How to Find Dubai Jobs on LinkedIn? Job Search Tips & Tricks

If you are on LinkedIn and have no success in finding jobs in Dubai through this job portal, you are implying the wrong job search strategy. LinkedIn is one of the top Dubai job portals where 90% of UAE recruiters post vacancies. Every day, several candidates get jobs in Dubai via LinkedIn. If you want to know how to use LinkedIn to find a job in Dubai, this blog will answer your query. Before beginning your job search you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile, search job strategically, turn on the LinkedIn job alert notification, and be consistent. 

Dive into this blog to find out how to find LinkedIn Dubai jobs. 

How To Use LinkedIn to Find a Job in Dubai?

LinkedIn is a Dubai job portal in which you can search for jobs for free. Recruiters post Dubai job vacancies for all sorts of positions like engineer, teacher, CA, writer, graphic designer, social media manager, accountant, etc. No matter what job market you are targeting LinkedIn will help you get a job in Dubai. 

Go through the steps given below to find LinkedIn Dubai jobs. 

Step 1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Before beginning your Dubai job search, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Fill out all the sections from the headline, summary, educational qualification, and work experience, to the skill section. Write your LinkedIn profile as per the job industry you are targeting. Add a professional profile photo and a cover image as per your job industry. 

Use the LinkedIn headline section to write your job profile + the company you are currently working in + the skills you have. Write a proper summary highlighting your job story, skills, career goals, and accomplishments. Add all the work experience you have and mention key roles that you did in the job. Add relevant keywords in the job experience section. 

Update your degree and diploma details in the educational qualifications section. In the LinkedIn skill section add all the skills you have.

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Step 2: Use the LinkedIn Job Search Bar 

After updating your LinkedIn profile, go to the LinkedIn job search panel. First, use the LinkedIn filter like choose Dubai in the location filter. You can use LinkedIn filters like date posted, experience level, company, easy apply, etc. And start your LinkedIn Dubai job search. 

When searching for LinkedIn jobs in Dubai you need to stay consistent and apply for many jobs. 

Step 3: Update Your Resume as Per the Job Profile

When you see a LinkedIn Dubai job posting that suits your criteria don’t just hit the apply button. Read the Dubai job description, requirements, and skills in demanded by the recruiter. Now, update your resume accordingly. Add those skills to your Dubai resume which are mentioned in the job description. Make sure you are using a Dubai-standard ATS-friendly resume. If 

After customizing your resume as per the job description click on the apply button. 

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Step 4: Apply for the Job and Send Personalize Message to the Recruiter 

When you apply for a Dubai job through LinkedIn you will find the details about the recruiter or the person who is hiring in the job advertisement. If you are a LinkedIn premium member you will have the option to send an email to the recruiter that you are interested in the job. If you don’t have a LinkedIn premium you can send a connection request to the recruiter and once it gets accepted you can message the recruiter that you applied for the job posted and how you are the best candidate for it.

This creates a personal touch to your Dubai job application on LinkedIn. Also, if the recruiter does not even view your resume they will likely see your message or mail you send on LinkedIn. 

Important LinkedIn Dubai Job Search Tips

The above given are the tips on how to find a job in Dubai using LinkedIn. You can check some of the important Dubai search tips and tricks below that will help you in getting a LinkedIn job in Dubai fast. 

Tip 1: Let the Recruiter Know You Are Looking for a Job

Don’t hesitate to use the “Open to Work” cover photo on your LinkedIn profile photo to show the Dubai recruiter on LinkedIn that you are actively searching for a job opportunity. 

Go to LinkedIn Use your headline to make the job search announcement. For example, “Writer seeking businesses in need of a friendly ghost (or ghostwriter)” and “Petroleum engineer ready to strike oil and make you rich” may pique a recruiter or hiring manager’s interest.

Go to the setting below your LinkedIn headline choose open to work and provide your preference for job title, job type, and job location. 

Tip 2: Increase Your LinkedIn Connection 

Add recruiters, HRs, and talent acquisition people to your LinkedIn connection. Your connections can significantly boost your exposure and access to more connections. You can add recruiters by searching the company name you want a job in, going to the people section, searching for HRs, and adding them. 

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Tip 3: Follow the Company You Want to Work 

Research and follow the companies you’re interested in. During the job search, LinkedIn makes it easier to identify and follow organizations. If you haven’t already, create a list of Dubai companies you want to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. This will keep you up to date on company news and new job openings.

Tip 4: Ask for Recommendations from Your LinkedIn Connection

Once you have added HRs, recruiters, and employees of a company in which you are interested to work message them and ask them about the job openings. Ask for job recommendations and referrals from them to get a Dubai job fast on LinkedIn. Keep on increasing your LinkedIn network by adding relatable people from your job industry. 

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