Top LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

There was a time when a job search meant dealing with a plethora of paperwork. Every single piece of information had to be organized whenever you applied for a job. Platforms like LinkedIn have emerged as helpful tools to connect through professional networks anywhere in the world. LinkedIn serves not only as an online resume but also provides outstanding career opportunities. While you can find hundreds of Resume writing services and LinkedIn profile writing services on the internet, choosing the most appropriate one is always a question.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can avoid mistakes on LinkedIn that most people make. We will explore the impact of these small mistakes and how they can affect great job opportunities. Additionally, we will provide insights on how you can enhance your LinkedIn profile and stop making such mistakes.

These are the top 5 mistakes commonly found in LinkedIn profiles worldwide:

Missing profile or cover image:

This is one of the biggest mistakes people often commit. You might think that a profile image or cover photo doesn’t make much difference. What could a recruiter possibly do with that? Well, let me tell you, what sets you apart from 90% of LinkedIn users is your photo. Your visual content creates the first impression. Using a customized photo for your cover is a huge mistake. This is where you can promote yourself with visual graphics. With numerous fake profiles, posting your personal photo adds credibility. After putting in so much effort to create a LinkedIn profile, why not include your own photo?

When uploading your picture, avoid using a selfie or a cropped photo. If you have cropped a photo and part of someone else’s body is visible, it shows unprofessional behavior. Hiring managers pay attention to such details.

Incomplete profile:

People often believe that adding exceptional skills and experience is all they need for a complete LinkedIn profile. However, that is not the case. You need to fill out every section, even if you have exemplary experience and skills. Include certifications, education details, your profile picture, honors, and awards. Inconsistent LinkedIn profiles and missing data can result in missed opportunities.

Lack of uniqueness:

People often pick up overused keywords and data from the internet. What they fail to realize is that their profile is unique to them, focusing on their specific accomplishments and skills. Remember to add personal touches, share relevant articles and insights related to your area or industry. This will help you increase your networking and engagement.

Missing keywords:

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also works based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, relevant keywords specific to your industry are crucial. Find keywords specific to your industry and incorporate them into your profile. Use keywords in every section of your LinkedIn profile, from your headline to summary to work experience. Avoid overusing or filling your profile with generic terms.

Headline and Summary:

Avoid using overused terms in your LinkedIn headlines. Your headline and summary are vital in grabbing attention and making an impact. Don’t leave them blank or use generic phrases. Your summary and headline should highlight your professional journey, showcase your achievements, and reflect your future goals. When writing your summary, use language that engages the reader to explore your profile further.

The Importance of Visual Elements:

LinkedIn offers an opportunity to showcase what a resume cannot. Utilize visual content such as images, videos, and other multimedia to showcase your work and achievements. Ensure that your data is relevant. Consistency is key to landing a job. Often, you come across exceptional LinkedIn profiles that are not active. Once you create a LinkedIn profile, make sure to keep it updated and regularly add content to it.


Having recommendations can make your social media profile even more powerful. This not only provides credibility to your work but also attracts hiring managers, giving you an edge in the job hunting process. This is a feature that many people often miss. Utilizing this tool will enhance your profile and give you an advantage over other profiles through social networking algorithms.

Irrelevant Content:

LinkedIn is a professional platform; do not treat it as a social media account. Keep the content as professional as possible. Stay away from controversial or offensive content. Use LinkedIn to showcase your skills and personality. Share relevant news related to your area of work, keep your LinkedIn updated with your achievements and professional work. This will reflect your skills, knowledge, and commitment.


Avoid these mistakes while creating your LinkedIn profile. It will increase your chances of landing your dream job and enhance your profile to attract the attention of recruiters. Remember to incorporate keywords, engage with your network, show expertise, complete your profile, and include recommendations and endorsements from your previous experiences. Be consistent on LinkedIn. If you need any help, there are various resume writing services and LinkedIn profile writing services available that can help you customize your LinkedIn profile.

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