How to Write a Professional Resume Headline?

Did you know that the headline of your professional resume plays a vital role? Yes, you read that right! The headline of your professional resume is powerful enough to convince the recruiters whether to click on your resume or not. So if you want your resume to get maximum attention from the recruiters you will have to work on creating an impactful resume headline. To help you with this, in this article, we will guide you with some of the best tips and tricks to write the best professional resume headline.

But before we provide you with resume headline hacks, let’s learn about its importance.

Why is a resume headline important?

Your resume headline is important because it helps highlight your skills and experience. That one-liner must be catchy enough to convince your recruiter that your resume is worth giving a read!

Remember, more than your resume, the headline of your resume has the power to influence the recruiter that you are the perfect fit for the role. So, you must construct a professional resume headline the right way that encourages your recruiter to go through your resume.

Now another major reason to create a resume headline the right way is to ensure your resume qualifies for ATS i.e.; Applicant Tracking System. ATS is the modern way used by recruiters to scan resumes and forward them to the recruiter that matches. The reason why it is important to qualify for this software is because many candidates aren’t aware of this software for which their resumes are not sent to the recruiter. 

So, if you want your resume to reach out to the recruiter you must create a quality professional resume headline that helps ATS to understand your resume is relevant for the job. For this, you need to use the right keywords and create a crisp resume headline. You can check out some of the resume headline examples that have successfully qualified and gone through the ATS software effortlessly.

Tips & tricks to create a professional resume headline

Now that you know how important it is to write a professional resume headline the right way, let’s learn some of the hacks that can help you craft a compelling headline. Before we begin you need to understand that writing a resume headline though might seem easy is pretty hard. This is because the word limit is restricted. So, you will have to choose a few words that are to the point, precise, creative, and well-thought-out. 

There’s no specific rule to how you must format great resume headlines. But to make a professional resume headline we have provided a standard structure below:

Mention your job title + Your job experience (in years) + Awe-inspiring achievement/skills.

If you can create an effective resume headline by following the above structure you’re already halfway through the competition! Now to ace the rest, we have provided some exclusive tips below. Go through them thoroughly.

1. Keep your resume headline short

The key to getting the attention of the recruiter without annoying them is to write a professional resume headline as short as possible. Remember, your headline must be a catchy one-liner. It should be a short and crispy sentence. Although it is stressful to express your entire experience and skills in one sentence, choosing the right words can make the task easy.

First, follow the structure and write down your resume headline. Then select relevant keywords or key phrases that best match the job profile you wish to apply for. This will help you create a short, compelling, and crisp resume headline eventually. Practice creating some resume headline samples before applying by following this step.

2. Be Strategic

Between your resume and the recruiter is the resume headline. This is why you must be very strategic while writing a professional resume headline as it is the introduction in gist about your resume. So, you should first write your full name followed by your resume title. This introduces you and your overall curriculum vitae to the recruiter within a few seconds.

While you are writing headline for resume samples, use the title case. Your goal is to fetch the attention of the employer. So, you need to use a couple of ways that help your resume headline to stand out. For this, you must also use a different kind of font that is larger and unique from the rest of your resume font. Now, don’t go overboard and make it look too flashy but ensure it is different enough to catch the attention of the recruiter.

3. Don’t overload your resume with a bundle of skills

Mention 1 or at max 2 top skills in the headline of your resume. Keep the rest for skills sections on your resume. If you want to attract your recruiter with your skills, then add only those skills to the headline that makes you look like a perfect match for the job role.

4. Personalized headline

Different job roles need different headings. Every time you apply for a new job role/type, create a new headline that differently addresses the purpose and requirements of the job post. Your headline must fulfill the criteria of the position you wish to apply for. This will ensure your recruiter takes an interest in going through your resume further. 

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