Things Not to Mention in Your Dubai Resume

One mistake in your Dubai resume can lead you to lose a job that you were the best candidate for. Job seekers submit Dubai resumes that are filled with errors which are instantly rejected by the HRs. There are certain things that you should not mention in your Dubai resume like political views, references, religious convictions, unprofessional, or offensive language, excessive self-promotion, etc. By avoiding these issues, you can construct a professional, relevant, and legally compliant Dubai resume. This improves your chances of receiving an interview and securing your ideal job in Dubai.

Go through the blog below to find out what are the things not to mention in your Dubai resume. 

Things Not to Mention in Your / CV

To help you stop making errors in your Dubai resume, we have mentioned a list of things that you should not mention. Follow the important Dubai CV guidelines given below to increase your chances of getting a job in Dubai fast. 

1. Personal Information

Gulf country recruiters do not need to know about your religion, caste, marital status, height, or weight. So stop mentioning irrelevant personal information in your Dubai CV. However, details like name, date of birth, location, nationality, driving license data, gender, location, and languages you speak should be added to your UAE resume. 

2. Political Views

Because your political beliefs are unrelated to your job performance, you should leave them off your resume. Don’t add details like your political views, what parties you support, and what candidate you prefer in your Dubai resumes it’s all irrelevant. 

3. Religious Convictions

Dubai is a country where people from across the world and religions work. Your religious convictions are irrelevant to your work performance, therefore don’t mention them on your UAE CV. 

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4. References

References are not required in your Dubai resume unless specifically requested by the employer. Recruiters do not always search for references at the start of the CV screening process. As a result, it is usually good to state in the references section that the references are accessible on request. Do not add references in your Dubai resume but keep them ready if asked by the recruiter. 

5. Unprofessional or Offensive Language

Avoid slang, vulgarity, and discriminatory phrases in your Dubai resume.  For example, you should not define yourself on your UAE CV with adjectives like “rockstar,” “cool dude,” or “ninja.”

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6. Excessive Self-Promotion

While it’s important to highlight your achievements and skills in your Dubai resume to get a job you should not sound overconfident. Don’t add untrue details. UAE recruiters do background checks before offering you a job so just add true information and achievements. 

Should CV Have a Photo in Dubai?

To add a photo to your Dubai resume or not is one of the common questions that job seekers have in mind. We recommend not adding a photo to your Dubai resume to prevent bias.  Global corporations frequently desire standardized application processes across many areas, which may prevent the use of images.

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Dubai Resume Writing Tips

Before submitting a resume anywhere make sure you proofread it carefully. The below-mentioned Dubai resume writing tips will help you draft a perfect UAE standard CV.

  • Keep your Dubai CV to a maximum of two pages. Many HR professionals dislike going through lengthy CVs.
  • Use the ATS-friendly Dubai resume format to pass the Application Tracking System (ATS).
  • Use the best and most readable fonts and font sizes. Calibri is one of the most often used fonts, and the font size in the body text should be 12 points. However, you should make your headers and subheadings substantially larger in your Dubai resume.
  • A reverse chronological sequence is preferred. This implies you should input your most recent job experience first and then go from there.
  • Poor language and structure make you appear irresponsible and unconcerned about your job.
  • Don’t leave a lot of white space.
  • Be detailed and concise in your Dubai CV so, that the recruiter may easily read it.
  • Identify the skills or keywords specified in the job advertisement, then carefully choose keywords to address them. Make sure to include keywords relating to your employment position.

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We hope that this post on Things Not to Mention in Your Dubai Resume was helpful and informative.