How to Get a Job in Dubai as a Fresher?

If you are fresher and wondering only people with job experience can get a job in Dubai. Then, let me tell you, Dubai has several job opportunities for freshers in various sectors. UAE is not only a job spot for people with 4-page resume experience but also for freshers who are looking to make a career in Dubai. However, finding a job in Dubai as a fresher is challenging. But, if you apply the correct job search approach you can still get various employment opportunities with no previous work experience. 

Dive into the following blog to learn how to get a job in Dubai as a fresher. 

How to Get a Job in Dubai as a Fresher? Get Ultimate Job Search Secrets 

Not everyone is born with job experience neither a university student can have years of job experience. With many recruiters looking for experienced employees, UAE has several organizations that give freshers a chance. Job seekers with no previous work experience can find work in healthcare, marketing aviation, sales, human resource, and construction industries.

To secure a high-paying job in Dubai as a fresher, follow the tips below.

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1. Understand the Dubai Job Market

Whether you are living in Dubai or another country, if you are looking for jobs in Dubai as a fresher you should first have proper knowledge about the job market. Research various job industries and plan which job sector you want to join. Before choosing your job industry, do research about the job options in that particular field, career growth possibilities, and salaries offered. Learn about normal salary and living expenditures so you can negotiate a decent salary. Do research about fresher salaries in Dubai. 

Understand the culture and etiquette of the nation, so you appear nice in each interview. Learn about labor laws since it is important to know your rights and obligations as an employee. Understand the economy and living standards so you know what to anticipate.

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2. Plan your Job Search in Dubai

Starting a job search in Dubai can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to begin. So, it’s important that you apply a proper Dubai job search approach. 

To plan an effective job search follow the tips given below. 

  • Learn about the firms linked to your profession and understand what they do.
  • Make a list of these companies and start looking for available job openings.
  • Keep track of the job you apply for, including the date, so you know how long it takes to receive a call.
  • If you’re jobless, make a budget that allows you to organize your spending and avoid running out of money.
  • Find out about the recruitment agencies and contact them to get further job assistance

You can also seek help from a Dubai career coach, like LearnwithFaiz who offers a Dubai job assistance package, and one-on-one job consultation which can help you find a job in Dubai as a fresher. 

3. Write a Fresh Dubai Standard Resume

If you think that since you are fresher, your resume doesn’t matter much in the Dubai job search. Then you are wrong. You should have a proper Dubai CV. Understand how to write a Dubai standard resume and make one. 

A well-written Dubai CV will set you apart from the rest of the competitors. As a result, one of the tips for freshers to get a job in Dubai is to create a strong CV that highlights their skills. 

Tips on Writing a Dubai standard CV for freshers 

  • Choose a format that represents your individuality while yet appearing professional.
  • Write an ATS-friendly resume for that you should understand how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system.
  • Since you don’t have any previous work experience to write in your Dubai resume, you can focus on your educational qualifications and skills.
  • If you have done any volunteering experience or attended any major workshops mention it in your CV. 
  • Anytime you apply for a job, be sure to customize your CV to meet exactly the job description. This will boost your chances of getting contacted for an interview.
  • Don’t make it too long; a one-page resume is sufficient for a fresher job hunt in Dubai. 
  • Make sure to highlight your abilities and credentials that make you distinct.

If you can’t figure out how to write a Dubai-standard resume for a fresher on your own, then you can get your CV written by the best resume writing services in Dubai like LearnwithFaiz. It is a leading resume-writing service and cover letter-writing service in Dubai that offers job seekers UAE standard resume. 

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4. Connect and Build a Network

Networking is one of the best job search hacks in Dubai for freshers. Many of the people have found jobs in Dubai via their networking. If you have any friends or relatives living in Dubai ask them for job recommendations. 

Some of the important networking tips for freshers who are looking for a job in Dubai are

  • Have a profile on LinkedIn since it works well for networking with companies. Add top recruiters to your connection and message them professionally. 
  • Participate in online events in your field and establish fantastic contacts with other experts.
  • Maintain a professional image on all of your job portals, since employers review them to learn more about the candidate’s background. 
  • Participate in classes or talks to learn more about your subject and network with other individuals.
  • There are job fairs also held in Dubai from time to time, you can attend those also to network with your industry professionals. 

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Ways of Finding a Job in Dubai as a Fresher?

Now, that you have read about important Dubai job search tips for freshers, let us understand about different ways in which you can apply for a job in UAE.

1. Online Job Portals

Online job portals are a must for finding work in Dubai as a fresher. Like every country has its top job portals, Dubai has its own. Some of the top Dubai job portals where you should create a profile are Linkedin, Bayt, Indeed, Naukrigulf, Dubizzle, Gulftalent, Monster, Grab Jobs, etc. These job portal apps are available online. 

  • Download these apps or visit their online website, create your profile, and upload your latest CV. These online Dubai job boards have filters, you can filter jobs with Dubai locations. 
  • Once you apply the filter, you will find various jobs posted, click on them, read the job description, update your resume accordingly with the right keywords, and then apply for a job.
  • One mistake that many freshers and even experienced professionals make while applying for jobs in Dubai is not updating their resumes according to the job they are applying for. 
  • Now, updating your resume according to the job posting means, updating your job title as per the given on the job description. For example, if the job posting has a sales executive written on it, and your resume has a salesperson mentioned, then change your title to sales executive. 
  • Add relevant keywords in your resume according to the job description given.

2. Walk in Interviews

If you are living in Dubai or have come to Dubai on a visit visa, then you can get a job by walk-in interviews. This is a traditional job search approach in Dubai, but it’s still successful and recommended. Some job seekers prefer walk-in interviews, which is a great option provided you know how to pair it with some strategies to make you appear competent rather than desperate. You can make a list of companies where you need to go, visit their offices, talk with the hiring manager, and give your resume. While it can be exhausting it can help you get a job in Dubai as a fresher. 

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3. Contacting Recruitment Agencies

If you need more assistance with your job hunt as a fresher, you should be aware that there are various recruitment agencies that assist new graduates in finding their ideal jobs. You should connect with these recruitment agencies and get further job assistance.

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We realize that finding work in Dubai as a fresher can be difficult because they are unfamiliar with the UAE’s employment markets. In this regard, freshers can seek professional help from our job assistance package and job application support, which can help them acquire a job in Dubai quickly. 

We hope that this post on How to Get a Job in Dubai as a Fresher was helpful and informative.