How to Get Job in Dubai After BTech

B.Tech graduates looking for jobs in Dubai have multiple career opportunities waiting for them. 

The UAE is constantly developing its various sectors like infrastructure, technology, renewable energy, and new startups for which there is a huge requirement for skilled engineers from various specializations. Whether your background is civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, or any other there are several BTech jobs in Dubai. However, to land a job in Dubai after BTech you need a smart job search strategy. We recommend that you research the various job industries, create your profile on the job portals, network on Linkedin, and prepare for the interview to impress the recruiter and get a job. 

Read the following blogs to learn how to get engineering jobs in Dubai. We have mentioned the names of top Dubai job portals, Linkedin networking tips and interview preparation tips also on this page. 

How to Get a Job in Dubai After BTech Degree?

Engineers are always in demand in Dubai and are paid well. The tax-free income, fancy lifestyle, fantastic infrastructure, and booming UAE economy make Dubai the dream job spot for engineers. If you have finished your B.Tech degree or you are already working and want to shift to Dubai for better income you should go through the following tips.

Research Engineering Job Industries

Before beginning your job search in Dubai, you should do thorough research about the various job industries. Find out what are the job options available for your specialization, what salary the company is offering, and what is the scope for career growth. Find out who are the top recruiters for your engineering specialization and what their work culture is. Explore industries that are in demand and match your skills and qualifications.

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Prepare Your CV and Cover Letter

Create a professional CV tailored to the job market in Dubai. Highlight your education, skills, work experience, and any relevant certifications. Make sure you have a Dubai-standard resume that follows the ATS format. Having a proper resume and cover letter that highlights you as the best in your industry is important to get a job in Dubai after BTech. UAE recruiters and companies want perfect resumes that are error-free and define your work experience, skills, and education clearly. If you have worked on additional projects as an engineer, mention that in your Dubai resume. If you have done any additional certification courses, mention that in your resume.

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Apply via Job Portals

Once you have done research about various job industries and have your Dubai CV and cover letter ready, it’s time to hit the apply button on job portals. Dubai’s top job portals or job boards are Linkedin, Indeed, Dubizzle, Monstergulf, Bayt, etc where you should create your profile. Stay active on these job boards. You can filter jobs for Dubai locations and as per experience level. Some of these apps allow you to message the recruiter personally which you should do. 

Customize your application for each position, and include a cover letter explaining why you’re interested in the role and why you’re a good fit.

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Increase Your Networking 

Network with professionals in your field through social media platforms like LinkedIn, attend networking events and join industry-related groups. Networking has helped many job seekers in getting a job without even applying. You need to get in touch with top recruiters and hiring managers on job portals like LinkedIn. Building connections can help you learn about job openings and get referrals.

Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the no 1 job portal to network with Dubai recruiters. To stand out in the eye of HR, you should optimize your LinkedIn profile by filling up all the sections like profile summary, work experience, skills endorsement, and education. Add recruiters and people in your industry to your profile. Stay active on LinkedIn. Send personalized messages to recruiters stating who you are, what you do and you are looking for a job. 

Having your brand on LinkedIn will help you get a job in Dubai fast. For that, you can consider taking our LinkedIn personal branding services where we optimize your LinkedIn profile, post on your behalf, and create your brand on Linkedin. 

Apply and Apply for Jobs

Applying for 1 or 10 jobs will not help you in getting a job in Dubai fast. You should apply for several jobs on different job portals daily. Don’t hesitate to fill out the long job application form. Make the list of the top companies hiring engineers in your specialization in Dubai. Visit the company website pages and go the the career section you will see several job postings for engineers, there you can apply directly. You can also seek assistance from the Dubai recruitment agency to get a job in Dubai. But make sure that the agency you choose is legitimate and trustworthy.

Prepare for the Job Interview 

Preparing for the job interview is important in getting BTech jobs in Dubai. In UAE, job seekers from around the world come for the interview so the process is highly competitive. You need to put yourself there and impress the recruiter to get the job.  Read the job description and see what are the company’s requirements and prepare answers for why you fit the best for those requirements. Get detailed information about the company from its website, social media sites, employee reviews, and other internet resources. Dress professionally for the interview. Improve your communication skills and listen when the interviewer is speaking. 

If you performed well in the interview, you will be contacted by the company with the offer letter. Discuss your terms and conditions confidently. Inquire about the work visa process as it’s important to work in Dubai. 

Keep in mind that getting a job in Dubai is not an overnight task, you need to stay consistent in your job search. If you want additional help, get assistance from our Dubai career coaching services, LearnwithFaiz. We have helped several job seekers successfully get a job in Dubai with our personalized job assistance package and job assistance package

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