How to Write a Resume For a First Job

Are you planning to write your first resume for your first job? Do not worry; we have got your back! Resume writing may seem like a really difficult thing for you at this date, but it’s nothing difficult. In this blog, we will help you get through the first and the very first basics of resume writing.

We’ll help you create a resume that will not just be outstanding but will also help you stand apart from the crowd. We will also tell you how you can make a great impact with just your resume.

Why is a resume important?

A resume is like advertising your personal details to the employer. Now you know that advertisement needs a lot of catchy things to attract customers. So, you might be thinking it’s not like you’re selling something. Well, of course not. You are not selling anything, but surely, you want to attract the recruiters to read your resume. Your resume should highlight your skills, qualifications, experience, and why you are relevant to that specific job. Since you are going for your first job, this might be a chance to reflect your strengths and qualities that will make the recruiters want to know more about you. You can shine as much as you want just through your resume. This will attract the employers to notice your resume and give you the job.

Resume format:

There are various formats available for writing your resume. These are chronological, functional, and combination resumes. Few of these resume formats are very famous, but since this is your first job, I would suggest you go for a chronological resume. A chronological resume will tell about your work experience in a reverse chronological order. That is, start by telling your latest experience first and then the second and then the third and so on.

Contact: You can start writing your resume by telling your personal information like your full name, your contact number, your email address. These details will make it possible for the recruiter to reach you out if they are interested in your application. Writing the correct information is very necessary. Do not fill wrong information in your application. Even a mistake of a number or a full stop in your email can mess the whole process.

Summary: Write a professional summary that is eye-catching. Start by opening with a powerful statement that shows your strengths and goals. For example, you can write “spirited individual, recent graduate with a passion for writing and a record in content editing and proofreading.” You can highlight your achievements in the field you are applying for. For example, “increased the traffic of readers by x percent.”

Education: Highlight your education history and write it in reverse chronological order. Write the year of your degree, the institution, and the place where you obtained it. If you have had any achievements, academic or scholarly awards, then you should surely mention them. You should also mention your extracurricular activities. You can mention things like if you were a class topper or proficient or well acclaimed in some field like sports, dance, cultural activities, etc.

Experience: If you have had any work experience such as an internship, part-time jobs, or if you have worked as a volunteer, you should surely include it in this section. Write your job title, a brief description, and the place where you worked. If you had any achievements in the organization, you should also mention them. Mention your transferable skills if you are applying in a field that is different from your previous experience.

Extracurricular Activities: If you have been involved in any extracurricular activities like some club sports, or if you are a dancer, singer, or anything, then you can mention it here.

Design: Keep it really simple. Use basic fonts like Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc. The font size should be either 11 or 12. The resume should be written in bullet points and with clear headings for making it easy to read.

Proofreading: One of the most important parts is reviewing and proofreading your resume. Read it once or twice yourself and get it read by other people too, because this is a part where people often miss and there are mistakes in the resume that people don’t notice.


The above tips will help you to write a resume for your first job. Writing a well-written resume can help you get placed at once. And remember to customize your resume each time you apply for a job. Highlight your most relevant information and include all the information that is mentioned above. If you are looking for a resume writing service, then you can contact us today. If you need any help to write your resume, then contact us today. We can help you write a resume with the best resume format.