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How to Transition from Receiving Constant Rejections to Receiving Multiple Job Offers in Dubai?

Restart Your Career After a Break or a Layoff Tell “No” to Rejections for Being Overqualified, Over Aged, or Changing Careers. Refuse to be passed over for promotions to management and leadership roles. Put an end to your feelings of worthlessness and unappreciation.

What You'll Discover During This Live Webinar?

A tried-and-true process for job searching in Dubai that
175+ mid-career professionals utilize.

Uncover Dubai Hidden Jobs

How to find the 80% of job openings that never appear on Job boards.

Attract the Best Opportunities

How to Create a Dubai Standout Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Convince the Hiring Manager

How to Confidently Present Yourself to the Hiring Manager During Interviews

About The Course

with Faiz Alam Journey's Mentor, Consultant, And Guide

Within this masterclass, I will guide you through my techniques and strategies for crafting an effective Job Search Strategy. This involves targeting suitable companies, developing a resume optimized for ATS, composing a great cover letter, developing the right mindset, mastering Networking, and applying the appropriate Job search methods.

Either your aim is to work in industry, commerce, government, hospitality, tourism, or other fast-growth sectors, this course will help you to prepare for a new job in the attractive, prosperous, and expanding business market in the UAE and the Gulf. You will learn optimal approaches to create a lasting impression, identifying elements to differentiate your resume writing and cover letter, ultimately setting you apart and enhancing your perceived value to your chosen organization.

This, in turn, enhances your chances of gaining entry and capturing their interest. We will furnish you with written materials and videos curated by a seasoned recruiter and a specialist in UAE and Gulf state employment landscapes. These resources will empower you to take greater control over your future, steering you towards your objectives.

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Fees For Joining Webinar Masterclass

AED 50


Success stories

Danny M

The consultation sessions were an eye opener for me. There was a lot that I didn’t know about the job market and career growth. He really helped me understand everything and prepared me for the competition to secure a job.

Jane D

Career coaching and resume writing services from Faiz were a turning point in my job search journey. I improved my skills and learned about the right approach which helped me land my dream job in Dubai.

John S

Faiz sir is the best career coach I could have asked for. He helped me find the right job opportunities and land the job that matches my skills. Couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.

Sarah L

My resume was not getting shortlisted for jobs. He helped me create the perfect resume that matches the requirements of the potential recruiters. Now, I get shortlisted for the right interviews and jobs quickly.

Michael R

Faiz Sir’s cover letter services were a game-changer for my career. With his support, I got my dream job in Dubai. His expertise as a career coach is the best. I highly recommend his guidance to everyone!

Emily H.

He helped me identify the right approach to looking for a job in Dubai. Also, the resume writing was very good as it helped me land more interviews in a short time. My experience with him was amazing.


This workshop is intended for those who are planning for a shift or moving up a level but are not receiving answers from recruiters, finishing interviews but not obtaining offers.

For two hours, the session will be held through Google Meet. To get the most out of the learning and benefits, we advise you to stay for the whole session.

You will be required to join a WhatsApp group after completing the registration process so that you can access the shared link.

To get the most advantages, make sure to stay for the whole session. Additionally, choose a quiet location to watch the webinar without any interruptions. Keep a notebook and a pen close by for taking notes.

Considering that this is a live webinar, NO recordings will be shared with anybody.

See You Live on Sunday, 26th Nov, 7:00 PM

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