How to Get a Job in Dubai from Pakistan

If you are searching for jobs in Dubai as a Pakistani, then you must wonder, how to get a job in UAE easily, what to do to get a higher salary package, and do Pakistanis get job opportunities in Dubai. Well, you can get a job in Dubai easily if you have applied a strategic job search approach. Yes, if you are a highly skilled and experienced person you can earn high salaries. And Yes, Pakistanis get many job opportunities in Dubai.

Every year, many Pakistanis are getting employed in Dubai and living a luxurious life. If you want to know how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan in just a few days, then read the following blogs. 

Why do Many Pakistanis come to Dubai to Find Jobs?

Before we go into how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan understand why UAE is the dream job spot for many Pakistanis. Why is this city so popular with Pakistanis? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Easy Visa Process: To immigrate from Pakistan to Dubai, Pakistanis must have a current passport (that does not expire in the next six months), a recent photograph, and copies of vital papers such as personal bank statements, bank account maintenance letters, and visa request letters.
  • Similar cultures: Dubai and Pakistan are quite near to each other and have similar cultures, making the move easier for many expats.
  • Similar religious beliefs: The majority of Pakistanis (96.4 percent) are Muslims, while Islam is the biggest religion in Dubai, accounting for 58% of the population. So, people don’t forget their roots and get the same environment as in their home country.
  • Large community: Because so many Pakistanis already reside here, Dubai is an appealing destination for those seeking to immigrate. They are certain that when they arrive, they will find a community of individuals who share their beliefs.
  • Economic Opportunities: Dubai has witnessed fast economic expansion and development over the last few decades, resulting in a strong need for both skilled and unskilled labor. Many Pakistanis seek work in Dubai to take advantage of the abundant career possibilities in industries such as construction, hotel, finance, and retail.
  • Geographic Proximity: Pakistan is quite near to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which includes Dubai. Pakistanis may easily travel to Dubai for work due to its geographic closeness. Pakistanis can easily get jobs in Dubai due to the comparatively short distance and well-established transit links.

How to get a Job in Dubai from Pakistan? Step-by-Step Career Guide

Dubai welcomes job seekers from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc with open arms and offers fair job opportunities to everyone. More than 400,000 Pakistanis presently live in Dubai. People from Pakistan account for 13% of the overall population in Dubai!

Dubai is a popular location for Pakistanis seeking employment outside of their native nations. Are you wondering how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan? If so, then this guide is for you.

Step 1: Conduct Thorough Research About Job Industries 

Before coming to Dubai to search for jobs, you should do thorough research about job industries. For example, if you are an engineer, find out who are the top recruiters of engineers in Dubai, what is the salary given to engineers in Dubai, and what is work-life balance. 

Whether you are a tech specialist working with artificial intelligence, a healthcare hero saving lives, or someone passionate about making the world a greener place, do research about that particular job industry.

Make a list of top Dubai companies in your job industry where you will apply. In addition, also make a list of some mid-level and average companies in case you are not getting a job in the top companies of Dubai. 

Step 2: Make a Dubai Standard Resume

Resumes and cover letters play a major role in determining whether you will get a job in Dubai or not. UAE recruiters are very strict with the Dubai resume guidelines. Therefore, make sure to learn how to write a Dubai standard resume. As per the Dubai resume format, your CV must include 6 sections namely, summary, educational qualification, job experience in reverse chronological manner, skills, and contact information. Add languages you speak to your Dubai resume. 

To increase your chances of getting a job in Dubai as a Pakistani understand how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system. UAE recruiters shortlist job applications through Application Tracking Software (ATS). So, pass the ATS your resume should include the right keyword according to the job description.

In addition, you must also have a well-written cover letter as per the Dubai cover letter guidelines. Cover letters are not very important in Pakistan, but they are a must for Dubai job search. 

In case, you are getting confused and not able to understand how to write a Dubai standard resume, then you can hire a top resume-writing service and cover letter-writing service in Dubai like LearnwithFaiz, who will offer you a UAE standard resume as per the job industry you are planning to work in. 

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Step 3: Apply for Jobs on Dubai Job Portals

Online job application are becoming one of the most common ways for Pakistanis to find Dubai jobs. If you are wondering how to apply for jobs in Dubai from Pakistan, then look for advertising on internet employment sites such as GrabJobs. There are top Dubai job portals where all the UAE recruiters are looking for skilled candidates. Bayt, Linkedin, Monstergulf, Naukrigulf, Indeed.ae, Dubizzle, Gulftalent, Careers UAE, etc are some of the top Dubai job portals where you should create your profile and search for jobs. These websites allow you to easily look for Dubai jobs for Pakistanis and apply online in seconds. They are also continuously updated, so you can find new possibilities every day (or perhaps many times each day).

How to Create a Profile on Job Portals of Dubai

Step 1: Download the job portal app from the app store.

Step 2: Complete the login process. 

Step 3: Update and upload your latest resume.

Step 4: Fill up the sections of your profile on the app, like mentioning your job experience, current title, current phone number, educational qualification, skills, etc. 

Step 5: Some of the job portal apps have filters, where you can add filter jobs as per your salary expectations, and type of job (full-time, part-time, remote), 

Step 6: You are all set to find a job in Dubai from Pakistan. 

PRO TIP: Update your resume on a daily basis. Yes, there is nothing to be updated every day, but you should grasp how resume search results function. Recruiters will prioritize freshly updated profiles, thus you must update your profile on a daily basis. Simply re-upload your resume every day or change your contact information or skill set, and remember to verify if the previous update date is correct.

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Step 4: Contact Recruitment Agency

Another alternative to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan is to contact Dubai recruitment companies in Pakistan. Some companies cater exclusively to Pakistanis who want to immigrate to and work in Dubai. Search for Dubai recruiting agencies in Pakistan near you and contact them by phone or email to learn more about their procedure.

Step 5: Networking and Reffarls are Must

Searching for a job in Dubai from Pakistan can be easier if you know how to do smart networking. Networking means getting in touch with decision-makers of a company like hiring managers or recruiters. Networking also means that you know someone any family, friend, or anyone who can help you in getting a job in Dubai from Pakistan. 

Many Pakistanis have got a job in Dubai through a friend or a relative who is already living in Dubai. So, if you know anyone don’t hesitate to ask them to give a recommendation. Referrals can increase your chances of getting a job in Dubai and make it easier to get work.

In addition, you can also network with professionals on job portals like LinkedIn and Indeed. 

Is Coming to Dubai on a Visit Visa to Search for a Job as a Pakistani Good Option?

If you are planning to come to Dubai on a visit visa to get a job as a Pakistani, then it’s a good option for you. Coming to Dubai on a visit visa to find work will give you UAE life experience and an idea of how is life in Dubai, what obstacles fresher migrants might face, and how to overcome them. 

Before coming to UAE, clearly do research on how to find a job in Dubai on a visit visa as many job seekers don’t plan in advance about their trip and go back to their home country without a job. So, you must first know the best time to apply for jobs in Dubai; in January and February. If you are coming to get a job in Dubai as a Pakistani we recommend that you come in January and February as these months the recruitment process is very active and many job vacancies are posted. 

Tips on how to find a job in Dubai on a visit visa

Follow the following important Dubai job search tips if you are a Pakistani and coming to UAE on a visit visa. 

  1. Make a list of all the companies where you will go and submit your resume.
  2. Get a Dubai-standard resume and cover letter.
  3. Plan where you will stay in Dubai.
  4. Get a Dubai metro card as it will save your travel expenses.
  5. Bring some professional dresses as you will be visiting various Dubai companies so you should look professional.
  6. Get in touch with a Dubai recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies in Dubai are in touch with top Dubai companies who are looking for skilled employees. You might get a job through a recruitment agency. 

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Finding a job in Dubai as a Pakistani without having proper guidance can be tough. Therefore, you can get professional help from a Dubai career coach like Learnwithfaiz, who have helped many job seekers in getting a job in Dubai. We hope that this post on How to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan was helpful and informative.