Resume Writing Services

Proficiency In Recruitment

With a solid history in recruitment, LearnwithFaiz offers a great advantage over the competition in the market. Moreover, we believe that resume writing not only requires excellent writing but also an expert understanding of the work market – especially the working profile of our clients. Our recruitment background and expertise allows our writers to leverage the same while preparing the resumes.

Ground Expertise

Every industry is different and so are their needs. We specialize in writing CVs for the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the remainder of Europe. Alongside, the majority of our clients hail from Middle-East UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Europe, Canada and Asia. Moreover, we create CVs to align them with the country or regional requirements.

Cover Letter Writing

An Introduction Document of Your Career

Cover letters play a decisive role in getting an interview. Consider them as your introductory page as it presents your career highlights and sustainability for an open position. Moreover, most recruiters and employers will ask you to attach a cover letter along with a resume. With this, the company analyzes it to find your interests, passion and what benefits you bring to the table.
At LearnwithFaiz, we have created some powerful cover letters for our clients that have impressed recruiters paving way for job offers for our clients. Moreover, our writers have created cover letters for CEOs, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers and Mid Level and Fresher professionals across the Middle-east, Europe, and Asia regions.

Linkedin Profile Writing

The Professional Social Portfolio

For any HR or recruiter, referring to your LinkedIn profile and researching is the best way to seek out the best candidate. This makes it easier for organizations to look into the candidate’s background, skills, recognition and achievements. Therefore, this stands as a primary reason you should work on it. The majority of the professionals sideline their LinkedIn profile and portray their excellence which might be a huge barrier in finding new opportunities.

LearnwithFaiz has studied and analyzed the social portfolios of over 200 successful top management as well as mid-level professionals. This has enabled us to adopt an exclusive form of writing to provide your profile with an edge over others. Also, our primary motive is to portray you as a brand and let the employers spot you conveniently along with your positives and competencies. We create profiles that have high standards and assure a large professionally connected base. Our writers develop your profile which includes a LinkedIn summary, skill section, roles and project details. Every aspect is given due importance to create an increased footfall on your profile and increased connections.

Job Assistant

Live Online Job Hunting Tips Sessions

When you start the job-hunting process, the right guidance can make a huge difference. It can make it or break it. Therefore, LearnwithFaiz has career counsellors whose guidance can be of great help. The sessions are zoon or Skype in-on-one calls where we discuss your job profile and assess the best advice for your career steps and goals.

What does the session include?
• Where should you look for jobs?
• How to research opportunities
• Networking advice
• Assistance for your job applications
• Interview tips and advice
• Get added in a WhatsApp group for verified job updates

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