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Sandeep Kaushik

Hospitality Professional

General Information


Jun 2019 - Dec 2019
Spa Business Education by Raison'd'Etre, Stockholm, Sweden Diploma in Spa Business Education (Spa Management Course)

A online study of current Market Trends, Sales Marketingrn& PR, Leadership, Human Capital Management, Human Resources, operationalrnStructure, Service Quality Management Excellence and Creating a Business Plan,

Work Experience

Jun 2019 - Jul 2020
Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort Wellness Operations & Sales Manager

• Responsible for overseeing the team to deliver an excellent guestrnexperience. Also required to achieve revenue targets, plan orrndirect services & programs and manage customer feedback.rnSpecifically responsible for performing the following tasks to thernhighest standards: Manage sales & operations of the spa.rnBrand Promotion: Promote brand through social marketingrnchannels and promotion campaigns among the community. rnPromote and sell room packages, retail product, spa inclusionsrnadjoin with F&B events and other spa & wellness programs torngroups, conference guests, walk-in etc.rnMeeting in-house guests and spa members regularly to improvernguest experience and manage customer feedback effectively tornensure continuous service and program improvement. rnManage and carry out procedures and ensure all guest servicesrncomply with current legislation and company standards. rnEnsures customer satisfaction by being pro-active, anticipatingrnclient needs and resolving their problems.rnEnsure consistent Spa experience development to ensure thatrninnovation and uniqueness is maintained.rnDrive team to meet and exceed agreed revenue targets through arncreative approach.rnMeeting department annual budget and be accountable forrnmaintaining and operating within financial targets as well as netrnmovement.rnUndertake regular market comparison surveys to understand andrnkeep abreast of the competition. rnProvide and maintain a safe, hazard free environment for all staffrnand guests, promoting safety awareness at all times. rnGenerated a maximum $450,000 revenue per year and raisedrnpercentage of local clientele from 12% to 31%.

Sep 2017 - May 2019
Six Senses Spa at Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort Wellness Operations & Sales Manager

Successfully driven a team of one of the largest spa in India forrnworld-renowned Six Senses – a fully integrated health andrnwellness destination offering World class Spa and leisure facilitiesrnand exclusive lifestyle well-being memberships to the region.rnDevelop unique ways to drive sales through events, communityrnactivities and local marketing campaigns.rnCoach and train relevant team members and front of house tornensure that corporate standards are presented and opportunitiesrnare maximized were possible.rnPrepare annual budget and business plan to ensure sparnoperation is adequately represented. Generate new memberships, processing renewals, corporaternpartnerships, reward programs & conduct educational workshoprnintegrates with group activities for prospective/existing members.rnDisplay strong leadership qualities that show commitment to arnno-pressure, high integrity sales approach with each customer.rnManage social media marketing channels for Six Senses spas,rnGreater Noida.rnProvide the highest level of service to guests, that which is safe,rnhygienic and creates the ambience to ensure high guestrnsatisfaction and also organization profitability in an atmospherernof teamwork and high employee morale.rnManage customer feedback effectively to ensure continuousrnservice and program improvement. rnParticipate in community and industry activities, which mayrnbenefit the spa and develop relationships with relevant industryrnand community players with the view to promote spa. rnConnecting with various journalists and drafting various topics onrnwellness and wellbeing for media. Crafting various packages andrnprogram considering the target guest sets.rnSuccessfully driving a Spa and Fitness premium membershiprnprograms within the territory.rnSurpassed previous year’s sales by 21% in 2018-19 and exceededrnannual sales goal of $0.5M by 9%, by effectively leading arncooperative spa team to continuously outperform sales, andrnguest service goals.

Jun 2016 - Jun 2017
Radisson Blu MBD Hotel Assistant Spa Manager

Responsible for smooth day to day running of the Spa Sales andrnother leisure activities and to achieve revenue, profit andrncustomer satisfaction goals.rnObtain and analyse customer feedback to ensure high servicernlevels are maintained.rnGenerate ideas to exceed sales goals and demonstrate bestrnrevenue- generating practices to the team and organization.rnContinually surpassing guest’s expectations and leading the teamrnto deliver outstanding guest comfort and seamless attention torndetail.rnDevelop and manage a dedicated team, encourage personalrnprogression and identify the training needs and opportunities.rnContribute to budget management, stock control, and monitoringrnand reporting on the Spa’s financial performance, including sparntreatments, retail, F&B and memberships.rnEnsure high standards of cleanliness throughout the Spa andrnmonitoring the maintenance of spa facilities and equipment,rnreporting deficiencies as they occur and follow-up.rnDevelop and implement strategies, techniques necessary forrnoperations & sales and to maximized profit through drivingrnrevenues and controlling costs. rnEnsure customers and guests receive friendly and consistentrnpersonalized service from all team members.rnWorking closely with Public Relations and Communicationsrndepartment to develop relationship with various journalists andrndrafting various topics on wellbeing for media release. rnMeeting in-house guests and spa members regularly to improvernexperience and manage customer feedback effectively.rnEnsure that the teams adhere to all hotel and companyrnstandards, Business conduct and ethics, policies and proceduresrnincluding Health, Hygiene & Sanitation; Safety and maintainrnconfidentiality for all guests and colleagues

Mar 2014 - May 2016
O2 Spa at Jaipur Marriott Hotel Duty Manager Spa

Responsible for managing the spa operations, sales & marketing,rnfacility maintenance, leading team, maintaining supplies,rnrecruiting staff, ensuring customer satisfaction and keepingrnrecords.rnSuccessfully initiated and implemented a higher level ofrnexpectation of service which resulted in the higher client list andrnhigher revenue.rnDemonstrate dedication and support of Company initiatives,rngoals and policies to staff and peers.rnBe enthusiastic and have strong communication with staff,rncustomers, co-workers and senior management.rnProvided solutions to improve problem areas and assisted inrnimplementing corrective measures. Achieve revenue targets andrnmanage customer feedback. rnCommunicated performance expectations by providingrnemployees with on-going feedback and trainings.rnPlan and direct spa services & promotions and design marketingrnmaterials like manuals, website, brochures etc. and developedrnnew wellness programs & initiatives.rnProvided coaching, mentoring, and consultation to staff tornenhance staff development.rnConsistently received positive feedback from guests onrnperformance reviews. rnMaintain and ensure spa utilities meet corporate standards andrnoperating proceduresrnEstablished developed and implemented strategies andrntechniques, which resulted in increased, company efficiency andrnproductivity.rnTaking major decisions for team & act as a pillar of support forrnthem and stand by their side at the hours of crises. Liaise withrnother hotel departments.rnEnsure health, safety and hotel regulations are complied with andrnrules are observed by members, clients and guests.

Jul 2013 - Feb 2014
Vodafone Digilink LTD Administration/Facility Executive

Responsible for manage office supplies stock and place orders,rncompany VIP guest house, vendor management, facilitate &rnschedule in-house and outdoor events & catering management.rnResponsible for arranging and managing meetings, diaries, travelrnitinerary and office equipment.rnAct as the point of contact between the executives and internal/rnexternal clients.rnPrepare reports and presentations with statistical data, asrnassigned and make regular reports on expenses and officernbudgets.rnPlan and manage facility central services such as reception,rnsecurity, cleaning, maintenance and parking.rnAssist in coordinate the agenda of senior management teamrnmeetings and off-sites, and all staff meetings.rnUndertake the tasks of receiving calls, take messages and routingrncorrespondence.rnDistribute and store correspondence (e.g. letters, emails andrnpackages).rnOrganize a filing system for important and confidential companyrndocuments.rnMaintain a company calendar, update company databases andrnschedule appointments.rnHandle requests and queries appropriately by employees andrnclients.rnFacilitates cross-divisional coordination of travel, accommodationrnand outreach plans.rnMonitor office supplies and research advantageous deals orrnsuppliers.rnImplement best practice processes to increase efficiency. Manage broad variety of administrative tasks like Business cardrnfilling, updating sales and other CRM, filling time sheets, expensernmanagement and personal document management.

Jun 2011 - Jul 2013
ITC Rajputana Hotel F&B Executive

Responsible for assisting in sales & operations and to deliver anrnexceptional guest experience.rnCoordinating with other departments of hotel for events and dayto-day operations.rnMeet & greet all the customers to maintain a healthy relationshiprn& to identify the guest needs. Also, organize and attend clientrnmeetings both internally and externally. rnWork closely and effectively with the hotel front office team, inrnorder to generate new contracts/accounts and public relations. rnCollecting feedback and complaints from guests andrnimplementing the same to enhance service quality andrnprofitability.rnStaying consistent with customer expectations of professionalism.rnMaintain and grow food & beverage sales from existing clientrndata base. rnSupport in operations during rush hours by receive guest orders,rnescort guest, billing/cashiering, attend in-house guest phone calls,rnresolve guest quires/complaints, pick-up and serve dishes etc.rnPlan and meet all agreed revenues targets set by therndepartmental manager. rnMaintain and accurately keep updated, customer records. rnEfficiently respond to all customer enquires in a polite and timelyrnmanner. rnManaged F&B operations within budget and to the highestrnstandards.rnDeveloped an effective sales strategy to attract new customers &rnincrease sales through lucrative promotions and packages.rnSupport other sales team members if required, in terms ofrnhandling enquires in their absence or taking guest calls/rnmessages.

Summary of Skills

Strategic Planning • Leadership • Work Ethic • Customer Service • Business Plan • Digital Marketing • Training & People Management • Revenue Analysis • Hiring & Development • Public Relations • Merchandising Expertise • Networks • Internet Applications • Email Writing Skills • Collaboration Tools (Skype, Yammer etc.)
Microsoft Suite of Products: MS Office• Excel • Word • Power Point • Outlook• One Note
Software Knowledge: Spa Booker • Micros •ManageMySpa •Touche’ •Opera • Salesforce • Medallia •Triton
Spa Products Knowledge: Subtle Energies • Sea Soul • Kairali • Gk • Label M • Kuene So Pure • Moroccan Oil • L’Oreal • Schwarzkopf • Algotherm • Wella • Forrest Essentials • Kama Ayurveda • O.P.I • Kerastase etc.




Best Host of the Year (2018 )

Awarded Best Performer of the Year 2018 from Six Senses Hotels ResortsrnSpas

Best Duty Manager of the Year (2014 )

Awarded Best Duty Manager of the Year 2014 from O2 Spas at JaipurrnMarriott Hotel

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