How to Write a Perfect Resume for Teaching Jobs in Dubai?

Is your goal to become a teacher in Dubai? Are you applying for multiple teaching jobs in Dubai and not getting any reply? Well, the problem could be your improper resume. If you applying for teaching jobs in Gulf countries you need to write a proper resume to get selected. Resumes are the first step of the recruitment process. With the proper Dubai resume, you can easily clear your first recruitment round and get a call for a second. There are a number of resumes sent to HR for a single job in Dubai. You can stand out from other applicants by simply writing a resume as per the needs of the UAE recruiters. Your Dubai CV should have proper language, and sections for education, experience, skills, certification, and personal details. spacing, 

Follow the Dubai resume writing tips given on this blog to write a perfect Dubai CV for teaching jobs. 

Information Required for Writing a Perfect Resume for Teaching Jobs

Before diving into the details of how to write Dubai resume for teaching jobs, you should gather this information about yourself.

  • Job experience: Collect details about all of your job experience from the first job you did. 
  • Certificate: If you have any skills certificates gather them. 
  • Marksheets: Collect your Class 10+2, graduation mark sheets as you will be required to mention the years of completion in your Dubai CV.


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Tips on Creating a Perfect Resume for Teaching Jobs in Dubai 

You need to have a strong CV that highlights your teaching experience, communication skills, and syllabus planner skills in order to get hired as a teacher in Dubai. Follow the Dubai resume writing tips and tricks below to write a perfect CV for your job.

1. Personal Information

When applying for jobs in Dubai, the first part of your UAE CV should contain your personal information. This usually consists of your complete name, contact information (phone number, email address, postal address, and location indication), and your phone number. Mention about your Visa status. As you are applying in Dubai, you should mention your nationality under personal information. 

2. Write an Appealing Objective Statement

It’s crucial to present your CV to the recruiter with an appealing objective statement. Your appeal statement should include two or three lines about your education, why you want to become a teacher, work experience (if any), and skills. You can change your objective statement as per the requirements of each job description and the institution you are applying for. 

3. Mention About your Education Qualifications

In the educational section of your CV, mention your Class 10+ 2 education and college degree. If you don’t have a degree, then mention your high school education and post-high school education. If the graduation date is more than ten years ago, you can leave it off. Provide a list of your college or university degrees, together with the names of the schools, the titles of each degree, and the years you studied, in the education area. 

Tips on Writing Educational Details in Dubai Resume

  • Program Name along with the full form (for example, Bachelor of Education (B. Ed)
  • College Name, along with its abbreviation, if any: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), for instance
  • Dates of enrollment and passing 
  • Special acknowledgments (such as workshops attended, if you were head of anything,)

4. Provide Details on Your Work Experience

In the work experience section of your Dubai resume, mention your jobs and internships. Since you are applying for teaching jobs in Dubai write about your volunteer teaching program like working at institutions where underprivileged children are taught, seminars, or learning initiatives that you have participated in or finished as a teacher. If you got any promotion or you became an employee of the month mention it in this section. 

If this is your first job, then as per the Dubai resume format for freshers you can write about your volunteer work, community service, professional projects, etc. 

Note: When presenting your professional experiences in a UAE CV or Resume, it is better to mention your job details in the reverse chronological sequence. Mention your first job, then your second job, then third, and likewise. By applying this reverse chronological sequence, your career journey from the start till the present will be highlighted better. 

Tips on Writing Work Experience in Your CV

  • Company Name: Write your company name and date of joining and leaving. 
  • Job title
  • Job description: Mention what work you did in the company in 4 to 5 bullet points.

5. Create a Skill Section 

UAE Employers give teaching jobs in Dubai to candidates to possess good skills. You should mention your interpersonnel skills in this section. As a teacher, your skills should include communication skills, time management, decision-making, problem-solving, patience, language proficiency, etc. 

Pro Tip: Use keywords given in your job description and add them to the skills section to make it stand out to the recruiter. Avoid copying and pasting every skill from the job description onto your resume; this will make you seem untrustworthy and like you’re attempting to trick the applicant tracking system. Be smart and mention similar skills as asked in the job description. 

6. Add Language 

Dubai schools and institutes have international children speaking various languages. If you speak two more languages mention that in your UAE resume as it will help you stand out in the eyes of a recruiter. For example, if you know Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, etc mention that in your Dubai resume. 

7. Add Certificate

If you have any certificate you should highlight it in your resume as adds more value to your education. If you have a certificate from some famous foreign university add it to your CV. You should also include any certificates or licenses you may have acquired from the Dubai government.

Should the Dubai CV include a photo or not?

Adding a photo or not in your Dubai resume is one common confusion many applicants go through. As far as we are aware, there are no suggestions or standards regarding the use of a photo on a resume while applying for employment in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For this reason, we advise you not to post a photo to prevent bias or discrimination that can harm your job search and applications in Dubai.

Important Dubai Resume Writing Tips

Writing a proper resume for a Dubai job search is an important task. When you are preparing your CV for UAE jobs don’t forget the following tips and guidelines. 

  • Do not leave a lot of blank space. 
  • Employers in Dubai normally want a CV of at least two pages and up to three pages. 
  • Hiring managers in Dubai want applicants to adopt a traditional Dubai CV  format. A traditional Dubai resume format means you should prioritize your job experience section over your degree and skills section.
  • Check your CV for spelling and punctuation mistakes before submitting it. Use a spellchecker and properly go through your CV.
  • Employers in Dubai get a large number of applications for English teaching jobs. All the resumes are checked through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Therefore, you should create a Dubai resume that is ATS-friendly. A proper ATS-friendly Dubai resume including your name, contact information, work experience, and skills in a way that the system can easily understand. 


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Writing a well-rounded resume is an important aspect of your job search. Securing a teaching job in Dubai is not an easy task. But, with a well-drafted resume and career counselling you can get a fair idea about the job process. Learnwithfaiz is an excellent career coach service that will help you with writing a perfect Dubai resume that will be industry-relevant. In addition, you can get complete details on how to secure a job in Dubai. 

We wish you well with your job hunting and hope that this post on how to write a perfect resume for teaching jobs in Dubai was informative.