How to Tailor Your Dubai Resume to a Job Description

Are you submitting your resume for various Dubai job portals and not getting any response? It’s because your resume is not impressing the recruiter. Though you might have all the skills and qualifications for the Dubai job posting still you are being rejected repeatedly. This is because you are not tailoring your Dubai resume to a job description. To get a job interview call, you need to pass the ATS (Application Tracking System) which is only possible if your resume includes the right keyword as per the job description. You need to tailor your resume as per the job posting. 

Refer to the following blog to learn how to tailor your Dubai resume to a job description. 

What is the meaning of tailoring your resume to a job description?

When a company posts a job opportunity, it includes a list of requirements that consists of certain required skills, experience, qualifications, certification, etc. If you know you are the best candidate for that job posting you need to show that to the recruiter also. To do that, you need to write a personalized CV for each job posting as per the criteria mentioned by the recruiter. You need to mention your skills, educational qualifications, and work experience in a way that aligns with the job description. This process is called tailoring your resume to a job description. 

How to Tailor Your Dubai Resume to a Job Description

To find out how to tailor your resume to a job description read the points given below. 

1. Read the Job Description

To tailor your UAE resume to a job posting the first thing you should do is read the job description carefully. Understand what are the employer’s expectations what skills he wants, and what qualification he is looking for. Read the description and note down important terms linked to skills. See what skills and requirements are being repeated several times in the job description. These are keywords that you need to target in your Dubai resume.

For example, for a graphic designer, the job description says Adobe expertise, and for a writer position wants SEO skills. Make a note of the required degree or training and years of experience.

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2. Compare the Your Resume with the Job Description

Now that you understand what a company is looking for, you can evaluate your Dubai resume and begin personalizing it to their needs. Place your qualifications in the top half of the UAE CV, utilizing your summary and experience sections, so that the hiring manager can see you suit the post straight away. To write a job description for a Dubai resume use the reverse chronological method.

 If the job description for an engineering job says “Strong knowledge of electrical systems, codes, and regulations”, then you need to mention in your resume that you are skilled in these. 

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3. Customize Your Summary

A summary is the first section of the Dubai resumes and it’s the first thing recruiters will read. So you have a few seconds to impress the recruiter with a strong summary that sums up your experience, skills, education, and goal in short sentences. As per the job description posted, write a personalized summary that consists of related keywords. You should also add the title of the position you are looking for, demonstrating that this is a personalized resume. 

If the job description says Junior Executive Engineer and your resume has just engineer mentioned it will likely not impress the recruiter so change it as per the job posting. 

4. Update Your Job Description

Your work experience in the Dubai CV is one of the most important sections. While tailoring your resume as per the job description you need to carefully work on the work experience section.

  • Write your work experience in the bullet points in your Dubai CV.
  • While writing your job experience pick up the keywords from the job description and add them.  This exact phrasing indicates that you have the required experience and skills.
  • Keep in mind that your initial bullet points should highlight the most important duties or tasks. 
  • For example, if the description emphasizes leadership skills, write your work experience likewise like how you managed a team, trained colleagues, or performed other related activities. Even if those were not your primary tasks, they are the most relevant to the hiring manager’s requirements.
  • To prove your qualifications, include quantitative statistics in your experience area. If you don’t currently have figures in your bulleted list, figure out where you can include them in your Dubai resume to show your effect at past organizations. Hiring managers will be impressed by such achievements since they demonstrate the value you offer.

If you have a long work history, you may need to reduce or delete any jobs that are not aligned. If your most relevant positions were in the past, you can divide this part into two sections for more specificity: “[industry] experience” and “Other work experience.”

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5. Rewrite Your Skill Section

Your summary and employment history may not cover all of your most relevant skills. So, make use of the skill section of your UAE resume. In the skills section, add the same skills as mentioned in the job description. Don’t copy the exact wording it will look copied you can rephrase some of the terms to make it look original. 

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6. Check Grammatical and Spacing Errors

After customizing your Dubai resume proofread it. Look for grammatical and spelling mistakes. check your resume to ensure you utilize the employer’s keywords and phrases. You should check your summary part for the whole job description and see whether they match. Next, make sure that each bullet point in your job history corresponds to the job’s tasks and criteria. 

Make sure your phrasing is precise enough to get the hiring manager’s attention. Seeing familiar terms or phrases can show that you understand their demands and can carry out the job.

How to Identify Useful Keywords from the Job Description?

At this point, you may be thinking, “How do I know which keywords the hiring manager will search for?”

The solution is straightforward. The keywords may be found in the job listing. To personalize your CV, first read the job posting. Highlight the talents that are mentioned most frequently. Then include them on your CV.

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We hope that this post on How to Tailor Your Dubai Resume to a Job Description was helpful and informative.