How to Get a High Paying Job in Dubai?

Planning to shift to Dubai for a higher salary? Or you are switching jobs in Dubai for a better income. You will find several high paying jobs in Dubai related to your job sector. However, you should know the proper Dubai job search strategy to end up in a big organization that pays handsome salary packages to its employees. From marketing, designing, IT, medical, tourism, and engineering, to construction high paying Dubai jobs are available everywhere. Dive into the following blog to learn how to get a high paying job in Dubai fast. 

Tips on Getting High Paying Jobs in Dubai

Follow the tips given below to find a job in Dubai with a good salary and allowances. The Dubai job hunting tips will guide in preparing a proper job search strategy. 

Use top Dubai Job Portals

The first and the most basic thing to do to get a high paying job in Dubai is to use all the top Dubai job portals. Job boards like Dubizle, Bayt, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monstergulf, etc are top job portals in Dubai. Download these top Dubai job portals, create your profile, upload your latest resume, and start your job search. Daily apply for Dubai jobs on these portals. 

Dubai Job Portal Type Dubai Job Portal Name
Government Job Portals
  • Federal Government job portal
  • Government of Ajman jobs- Kawader
  • RAK jobs
  • Abu Dhabi Government job portal
  • Dubai Careers 
  • Fujairah Government jobs
Private Job Portals
  • Bayt
  • Gulf News Careers
  • NaukriGulf
  • Monster Gulf
  • Laimoon

Go to the Company’s Website

Make a list of top recruiters for your Dubai job industry. Visit their career page and check out if they have any job openings as per your specialization. Many companies post vacancies on their official website, which is missed by job seekers. Keeping track of vacancies on the organization’s official career page will help you get a high paying job in Dubai easily as there is less competition compared to job portals. 

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Be Active on LinkedIn

When you are searching a high paying jobs in Dubai LinkedIn is the best website. You can find jobs for free on Linkedin, connect with recruiters, and create professional connections here. You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by using filters like location, salary expectation, job type, number of applicants, etc. There are Dubai company’s official page on LinkedIn also where you can go and find out who the recruiters are and message them personally that you are interested in the job. 

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Identify Key Dubai Employers

Familiarize yourself with the major companies and organizations in your industry. Knowing which companies are expanding and hiring can give you a strategic advantage. Companies like Emirates Airlines, Dubai Petroleum, and multinational corporations have a significant presence in Dubai.

Keep Up with Dubai Job Market News

Stay updated with the latest news and trends in the Dubai job market. Websites like Gulf News, Khaleej Times, and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can provide valuable details into the current job landscape in Dubai.

Networking With Potential Recruiters

Networking is vital in Dubai to get a high paying job. Networking can be done by attending industry events, seminars, and conferences if you are coming to Dubai on a visit visa. However, if you searching for a Dubai job online you can network online by being active on LinkedIn and top Dubai job portals. LinkedIn has almost all of the Dubai recruiters, HRs, and talent acquisition specialists. You can add them to your connection list build a professional relationship and ask for job recommendations.

Top Dubai Job Fairs
  • eFair 
  • National Career Exhibition
  • Careers UAE

Contact Dubai Recruitment Agencies

Many of the top Dubai companies contact recruitment agencies to make hiring. You can get in touch with a reliable Dubai recruitment agency to get a Dubai fast. They ease your job search in Dubai. Recruitment agencies get paid by the employer to fill the vacancy they have a list of organizations who are looking for skilled candidates. When you contact them they will refer you for the job role in the companies they are associated with. 

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Build Your Brand

Having a strong brand presence on social media can help you get a high salary job in Dubai. You can use LinkedIn to build your professional brand and network. Your brand presence markets you as the most skilled person in your job industry. Dubai recruiters are impressed with candidates who have their own brand presence on social media. In addition, your competition with other job seekers decreases and it makes you the number 1 job applicant. You can use Learnwithfaiz LinkedIn personal branding services to get help in building your brand. 

How to Write Dubai Resume to Get a High Paying Job in Dubai?

A properly written Dubai standard resume is important to secure a high paying job in UAE. Without a well-crafted Dubai resume, you will not get a good job even if you are skilled and experienced. Many people fail to get good Dubai job offers because of their poorly written resumes. 

So, before beginning your job search keep a Dubai standard resume ready. 

  • Select an ATS-friendly template to write your Dubai standard resume.
  • Keep your educational qualification and work experience details ready. 
  • Do research on how to write Dubai CV as per ATS system.
  • Begin writing your Dubai resume by adding all the important details like profile summary, headline, work experience, education qualification, skills, and certificates. 
  • Write your resume as per the Dubai job market you are targeting. 
  • Learn about how to tailor your Dubai resume to a job description.
  • Mention your work experience in the reverse chronological order. Write about your previous work experience in quantitative terms like leading a team of 10 people, successfully delivering 100 blogs, generating 500 leads in 3 months, and so on. 
  • Add relevant technical skills to your Dubai CV as per your job industry.
  • Provide your current phone number and email address. 
  • Check for grammatical errors and get your resume proofread by some experts. 

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Understanding the Dubai job market, creating a strong resume, successfully networking, getting relevant experience, and carefully preparing for interviews will help you get a profitable career in Dubai. You can get Dubai job assistance from LearnwithFaiz, a leading career coaching service. We have helped several job seekers in getting a high paying job in Dubai. Our package includes Dubai job assistance and Dubai job application support

We hope that this post on How to Get a High Paying Job in Dubai was helpful and informative.