How to Get HR Jobs in Dubai

Human resources (HR) is one of the most in-demand and high-paying jobs in Dubai. With several companies opening, MNCS setting up their offices in Dubai, and startups launching, the demand for HR is increasing in Dubai. If you are searching for HR jobs in Dubai in 2024, you will find plenty of opportunities at entry-level, mid-level, and senior levels. There are HR internship opportunities also present in Dubai for freshers. Top Dubai companies like Etimad, Quest, Hays, Charterhouse, TGC Middle East, Deloitte & Touche, IRWIN  & Dow, etc are hiring HR professionals as per Gulftalent. However, to secure a high-paying HR job in Dubai at a reputable company where you will get job security you need a proper job search strategy. Applying here and there without proper knowledge about the Dubai job market will not get you success. Therefore, check out tips and guidelines on how to find HR jobs in Dubai here. 

If you want to know how to get HR jobs in Dubai for Indians, Pakistani, US, UK, Bangladesh, Europe, Canada, etc citizens, this blog will guide you. 

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How to Get HR Jobs in Dubai: Complete Guide

The average salary for HR jobs in Dubai is AED 9,162 as per Glassdoor which is a very good amount. An average salary of AED 9000 for HR jobs in Dubai will cover your living expenses and plus leave you a balance for yourself also. To get a good high paying HR job in Dubai, follow the details given below. 

1. Understand the Dubai Job Market 

It is important to do thorough research on the Dubai HR job market before entering it. Get information about he specific HR roles that are in high demand in the UAE. Make a list of all the different HR jobs in Dubai, such as recruiter, performance manager, talent acquisition specialist, payroll manager, and compensation and benefits specialist, and research them one by one. Check out the salary for HR jobs in Dubai, what is the demand for various HR jobs in UAE, and analyze which will be the best for you. Check out the eligibility requirements for HR jobs in UAE like what are qualifications, skills, and experience demands. 

This Dubai job market research will help you understand which HR jobs will be the best for you as per your interests and qualifications. It will help you target your interested jobs in Dubai and also negotiate salaries with recruiters as per the current job market standards. 

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2. Prepare a Customize Dubai Resume for HR Jobs 

To pass the job screening it’s important you have a proper Dubai resume. Whether you are applying for jobs in Dubai online or going through offices, a Dubai-standard resume is a must. Most of the Dubai recruiters use ATS (Application Tracking Software) to shortlist resumes. So your resume for HR jobs in Dubai should be ATS-friendly. Therefore, you should learn How To Write Dubai CV As Per ATS System.

Focus on adding skills, credentials, certifications, accomplishments, and experience that are relevant to the HR positions you’re looking for. Create a Dubai CV that highlights your expertise in crucial areas such as talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and HR regulations. 

Incorporate sector-specific keywords into your work, such as employee relations, employee engagement, HR regulations, compliance, recruiting, talent management, performance management, and personnel management. Start sentences with powerful verbs and use numbers and statistics to quantify your duties whenever possible.

Also, thoroughly study the job description and customize your CV accordingly. Understand well How to Write a Dubai Standard Resume. Be aware of the Consequences of Lying on Your Dubai Resume

3. Apply via Dubai Job Portals

Register yourself on top Dubai job portals like Linkedin, Indeed, Bayt, Dubizzle, Laimoon, Gulftalent, etc. Ensure that your profile is complete and accurate. Create and upload your Dubai CV. You can filter the results by job type, location, and job title. Find the most recent HR opportunities in Dubai and apply for positions that match your qualifications. After submitting your job applications, check your inbox for updates from employers. This allows you to follow up or take appropriate action when needed. 

4. Consider Dubai HR internships or entry-level positions

Fresh graduates wishing to start a career in Human Resources in Dubai might consider applying for internships or entry-level positions. There are Dubai companies offering internships for HR positions to freshers. The internship experience can serve as a stepping stone to your intended career path, allowing you to deal with real-world issues, develop practical skills, and network within the sector. Some of the Dubai internships contract offers guaranteed jobs also. While doing internships in Dubai, you can create a network with HRs and ask for recommendations for full-time jobs.

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5. Network with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Networking, references, and job recommendations are some of the best ways to find HR jobs in Dubai. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with Dubai recruiters, HRs, and professionals from top-level management. Search for Dubai HR jobs on Linkedin. You will get results of companies hiring and job posting. Go to the company page and search for HRs and recruiters. Add them to your profile. You can also find Dubai recruiters through job postings given on Linkedin and send them connection requests. Check out How to Find Dubai Jobs on LinkedIn? Job Search Tips & Tricks

Once you have added the Dubai recruiters hiring for HR roles send them a professional message that you are interested in the HR jobs. Ask for a recommendation. Tell them you find out that they are looking for skilled candidates and you believe you are the best suited for the job.

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Build professional connections on Linkedin and then politely ask for job recommendations. 

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6. Do Dubai Job Interview Preparation

Once you have been shortlisted for the interview, that doesn’t mean you have got the job yet. Most of the Dubai job seekers make the mistake of getting overconfident once they are called for an interview and don’t prepare for it. Along with you, the recruiter has shortlisted several other candidates also that you have to compete with. 

Prepare for interviews at any time, rather than waiting for an interview call. Practice talking about your skills and experiences, researching current HR trends, improving communication skills, and preparing for frequent HR interview questions. 

What is the scope of promotion for entry-level HR positions in Dubai?

Once you start working in Dubai you will climb the corporate ladder gradually. After two or three years in an entry-level HR job in Dubai, professionals are frequently promoted to mid-level positions with increased responsibility and greater pay. In these positions, you may manage a team of entry-level HR employees or focus on specialized HR responsibilities such as training and staff development. Mid-level HRs usually report to the HR director or another senior management role.

We hope that this post on the How to Get HR Jobs in Dubai was helpful and informative. 

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