As days are going by, the Dubai job market is becoming more and more difficult and competitive. Anyone applying for a job from outside the UAE faces a lot of difficulties due to the changing scenarios. The recruitment process has also changed due to the tough competition.

Still, if you are willing to work in Dubai then keep reading this write-up to know what are the barriers people face while searching for a job. 

Reasons for not getting a job in Dubai are: 

  1. Unfocused Resume:

Most people do not know how to write a proper resume and that is the reason they do not get the job they want in Dubai. If your CV is in poor format be sure that the employer will reject it and the next deserving one will get it.

So, make a resume that has a cover letter and focuses on your strengths. Write every detail about your education and experience, as these count a lot for an interview. 

  • Drop the resume directly to HR:

Candidates have the habit of sending their resumes through email; this is where the resume gets lost. HR of every company receives hundreds and thousands of resumes every day.

It can happen that they did not see your resume, if this is so then you will be at a loss. So, whenever you need to drop off the resume, introduce yourself to the recruiting manager so that they remember you. 

  • Prepare for the job interview:

Lack of preparation for the interview will not give you the post you deserve. Study about the company, know your job role, learn more about the field and then go for the interview.

During the time of the interview not being confident, lack of eye contact will disappoint HR immediately. Dress properly as the HR professionals of this country are very particular regarding appearance and presentation. 

  • Applying for the wrong position:

This is a common reason why people fail to get a job. Whenever there is a job advertisement with accommodation, attractive salary, flight tickets, visa expenses, and so on, candidates apply for it immediately without thinking much about it.

One should know his skills and qualifications before applying, especially for this country. This happens to the people who are unemployed for a long time and become greedy with the salary package. 

December 30, 2021

I need immediately Job. My visit visa is my last month

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