How To Write A Social Media Intern Resume?

If you are crafting a Social Media Intern Resume for yourself then you must remember that, it is important to highlight various things which we are gonna talk about. Some of the important stuff include your skills, experience, and achievements in the field of social media. If you have written your resume with precision then it will surely showcase your ability to manage social media platforms, create content that is engaging, and analysing social media. There are various types of resumes just under the category of social media resume. These could include Entry-Level Social Media Resume, Social Media Manager Resume, Social Media Intern Resume, Content Creator Resume etc. In this article we will delve into the basics of writing a Social Media Intern Resume.

Table of Contents


Whenever you are starting your resume make sure it is professional. Remember to include your full name, phone number and email address. One of the things that most people miss in their introduction is social media handles or links for websites or and other content they own. Be sure to include links too! This will ensurethat hiring managers are able to view your work easily.

Objective Statement

An objective statement will highlight your career goals and depict your passion for social media. Enhance this section to align with the specific internship position you are applying for. For example:

“Highly motivated and creative individual seeking a Social Media Intern position to gain hands-on experience in managing social media platforms, creating compelling content, and implementing digital marketing strategies. Eager to contribute to a dynamic team and utilize my strong communication skills and knowledge of social media trends to drive brand awareness and engagement.”

Remember to make your objective statement is concise, focused, and captures the attention of the hiring manager. Emphasize your enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and commitment to delivering impactful social media campaigns.

Education and Relevant Coursework

Tell about your educational background and your degrees. Highlight all the certifications that are relevant to social media management, digital marketing or whatever realm you are applying for. For example:

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing (Expected Graduation: June 2023)

XYZ University, Dubai, UAE

You can include your relevant coursework like Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, brand management etc.

Including relevant projects and coursework that demonstrates your theoretical knowledge and academic preparation in the field of social media. It also indicates your dedication to staying updated with industry trends and best practices.


In this section, highlight your technical and soft skills that are relevant to social media management. Here are some key skills to consider:

– Social media platform management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

– Content creation and curation

– Graphic design and photo editing

– Copywriting and editing

– Attention to detail

– Creative thinking and problem-solving

– Time management and organization

– Teamwork and collaboration

– Adaptability and flexibility

– Understanding of social media trends and best practices

Use points to make your skills section easy to read and scan. Incorporate keywords from the job description to ensure that your resume is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly.

Experience and Internships

Tell about your work experience, internships and your ability to work in a social media role and how you have leveraged your skills in the past. Start by telling the name of the company and using information accordingly. Mention the timeline of your work and describe each experience briefly. Focus on tasks that are directly related to social media management and content creation.
You can take an idea from these examples-

– Assisted in managing social media platforms, including content creation and scheduling posts.

– Conducted market research and competitor analysis to identify trends and opportunities for growth.

– Monitored social media engagement, analyzed data, and provided insights for campaign optimization.

– Collaborated with the marketing team to develop social media strategies and brainstorm  creative ideas.

– Responded to customer inquiries and comments on social media platforms, maintaining a positive brand image.

If you don’t have previous social media experience, highlight skills that can be transferable.

Projects and Achievements

In this section, you should highlight any notable projects or achievements that depict your skills and achievements in the social media field. Include the project title, a brief description, and don’t forget to addthe results achieved. For example:

– Created and executed a social media campaign for a local non-profit organization, resulting in a 50% increase in online donations and a 20% growth in social media followers.

– Developed and implemented a content calendar for a start-up company, resulting in a consistent brand presence and increased engagement on social media platforms.

– Launched a successful Instagram influencer collaboration, driving brand awareness and generating over 10,000 impressions within one week.

By showcasing specific projects and their outcomes, you provide evidence of your ability to drive results and make a positive impact through social media efforts.

Additional Sections

If its possible then include additional sections that highlight your strengths and qualifications. Some options include:

– Certifications: List any relevant certifications, such as social media marketing certifications or anything similar.

– Volunteer Work: If you have volunteered for social media or marketing roles, highlight the experience and skills gained.

– Languages: If you are bilingual or multilingual, mention your language proficiency.

– Professional Associations: If you are a member of any relevant professional associations or industry groups, include them here.

These additional sections help provide a well-rounded view of your qualifications and can make your resume stand out.


When you are concluding your resume remember to provide references. Include the names, titles, and contact information of individuals who can tell about your skills and work ethics. Ensure that you have obtained permission from your references before including their information.

Remember to proofread your resume carefully to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors. Edit your resume according to the specific internship position you are applying for, using keywords and phrases from the job description.

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