

To work in Dubai, there are several background checks done and reference calls made. Even after you get a job in Dubai, you will need to complete a lot of paperwork for which authorities will ask about various documents like your degree, certificates, transfer certificates, etc. If you have lied in your Dubai resume about your degree, work experience, or anything, you will get caught easily. Once you are caught you will find it very difficult to move to Dubai and work, your work visa might get cancelled and you may lose your job. 

Our purpose here is not to scare you about Dubai’s job search. Finding a job in Dubai is not rocket science, you need to just stay true to yourself and search job ethically.

To get a job in Dubai, you don’t need to lie or misrepresent your education or career history. Your resume can stand out from other applications and still impress recruiters if it’s written well with proper information. You must know how to highlight your skills and education in the best interest of your current job. 

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