Every year, tens of thousands of people move to Dubai. Nearly 89 percent of the population (8.92 million) are foreigners, the majority of whom are moving there for employment.
Are you currently looking for foreign jobs in Dubai? If so, then you should read this manual. In this guide, we’ll show you which jobs are in high demand right now and what skills are in demand. You can find information on foreign worker visas as well as a step-by-step guide to locating employment in this nation.

What Skills Are in High Demand in Dubai Jobs for Foreigners?

If you want to be considered for the most in-demand Dubai jobs for ex-pats, you must have the necessary skills. The following are the top ten skills that employers in Dubai are looking for:


1. Finance/Money Management Capabilities


Skills in finance and money management are in high demand throughout Dubai. Many businesses in Dubai and the UAE require assistance in balancing their budgets, preparing and filing tax documents, and providing investment and other financial advice. If you have accounting or finance training and experience working with business or personal finances, you should have no trouble finding work in Dubai.

2. Cybersecurity/Risk Management Competencies

The technology industry is one of the largest in Dubai, and cybersecurity knowledge is in high demand here — and throughout the UAE — right now. Many companies are looking for tools and advice to help them protect their customers’ data and avoid breaches. If you have training in cybersecurity or related fields such as risk management, you will find that there is a high demand for your skills in Dubai from businesses of all sizes.

3. Coding/Web Development Knowledge

Because the tech industry is so prevalent in Dubai, web developers and people with coding experience are in high demand. There are numerous job opportunities available if you are trained in programming languages such as CSS or Javascript.

4. Administrative Capabilities

Administrative skills such as organization, time management, and written/verbal communication are in high demand in Dubai. Administrative assistants are needed by many businesses, small, medium, and large, to help them manage their workload and serve their clients. Administrative skills can also benefit other professionals, such as HR professionals and marketers.

5. Marketing Capabilities

If you’re looking for work in Dubai for foreigners, you should practice your marketing skills. Many businesses require assistance in attracting new customers, promoting their products or services, and developing their brands. If you are creative, detail-oriented, and skilled at developing and executing marketing campaigns, you will be in high demand in Dubai.

6. Social Media Marketing Capabilities

Social media marketing skills, in addition to general marketing skills, are in high demand among Dubai-based businesses. If you are familiar with various social media platforms and have the ability to analyze performance and manage paid advertising on these platforms, you can assist businesses in increasing their reach, growing their audiences, and increasing conversions.

7. Language Abilities

Dubai is a very diverse city that is home to people from all over the world. Because people come from all over the world, this emirate speaks a variety of languages. As a result, knowing more than one language — and speaking it fluently — can come in handy in Dubai, whether you work in business or technology.

8. Teaching Capabilities

In Dubai, the ability to communicate information to others in a way that they can understand is extremely valuable. You may have what it takes to be a great teacher if you know how to communicate your knowledge and deliver it in a simple, easy-to-digest manner. This is especially true if you’re also a good listener, patient, and have good time management skills.

9. Personnel Management Capabilities

If you can work well with others, provide training, and resolve conflicts, you will be a good candidate for positions in human resources. Personnel management skills are important in helping businesses run smoothly, from human resource management to talent acquisition. After all, if employees aren’t happy, the company will suffer.

10. Patient Care Abilities

There are numerous job opportunities in Dubai for foreigners with medical training and experience. This includes nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, and others. If you have previously worked in any of these prepositions and are confident in your ability to provide patients with the care they require and deserve, you should have no trouble finding work in one of Dubai’s hospitals or healthcare clinics.