CV Format For Driver Job In UAE/Dubai

The demand for experienced drivers is high in Dubai, from operating public transportation and commercial trucks to serving as a personal chauffeur and delivery driver. However, to get a driving job in Dubai with a good salary, you must have a proper resume. Employers, companies, and recruitment agencies all demand a Dubai-standard resume that showcases why you are best for the job. A CV format for a driver job in UAE/Dubai is kind of different compared to other jobs. For the driving job Dubai resume you need to add driving licenses, certificates, and previous driving experiences in your CV. 

So, if you are looking for information on how to write a Dubai resume for driving jobs, you can go through the blog below. 

What is the CV Format for Driver Job in UAE/Dubai?

Having a strong resume can help you get more interviews and eventually land a job in Dubai fast. Finding a job that fits your interests and skill set can be made easier if you know how to write a well-formatted CV that displays your driving skills. 

Find out details about the CV format for driver job in UAE/Dubai below. 

1. Mention Contact Information

At the beginning of your Dubai driving job resume add details about your name, phone number, and email address. If you are searching job in Dubai or through visit visa add your Dubai contact number. 

2. Professional Summary

Write a Dubai resume summary of two to four sentences. Your professional summary must highlight your best driving job-related skills and years of experience. Talk about your degree of experience, including the number of years you have worked as a driver or held accomplishments.

3. Job Experience Section

This is an important section of your UAE resume for a driving job. In the job experience section provide details about your driving career in this section. Give the name, address, and start and end dates of each position you have held, along with the locations of your prior jobs. A bulleted list of the top three to five work tasks or duties can also be included. To make the list more interesting, it’s usually helpful to begin each of these statements with an active verb.

In your job work experience write details about such as understanding of Dubai’s local traffic laws, familiarity with UAE routes, and a dedication to safety.

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4. Add Your Educational Qualification

Even for a Dubai driving job in Dubai your educational qualification matters. Write about your high school education, senior secondary education, college degree, or diploma if you have any. This represents you as an educated and polite person. 

If you went to college or university and studied classes, topics, or subjects that may be relevant for a driving job you are looking for mention that. You can also list any professional driving courses or academies that you have attended.

For example, completing a mechanics course may help you if it provides you with valuable knowledge about how to operate your vehicle.

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5. Describe Your Skills

Add skills in your resume related to driving jobs like skills like safe driving, problem-solving, and the capacity to concentrate. If you are aware of and familiar with the routes involved in the driving profession, you can specify them. It may also be beneficial to include knowledge of traffic regulations and technological abilities in this area.

You can add skills like customer service, time management, excellent driving record, navigation, vehicle maintenance, problem-solving, etc to your driving job Dubai resume.

6. List Any Certifications

Mention that you hold a driver’s license and include your additional credentials. In addition, attach any certificates demonstrating your ability to handle machines properly. For example, having a truck driver’s license is crucial information to add, but even having a certificate of completion from a forklift operator training course displays your responsibility and skill to operate heavy machinery. 

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Dubai Resume Writing Tips for a Driving Job 

Go through the additional Dubai resume writing tips for driving jobs given below. 

  • Professional Layout: Use a clear and organized format with a professional photo, as it’s often required in Dubai.
  • ATS-Friendly CV: Make your Dubai resume ATS-friendly by using an ATS template and adding relevant skills.
  • Driving Licenses: Clearly mention all of your driver’s licenses, including categories and issuing dates.
  • Languages: List the languages you speak, particularly Arabic and English, as well as your proficiency level.
  • References: Include references or indicate that they are available upon request.
  • Tailored Content: Tailor your CV to the specific driving position you’re applying for, including keywords from the job description.
  • Keep the resume succinct and focused, ideally between one and two pages.

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Top Dubai Companies Hiring for Driving Jobs

Following are some of the popular Dubai companies hiring for driving jobs.

  • Driver Hire
  • Emirates Transport
  • YES
  • DDI
  • Etihad Airways
  • Road and Transport Authority 
  • Private
  • DP World
  • Hilton
  • Noon
  • Visiting Angels 

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We hope that this post on CV format for driver jobs in UAE/Dubai was helpful and informative. 

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