How to Write Work Experience in Resume

Your work experience is basically the thing that helps you get a job because the level of relevance and your position in your previous experience is what the employers are looking at when they hire you for a role. Therefore, your experience is one of the most important parts of your resume because it not only reflects what you have done in your past but also shows how capable you are for their company and how your work experience will make you stand apart in the crowd. Now we will discuss how to write your work experience in your resume in a way that is eye-catching and helps you get noticed by potential employers.

The primary Stuff

You can start by doing the basic things, like listing your job title, the name of your company, and the dates for which you were employed in that specific position. You can also include the location – country, city, or whether it was remote or work from the office.


Here is an example:

Job title: Senior Editor

Company: NY Times

Location: Manhattan, New York

Dates: March 2018 – Feb 2021

Describe in Detail

Most people just list their job title and their responsibilities. A better way to catch the attention of the hiring manager is to list your actual roles – what you actually did in your previous role, what were your biggest accomplishments, and what were the challenges that you overcame. This will highlight your dedication to your resume and reflect that you actually had dedication towards your job.

Use Action Verbs

When you write your previous work experience, remember to use action verbs to show what you did. This will make your resume dynamic and interesting to the employer. This advice reminds me of the fact that when you write a resume, you really need to put a personal touch that reflects your hard work and interest in the role you have applied for.


Here are some examples of action verbs that you can use on your resume:

– Created

– Managed

– Overcame

– Solved

– Improved

– Increased

– Multiplied

These words are not specific to any job position, but they can vary depending upon your area of specialization and your job position.

Quantify your results

If it is possible, then quantify your results, meaning tell the numbers of the effect that you have created and the impact that you have made in your previous roles. This will make employers understand that you have really achieved something in your previous roles. I can explain this to you with examples:

– Increased sales by 15% in the first month

– Multiplied conversions by 7% in the first quarter


Whenever you are applying for a job, remember to edit and tailor your experience according to the requirements of the position. Read the job description carefully and accordingly highlight the relevant skills and experience that are most suited to the job. For example, if you are applying for the job of an editor, you would want to highlight your experience in the field of writing, such as content writing, academic writing, or any other sort of writing, etc.

Keywords and ATS Friendly

Two of the things that most people miss, the most common yet the rarest to find on most resumes, are keywords and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) acceptable resume. Most people do not read the job description carefully, or even if they do, they do not know that keywords are lying in there. HR managers who make the job description specifically put the keywords that they are looking for in a resume on the job description, but people don’t know this, so they just put some random keywords, and this is the reason that the resume doesn’t get noticed by Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Therefore, you should remember to put keywords or use a keyword research tool. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the relevant keywords for a job, so you can find ATS friendly resume writing services that can do the work for you.


Remember to proofread your work and analyze it carefully for any errors. Read it once on your own and get people to read it for you. Small mistakes like spellings or grammatical errors can often lead to drastic loss! You should never give the HR a chance to point out a mistake in your resume!


If you follow the above-given tips, you will be able to write a resume that will help you get noticed and will surely get you placed in your dream company. Just remember to be specific and use action verbs and use numbers to convey results, customize your experience according to the job you are applying for, use keywords, and make your resume ATS friendly. If you are looking for resume writing services in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, then contact us today.