Dubai is very popular among Jobseeker. this is the dream for any job seeker to make a career in Dubai UAE So to help that Jobseeker we came with the list of the HR and Recruiter Email address and phone number has a good understanding of the UAE and Middle East job markets and has dedicated and experienced hiring and recruiting for different career fields expert, and a high network of companies with which they have contracts.

HR Email Addresses Of All The Companies In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, top of employing Agencies in Dubai And UAE, Emails OF HR Directors from the rundown of organizations, Jobs in Dubai UAE, Employers, enrollment specialists and staffing offices in Dubai, careers in Dubai.

Kindly send your resume to these Email Addresses for the most recent work opportunities Available in UAE.

NoCompanie’s NameTelephoneE-mail 
1 ADIA جهاز أبوظبي للاستثمار02-6266500[email protected]
2TTAC Agency02-6716121[email protected]
3ADIAS[email protected]
4Al Nahiya Recritment Agency 02-622 2302[email protected]
5Al Nahiya Recritment Agency 02-622 2302[email protected]
6Al Nahiya Recritment Agency 02-622 2302[email protected]
7Advocate & Legal Consultant [email protected]
8ADWEA 102-6943333[email protected]
9Preeth Recruitment Consultant02-6442868[email protected] 
10Al Ahlia Oil Fields Dev.CO02-6813309[email protected]
11Al Ain OilFields Svcs. Est02-6744979[email protected]
12Al Bader International02-6214444[email protected]
13Al Chemy Oil & Gas Company[email protected]
14Al Faheem Group02-4449666[email protected]
02-6992700[email protected]
16Al Falahiauh Gruup[email protected]
17Bayanat – A (Mubadallah Company) 02-641 0000[email protected]
18شركة استثمار التكنولوجيا المتطورة
Advanced Tech. Invest. Com. ATIC (Mubadalla Comp.)
02-413 4333[email protected]
19شركة استثمار التكنولوجيا المتطورة
Advanced Tech. Invest. Com. ATIC (Mubadalla Comp.)
02-413 4333[email protected]
20شركة استثمار التكنولوجيا المتطورة
Advanced Tech. Invest. Com. ATIC (Mubadalla Comp.)
02-413 4333[email protected]
21Advanced-Integrated-Systems02-6426200[email protected]
22الهيئة الإتحادية للرقتبة النووية
 Gov.  Federal Authority for Nuclear Requlation
02-6516666[email protected]
23الهيئة الإتحادية للرقتبة النووية
 Gov.  Federal Authority for Nuclear Requlation
02-6516666[email protected] 
24حكومة الإمارات الإلكترونية
Emirates Governments -Gov
02-6160444[email protected]
25Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC “TAQA”
02-691 4900[email protected]
26Storage Industry (Gov.) – Mussafah3475966[email protected]
27مجلس أبوظبي للتعليم
Abu Dhabi Education Council – Gov
02-615 0000[email protected]
28Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company (ADWEC) -hr- (Gov.)02-6943333[email protected]
29مكتب التنظيم والرقابه
Regulation & Supervison Buraeu- Gov
02-443 9333[email protected]
30مكتب التنظيم والرقابه
Regulation & Supervison Buraeu- Gov
02-443 9333[email protected]
31مكتب التنظيم والرقابه
Regulation & Supervison Buraeu- Gov
02-443 9333[email protected]
32First Select UAE Recritment Agency[email protected]
33أكاديمية الإمارات
UAE Academy
02- 6917777[email protected] 
34مؤسسة الإمارات العقارية
.Emirates Real Estate Corp Gov
02-6322200[email protected]
35Al Wazan Agency[email protected]
36Ideal Choice IT Consultancy02-4410175[email protected]
37The Middle East Cobalt Recritment – A.D02-406 9896[email protected]
38The Middle East Cobalt Recritment – A.D02-406 9761[email protected]
39Al Madnia Agencies & Svcs.02-6212333[email protected]
40شركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية (صحة)
Abu Dhabi Health Services
02-449 3333[email protected]
41شركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية (صحة)
Abu Dhabi Health Services
02-449 3333[email protected]
42شركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية (صحة)
Abu Dhabi Health Services
02 4102592[email protected]
43شركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية (صحة)
Abu Dhabi Health Services
02-449 3333[email protected]
44شركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية (صحة)
Abu Dhabi Health Services
02-449 3333[email protected]
45شركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية (صحة)
Abu Dhabi Health Services
02-449 3333[email protected]
46Al Marekhi Factory02-6770590[email protected]
47Al Masoor Enterprises LLC02-6815800[email protected]
48IMG Recritment & General Services02-6268887[email protected]
49Innovation Group4534388[email protected]
50Inter’l Deve. Company manpower Supply (IDCMPS)02-6222444[email protected]
51مجلس أبوظبي للجودة والمطابقة
Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council 
02-4066666[email protected]
52ARAM STRONG Recritment02-6127740 [email protected]
53Al Mazrqoui Flowtronix02-6766126[email protected]
54Al Niser Publishing [email protected]
55Al Noor Hospital02-6265265[email protected]
56Al Otaiba Oilfield Services02-6213156[email protected]
57Al Sharq Advocates & Legal Con.02- 6277046[email protected]
58Al Sharq Advocates & Legal Con.02- 6277046[email protected]
59Al Tharawat General Cont.Est.02-6212213[email protected]
60Al Thawiya Agency 0102-6769100[email protected]
61Al Thawiya Agency 0202-6769100[email protected]
62Nasser General Servics EST02-6788866[email protected]
63Executive Solutions Middle East 4489 700[email protected]
64Global Petroleum Business & Trading EST02-6429996[email protected]
65Al Hosn Gas02-65 4 2048[email protected]
66International Market Group (IMG)02-6268885[email protected]
67Al Fareeda Medical Carde Supply02-6221226[email protected]
68Emirates General Services Enterpriese02-6777223[email protected]
69Care Professional Services02-6734771[email protected]
70Care Professional Services02- 673 4771[email protected]
71Care Professional Services02- 673 4771[email protected]
72شركة أبوظبي لتقنيات الطائرات
Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies 
02-5757555 [email protected]
73Falcon Interationl Services02-6212707[email protected]
74Petroland Technical & Specalized Serv.02-6661413[email protected]
75World Wide Worker Emirates02-6760950[email protected]
76Sawaeed Employment LLC02-5502331[email protected]
77Al Qabas Employment 02-6671100[email protected]
78Kwader HR Consultancy LLC02-4463222[email protected]
79المجلس الوطني الإتحادي [email protected]
80SAS Emiraes Employment 02-6663116[email protected]
81Al Wazan Agency02-6223200[email protected]
82Alpha Data 02- 6333 644 [email protected]
83Alpha Data 02- 6333 644 [email protected]
84American Business Group of Abu Dhabi02- 6711141[email protected]
85Arabian Bus. & Gen. Svcs02-6768558[email protected]
86Arabian Company 02-4432464[email protected]
87Arabic Eng. Bureau[email protected]
88ARTOK Air & Bin Took Group[email protected]
89Behwan Engineering Company 02-6414316[email protected]
90Bin Habib Group02-6277288[email protected]
91British Business Group – Abu Dhabi02-4457234[email protected]
92Ipsos06-5541173[email protected]
93C.C.T Oil & Gas Company[email protected]
94CAEME Emirates02- 6767965[email protected]
95Abu Dhabi Sons Recritment [email protected]  

96Calibers (01)02- 6667600[email protected]
97Calibers (02)02- 6667600[email protected]
98Calibers (03)02- 6667600[email protected]
99Cansut Maunsell Company[email protected]
100Care Inst. Of Educ. & Mgmt02-6317081[email protected]
101Charter House 02-5757555[email protected]
102Etihad Airways [email protected]
103Etihad Airways  [email protected]
104CONC Company[email protected]
105Copri Company 02-6319626[email protected]
106Countach Group[email protected]
107COX Middle East [email protected]
108Das International Group02-6322722[email protected]
109Al Jaber Agc02-502 0878[email protected]
110Al Jaber Group (AJC)02-5554300[email protected]
111Delta Int’l Petro. Svcs.02-6348200[email protected]
112Delta Int’l Petro. Svcs.[email protected]
113Delta Int’l Petro. Svcs.02-6348200[email protected]
114Arab Monetary Fund02-6326454[email protected] 
115Descon Engineering02-6440903[email protected]
116Direct Market Company [email protected]
117Distinctive Choice[email protected]
118Dulsoco HR Solutions [email protected]
119E- ingtech Company 02-6417114 [email protected]
120Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Centre02 6584366 [email protected] 
121E.I.S.F Factory [email protected]
122Eduserve Agency[email protected]
123Al Hoson Oil Gas [email protected]
124GulfTalent.com367 2084 [email protected]
125GulfTalent.com367 2084 [email protected]
126EICHER02- 6766580[email protected]
127Embassy of the Republic of Kenya02- 6666300[email protected]
128Emirates Media 02-4456066[email protected]
129Emirates Recruitment Svsc02-6310311[email protected]
130Emisafe Fire protication Company[email protected]
131Alaabdi Holding Group [email protected]
132Emirates Nationa Group[email protected]
133Finance House 02- 6194000[email protected]
134First Select UAE02-6444700[email protected]
135Five Cont Tech & Ind Svsc02-6316546[email protected]
136Dhafir Group 02-6735000[email protected]
137Antal International Executive Recruitment 4472835[email protected]
138Wadi Jobs Rrecritment 050-7850747[email protected]
139Wadi Jobs Rrecritment 050-7850747[email protected]
140Gulf Bankers Recritment Consultancy3321716[email protected]
141Gulf Bankers Recritment Consultancy3321716[email protected]
142الهيئة العامة للطيران المدني
General Civil Aviation Authority
02-4054273[email protected]
143الهيئة العامة للطيران المدني
General Civil Aviation Authority
02-4054273[email protected]
144Golden Standard Trading Company02-6659929[email protected]
145Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Co.(GAMCO)02-5057717[email protected]
146Gulf Data Information 02-6769500[email protected]
147Gulf Haward 02-6270638[email protected]
148Gulf Region[email protected]
149HAWARD Company[email protected]
150Hemasco International 02-6713371[email protected]
151HiSysHR02-2690095[email protected]
152HRD Construction Company[email protected]
153SOS HR Solutions 02-6267700 [email protected]
154Image Advertising 02- 6265800[email protected]
155Injazat Data Systems[email protected]
156Innovative Development Centre for Educational Aptitude (IDEA)[email protected]
157INT’L Mechanical & Electrical . Co.02-6444700[email protected]
158Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum02-6274410[email protected]
159JOBSCAN Executive Search02-6275592[email protected]
160JOBSCAN Executive Search02-6275592[email protected]
161JOBSCAN Executive Search02-6275592[email protected]
162Abu Dhabi General Services “Musanada”02-4042222[email protected]
163Al Mariah Group – A.D[email protected]
164JOGMEC02- 6330366[email protected]
165Kershaw Leonard[email protected]
166Kershaw Leonard[email protected]
167Kershaw Leonard[email protected]
168Kleindienst Carees[email protected]
169مجموعة الإمارا ت المساندة02-6733336[email protected]
170Bangash Group [email protected]
171ناسكو الإمارات02-6447373[email protected]
172Larseen Group 02- 6729136[email protected]
173Link Project Services[email protected]
174Marbco Trdg & Tech Svcs Co.02-6275944[email protected]
175Mein Ttadt Group[email protected]
176Middle East Operations 02-6222212  [email protected]
177Multi – Power Services02-6333004[email protected]
178N.T.S Group[email protected]
179Nadia02-6774031[email protected]
180Nasser Com. For General Services02-6788866[email protected]
181National Cement Factory [email protected]
182National Consult & Follow-up Group  [email protected]
183NMDC 02-5516000[email protected]
184Odyssey International
[email protected]
185Petro Middle East02-6710300[email protected]
186Petroman الاستشارات البترولية 02-6673902[email protected]
187Point Management Consultants[email protected]
188Rabco Delma water02-6772204[email protected]
189Retail Group- Gulf  LLC[email protected]
190Ruwais Fertilizer Industries
شركة صناعات لأسمدة بالريوس -فرتيل 
02-6727627[email protected]
191Ruwais Fertilizer Industries
شركة صناعات لأسمدة بالريوس -فرتيل 
02- 6021111[email protected]
192Ruwais Fertilizer Industries
شركة صناعات لاسمدة بالريوس -فرتيل 
02- 6021111[email protected]
193S.E.P Company[email protected]
194S.E.P Construction Equipment [email protected]
195Schon Properties [email protected]
196Search Hit Recruitment[email protected]
197Shell Maint & Catering Est.02-6266689[email protected]
198Smart Systems 02-6764100[email protected]
199SOS Recruitment Consultant[email protected]
200Spark Est. For Main & O/F02-6328820[email protected]
201Speedline Trading 02-6422434[email protected]
202Square Company02-6670650[email protected]
203Star Company Services02-641 1699[email protected]
204Star Services02-642 4888[email protected]
205Star Services02-642 4888[email protected]
206Sumaco Manpower Recruitment Agency 02-672 3672[email protected]
207Sumaco Manpower Recruitment Agency 02-672 3672[email protected]
208Synergy Business & AGEN Co. Ltd.02-6671663[email protected]
209Single-Bouy Recruitment[email protected]
210Technip شركة بترول بين الإمارات و قطر 02-611 6100[email protected]
211TESOL Arabia[email protected]
212The Middle East Solution 02-6791050
[email protected]
213The Total Office[email protected]
214Top FMC Team Trading [email protected]
215As Subsidiary Group 334 31 77[email protected]
216Udeel02-6459933[email protected]
217Uni Betonrm Company 02-5511500[email protected]
218Unibeton Ready Mix (Al Fara’a Group)02-446 7600[email protected]
219Unibeton Ready Mix (Al Fara’a Group)02-446 7600[email protected]
220Willis Insurance Brokers & Cons.[email protected]
221Charity Company[email protected]
222اتحاد غرف التجارة والصناعة 02-6214144[email protected]
223الشامسى الدولية للخدمات العامة02- 6272755[email protected]
224ADNOC02-602 4287[email protected]
225الشركة العربية للصناعات الثقيلة 02-5263233[email protected]
226الشركة الوطنية للتبريد المركزي
The National Central Cooling Company
02- 6455007[email protected]
227الشركة الوطنية للتبريد المركزي
The National Central Cooling Company
02- 6455007[email protected]
228الهيئة الإتحادية للكهرباء والماء
 – Gov. Federal Electricity & Water Authority
[email protected]
229الشركة الوطنية للتبريد المركزي
The National Central Cooling Company
02- 6455007[email protected]
230العربية المتحدة للهندسة وخدمات حقول النفط02-6273400[email protected]
231Al Qudra Holding
شركة القدرة القابضة 
02- 6992222[email protected]
232Al Qudra Holding
شركة القدرة القابضة 
02-699 2222[email protected]
233المجموعة العالمية المتحدة02-6421420[email protected]
234إدارة الإعلام الجديد، مؤسسة الإمارات للإعلام 02-4455555[email protected]
235جمعية اتحـــاد الصناعيين
Abu Dhabi Champer of Commerce & Industry
02-6213939[email protected]
236جمعية اتحـــاد الصناعيين
Abu Dhabi Champer of Commerce & Industry
02-6177422[email protected]
237جمعية اتحـــاد الصناعيين
Abu Dhabi Champer of Commerce & Industry
02-621 4000[email protected]
238جمعية الإمارت للطيران02-444 3340[email protected]
239خدمات سياتل الدولية
Seattle International Services
02- 6211536[email protected]
240دولفين للطاقة المحدودة
Dolphin Energy
02- 6137700[email protected]
241دولفين للطاقة المحدودة
Dolphin Energy
02-6137800[email protected]
242رويال جت- الطيران الأميري02-5757000
قسم التوظيف
[email protected]
243رويال جت- الطيران الأميري02-5757000
قسم التوظيف
[email protected]
244شركة الخدمات الوطنية – إسناد02-6029000[email protected]
245شركة الخليج للتجارة والتبريد- جلفكو02- 6776007[email protected]
246شركة أي ام سي سي 02- 6767225[email protected]
247شركة إنجازات
Ingazat Data Systems Company
02-6992700[email protected]
248شركة جيبكا المحدودة 02- 6260222[email protected]
249شركة طيران أبوظبي02-5758000[email protected]
250شركة ناقلات أبوظبي الوطنية ( أدناتكو)02-6277733[email protected]
251صندوق النقد العربي02-6171400[email protected]
252عماله – ذ م م02-6223336[email protected]
253فودكو القابضة02-6731000[email protected]
254مؤسسة مصادر الشرق لتوريد العمالة02-6266866[email protected]
255مجموعة السوق العالمية للخدمات العامه02-6268885[email protected]
256مجموعة الناهية02-6222304[email protected]
257مركز التجهيزات الفنية لحقول النفط02-6734042[email protected]
258مصرف أبوظبي الإسلامي
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
02-6343000[email protected]
259مصرف أبوظبي الإسلامي
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
02-6168416[email protected]
260مصنع أبوظبي الوطني للورق02-5501886[email protected]
261مكتب فرنتير للخدمات02-6338559[email protected]
262وزارة المالية والصناعة02-6726000[email protected]
263Tiger Group Contracting Company[email protected]
264Real State Company[email protected]
265Map Coad Company [email protected]
266UAE HR[email protected]
267SCEM UAE Technologies for Innovatino 02-244 6929[email protected]
268Al Khwarizmi International College  [email protected]
269Specialist Transport Services[email protected]
270Gargsh Insurance [email protected]
271Sundus  Management Conusltancy02- 6729100[email protected]
272Abu Dhabi Golf Club[email protected]
273KEO International Consulting [email protected]
274Harpme Group [email protected]
275UAE Ship Group[email protected]
276KF Shipping Company [email protected]
277CLIPS Regional Company[email protected]
278Jobscan Exective Search02-627 5992[email protected]
279DC Recritment Company [email protected]
280Edge Executive[email protected]
281Tourism Development & Investment Company02- 4061412[email protected]
282Tourism Development & Investment Company02- 4061 541[email protected]
283Sourouh 02- 4440006[email protected]
284ADNOC02-602 4287[email protected]
285مجموعة إدارة الأصول
Asset Management Group
[email protected]
286مجموعة إدارة الأصول
Asset Management Group
02-410 5528[email protected]
287Manazel Real Estate Company02-644 4466[email protected]
288Global Medical Solution [email protected]
289CBI Training & Development training&[email protected]
290Arab Bank[email protected]
291هيئة أبوظبي للسياحة
Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority 
02-444 0444[email protected]
292Al Hurra TV[email protected]
293بنك دبي الإسلامي
Dubai Islamic Bank
[email protected]
294هيئة الإمارات للمواصفات والمقاييس
Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology
02-671 1110[email protected]
295هيئة الإمارات للمواصفات والمقاييس
Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology
02-403 2700[email protected]
296Al Mansoor Enterprises L.L.C02-681 5800[email protected]
297Smart Group Solution [email protected]
298جلوبال إيرواسبيس لوجيستكس – خدمات فنية للطيران (جال)
Globl Aerospace Logistics, LLC
02-556 7556[email protected]
299جلوبال إيرواسبيس لوجيستكس – خدمات فنية للطيران (جال)
Globl Aerospace Logistics, LLC
02-556 7556[email protected]
300جلوبال إيرواسبيس لوجيستكس – خدمات فنية للطيران (جال)
Globl Aerospace Logistics, LLC
02-556 7556[email protected]
301Wafi Group Company [email protected]
302U. Job. Recrutiment [email protected]
303Manthra Advertising [email protected]
304شركة أبوظبي لطاقة المستقبل
Masdar A.D Future Energy Company
02-653 3333[email protected]
305UAE Resources [email protected]
306General Authorit of Islamic Affairs & Endowments
الهيئة العامة للأوقاف
[email protected]
307جمعية الظفرة التعاونية
[email protected]
308Al Rahba Hosbital [email protected]
309Orachal Abu Dhabi Gov.[email protected]
310Orachal Abu Dhabi Gov.[email protected]
311Cpmeng Group – Gov.[email protected]
312صندوق أبوظبي للتنمية
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
02- 667 7100[email protected]
313إدارة جمارك أبوظبي
Abu Dhabi Auctiond Finance
02-8102000[email protected]
314إدارة جمارك أبوظبي
Abu Dhabi Auctiond Finance
02-8102000[email protected]
315إدارة جمارك أبوظبي
Abu Dhabi Auctiond Finance
02-8102000[email protected]
316Point Management Consultants02- 622 7080[email protected]
317Mass Company[email protected]
318Financial Islamic Company[email protected]
319Al Dar Properties 02-696 4444[email protected]
320Abu Dhabi Media [email protected]
321Abu Dhabi Media [email protected]
322Abu Dhabi Media [email protected]
323Cert Nuck- HCT02- 404 8507[email protected]
324Bourouge02-6070300[email protected]
325RECT Group . Gov. [email protected]
326Emirates Computer 02- 691 4266[email protected]
327Trecruit Group – Gov.[email protected]
328Windows Slive Company[email protected]
329ALDAR Academies Careers / أكاديمات الدار[email protected]
330Keypoint [email protected]
331وزارة الإقتصاد
02-4031255[email protected]
332وزارة الإقتصاد
02-4031255[email protected]
333وزارة الإقتصاد
02-4031255[email protected]
334وزارة الإقتصاد
02-4031255[email protected]
335Emirates Driving Company[email protected]
336Najah Education Training Career [email protected]
337Shaik Z. Programe Group[email protected]
338Palestinian Social Committee 02- 4433755[email protected]
339OGS International Conferences & Exhibitions[email protected]
340Charterhouse Partnership 372 3500[email protected]
341Tasheed Holding Group[email protected]
342شركة أبوظبي لبناء السفن
Abu Dhabi Ship Building 
02-502 8000[email protected]
343Al Qaumi Educational Center[email protected]
344Eco Towers[email protected]
345وزارة العمل[email protected]
346Mind Field Resources Agency 04-3671797[email protected]
347Corner Stone Realstate02- 665 7055[email protected]
348Etisalat Academy[email protected]
349الهيئة الإتحادية للكهرباء والماء
Fedral Electriccity & Water Authority
[email protected]
350Meirc Training & Consulting [email protected]
351Saraya Aqaba i[email protected]
352A.E Group (gov.)[email protected]
353Ministry of Status for Federal Nation. Council Affairs
وزارة الدولة لشؤون المجلس الوطني الإتحادي
[email protected]
354RTI International -Recruitment Services – Gov.
[email protected]
355RTI International -Recruitment Services – Gov.
[email protected]
356United Gulf Properties
الخليجية المتحدة للعقارات
[email protected]
357OGS International Conferences & Exhibitions[email protected]
358Financial Islamic Company[email protected]
359National Bank of Abu Dhabi [email protected]
360S.C.O Group Companies[email protected]
361Al Yasmine Investment Authority[email protected]
362XPERTS HR CONSULTANCY[email protected]
363XPERTS HR CONSULTANCY[email protected]
364Galadari Group02-677 3030[email protected]
365Juma Al Majid Est.[email protected]
366ADAC – Abu Dhabi Airports Company02-5055000[email protected]
367ADAC – Abu Dhabi Airports Company02-5055000[email protected]
368ADAC – Abu Dhabi Airports Company02-5055000[email protected]
369مكتب جائزة الشيخ خليفه للإمتياز [email protected]
370National Compnay[email protected]
371مكتب جائزة الشيخ خليفه للإمتياز [email protected]
372Outsourcing Consultant[email protected]
373Orient Finance Brokerage.A.D02-6429666[email protected]
374مركز تشارترد للمالية والإدارة
Chartered Center of Finance & Management 
02-6760033[email protected]
375IPF Group [email protected]
376Tawtheeq Dpt. Of Municipality800555[email protected]
377Harmony Management Consultants[email protected]
378Harmony Management Consultants[email protected]
379Harmony Management Consultants[email protected]
380Conmix LTD[email protected]
381Al Maz Medical Group[email protected]
382ROYAL INDEX L.L.C.[email protected]
383Hyundi Merchant Marine LLC[email protected]
384Apple Selection [email protected]
385Libertiy Autombiles Co. LLC[email protected]
386Team power Company [email protected]
387EMS International [email protected]
388Al Nuaimi Group, Electrical re[email protected]
389ISO Bulding Constructions[email protected]
390Me Sccont Group[email protected]
391Khansaheb[email protected]
392Emirates Hosiptal [email protected]
393Imdaad World Company[email protected]
394Al Diar Al Qatari[email protected]
395Search International HR Consultants[email protected]
396Soundlines HR Consultancy [email protected]
397Retail Company [email protected]
398ENG UAE Transportaion[email protected]
399Taktical Agency LLT[email protected]
400الشركة الوطنية للضمان الصحي [email protected]
401Du[email protected]
402Du[email protected]
403الهيئة العامة للشؤون الإسلامية والأوقاف [email protected]
404Island Oil Falcon [email protected]
405مشاريع قرقاش [email protected]
406مؤسسة التنمية الأسرية [email protected]
407القدرة القابضة
Al Qudra Holding
[email protected]
408شركة إعمار [email protected]
409الشركة الوطنية للمواد الغذائية [email protected]
410مصرف الشارقة الإسلامي [email protected]
411بنك دبي الإسلامي [email protected]
412مؤسسة دبي لتنمية الصادات[email protected]
413القيادة العامة لشرطة أبوظبي[email protected]
414المجلس الإستشاري الوطني02-672 6555[email protected]
415الأمانة العامة للمجلس التنفيذي02-668 8888[email protected]
416جهاز حماية المنشات والمرافق الحيويه02-448 9999[email protected]
417صندوق معاشات ومكافآت التقاعد لإمارة أبوظبي
Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benifits Fund
02-414 0000[email protected]
418صندوق معاشات ومكافآت التقاعد لإمارة أبوظبي
Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benifits Fund
02-414 0000[email protected]
419لجنة أبوظبي للنظم والمعلومات02-6717000[email protected]
420مؤسسة التنمية الأسرية
Family Development Foundation
02-4090111[email protected]
421مجلس أبوظبي الرياضي02-681 4343[email protected]
422مجلس أبوظبي للتطوير الاقتصادي
Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
02-418 9999[email protected].ae
423مجلس أبوظبي للتطوير الاقتصادي
Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
02-418 9999[email protected]
424مجلس أبوظبي للتطوير الاقتصادي
Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
02-418 9999[email protected]
425مجلس أبوظبي للتخطيط العمراني
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
02-409 6000[email protected]
426منطقة أبوظبي التعليمية02-6653000[email protected]
427Oiltanking Oil Company AD[email protected]
428هيئة أبوظبي للثقافة والتراث02-6215300[email protected]
429هيئة أبوظبي للثقافة والتراث02-6215300[email protected]
430هيئة الإمارات للهوية02-4046777[email protected]
431هيئة البيئة – أبوظبي02-4454777[email protected]
432Post UAE [email protected]
433Al Mansoor Enterprises L.L.C02-681 5800[email protected]
434مجموعة جامعة أبوظبي للمعارف
Abu Dhabi Knowledge Group
02-501 5401[email protected]
435مجموعة جامعة أبوظبي للمعارف
Abu Dhabi Knowledge Group
02-501 5919[email protected]
436مجموعة جامعة أبوظبي للمعارف
Abu Dhabi Knowledge Group
02-501 5919[email protected]
437Kawader Group [email protected]
438Ohdoc Consultant Company[email protected]
439GIG Compnay [email protected]
440Al Hamid Group [email protected]
441Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank02-610 0600[email protected]
442Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank02-610 0600[email protected]
443مصرف الإمارات الإسلامي
Emiratesd Islamic Bank
[email protected]
444ACCIVIL Company[email protected]
445Exceed IT Serv. & Training 02-678 1100[email protected]
446Jobs AD[email protected]
447Dark & Scull International 02-6760511[email protected]
448Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company
شركة أبوظبي الوطنية للمعارض 
02-4446900[email protected]
449TRS Staffing [email protected]
450Shaw International Group [email protected]
451جلوبال [email protected]
452Job Track Agency  [email protected]
453Frazer Jones Globlal HR Recruitment [email protected]
454Al Des Middle East FZE[email protected]
455Abu Dhab iGovernment Contact Center02-666 4442 [email protected]
456GSD Gov. Abu Dhabi [email protected]
457Blak Bird Air Cargo & Freight [email protected]
458MCR Personnel [email protected]
459MOSAIC Search & Consultancy [email protected]
460BBK[email protected]
461Arabia Medical [email protected]
462Water Treatment Equipment Trading Companies[email protected]
463Jubal Rodrigues Company[email protected]
464Me Sccont Group[email protected]
465Soundlines HR Consultancy [email protected]
466شركة أسمنت الخليج
Gulf Cement Company
[email protected]
467مسعود جون برون المحدودة
Masood John Brown Ltd
02-641 8814[email protected]
468دائرة النقل
Department of Trnsportation
02-695 8555[email protected]
469دائرة النقل
Department of Trnsportation
02-695 8555[email protected]
470Mawaqif- Abu Dhabi 02-6566666[email protected]
471Indigo Group[email protected]
472Specialist Project Management 02-674 2545[email protected]
473QATAR AIRWAYS UK [email protected]
474Masaood/ KSB Fluid Systems LLC02-642 4491[email protected]
475ريم للإستثمار
Reem Investment 
02-644 4455[email protected]
476مركز الإمارات للدراسات والبحوث الإستراتيجية02-404 4444[email protected]
477FACO Group[email protected]
478الشركة القابضة العامة
General Holding Corporation 
02-614 4444[email protected]
479الشركة القابضة العامة
General Holding Corporation 
02-614 4444[email protected]
480الشركة القابضة العامة
General Holding Corporation 
02-614 4444[email protected]
481Al Foah Company03-781 5111[email protected]
482شركة أركان لمواد البناء
Arkan Bulding Materials Company
02-6666714[email protected]
483Anabeeb Company02-555 4400[email protected]
484شركة دبي للكابلات المحدودة
  Ducab Abu Dhabi Factory
02-502 7777[email protected]
485Biri Group[email protected]
486Dubal[email protected]
487MIS [email protected]
488Parter Card Rercitment [email protected]
489Emirates Macaroni Factory[email protected]
490DULSOC Group [email protected]
491GF Teach. Company (A.D)[email protected]
492Calibre Company[email protected]
493Promarme Account [email protected]
494NIHC Group (A.D)[email protected]
495Bhatia Company[email protected]
496Adecco Company [email protected]
497Reem Emirates Aluminum[email protected]
498Ibq Al Yusr Islamic Bank[email protected]
499Six Construct Besix[email protected]
500Electrical Contracting Company[email protected]
501Resources Recruitment 02-6442868[email protected]
502Group HR[email protected]
503Emirates News Agency 02-4044333[email protected]
504Diara A. D[email protected]
505Universal Voltas LLC[email protected]
506GIVVORI [email protected]
507Gemaco Interiors[email protected]
508Delco Construction A.D[email protected]
509Renk Biz Manufactuer[email protected]
510Rental Solutions & Services LLC[email protected]
511Multiply Company [email protected]
512MSD Consultant[email protected]
513Transportaion in A.D
المجلس الوطني للإعلام
02-404 4333 [email protected]
514Transportaion in A.D[email protected]
515Talent Scouts[email protected]
516Anta Travel Group [email protected]
517HILTI Finance [email protected]
518Sntta Travel & Tours LLC[email protected]
519Kershaw [email protected]
520Electra Company[email protected]
521Batelco Group [email protected]
522GPS Group Holding [email protected]
523Burgan Bank بنك برقان[email protected]
524Arkan Chitects (A.D)arkan[email protected]
525Europe HR Consultanies (A.D)[email protected]
526Brain Search Global Recruting[email protected]
527AFCONS Constrction Mideast LLC[email protected]
528نادي ابوظبي للرياضات الشراعيه واليخوت[email protected]
529Shift Logistic Services LLC[email protected]
530Fugro Survey Middle East LLC (A.D)[email protected]
531Saeaeed Employment[email protected]
532AATCO LLC (Ali & A. Karim Group)[email protected]
533Media Company -HR-[email protected]
534Site Technology LTD[email protected]
535Human Capital International (HCI)444 73114[email protected]
536Funds Group Gov.[email protected]
537OilExec Middle East L.L.C 02-6436441[email protected]
538OilExec Middle East L.L.C 02-6436441[email protected]
539The Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi02-5992004[email protected]
540Recruitment Econ. Agency[email protected]
541Recruitment Econ. Agency[email protected]
542جمعية المهندسين
Society of Engineers A.D
02-6211400[email protected]
543MWH Du[email protected]
544RAK Free Trade Zone [email protected]
545TUV Nord Jerman (Du)[email protected]
546Emirates Driving Company02-5511911[email protected]
547شركة الوطنيه للتكافل[email protected]
548Pioneeripm Group  [email protected]
549Horwath Mak Executive Resourcing [email protected]
550Shapoorji Pallonji Internatioal [email protected]
551Tyco Valves & Controls[email protected]
552Batelco Group [email protected]
[email protected]
554SAS Group  (A.D)[email protected]
555Mclarens Young International [email protected]
556Jhuman Recrources J&H [email protected]
557Al Dar Readymix[email protected]
558Career Paris Group[email protected]
559Omanvace [email protected]
560Bulding Partnership Eng. Solutins[email protected]
561Sanipex Group (A.D)[email protected]
562Srecruit Media [email protected]
563Maximus Air Cargo[email protected]
564Amadeus Recruitment A. D.[email protected]
565Ali & Sons Co.02- 6658000[email protected]
566ICAD (A.D)[email protected]
567Al Reyami Group [email protected]
568Al Amry Group[email protected]
569Tripodmena[email protected]
570Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry 02-695 6040[email protected]
571Ray White Real Estate[email protected]
572Al Chemy HR Consultancy[email protected]
573Schmidlinllc Company [email protected]
574National Marine Dredgining Co.
شركة الجرافات البحرية الوطنية
02-558 2800[email protected]
575National Marine Dredgining Co.
شركة الجرافات البحرية الوطنية
02-558 2800[email protected]
576ACC Arabian Construction Co.[email protected]
577Core Elements[email protected]
578NASA Structural Sys. LLC[email protected]
579Financial Islamic Company[email protected]
580Terry Walker (A.D)[email protected]
581Skill Point HR Cconsutancy [email protected]
582Clips [email protected]
583EDCAD Company (A.D)02-633 6196[email protected]
584EDCAD Company (A.D)02-633 6196[email protected]
585EDCAD Company (A.D)02-633 6196[email protected]
586EDCAD Company (A.D)02-633 6196[email protected]
587Financial Islamic Company (Gov.)[email protected]
588Veed HR Consultny [email protected]
589شركة الإمارات للصرافة
UAE Echange Centre LLC 
02-494 5550[email protected]
590شركة الوثبة الوطنية للتأمين
Al Wathba National Inusurnce Co
02-418 5331[email protected]
591NPO UAE Health Care [email protected]
592Emirates Rrecruiting Academy[email protected]
593شركة الوثبة الوطنية للتأمين
Al Wathba National Inusurnce Co
02-677 05666[email protected]
594شركة الوثبة للخدمات المركزية
Al Wathba Co. for Caentral Services
02-677 05666[email protected]
595First Select02-676 3262[email protected]
596Joinery Council [email protected]
597Ineco Group [email protected]
598Al Fanar Company [email protected]
599SunWay Group (A.D)[email protected]
600Qatar Airways[email protected]
601Royal Investment Company (A.D)[email protected]
602Talent Scouts[email protected]
603Noukri Rrecruitment [email protected]
604Al Stom Group[email protected]
605Emirates Flight Caterin [email protected]
606Career UAE [email protected]
607Exiles Group [email protected]
608BMD Business House (A.D)[email protected]
609People Source Management 3514567[email protected]
610People Source Management 3514567[email protected]
611PF Emiates [email protected]
612ADEC Company [email protected]
613Mani Company[email protected]
614Wong Partnership Group[email protected]
615Marline Home Rrecitment [email protected]
616Golden Group of Companies[email protected]
617Danway Group LLc[email protected]
618Choueri Real Estate Establishment[email protected]
619Jubal Rodrigues Company[email protected]
620وزارة الثقافة والشباب وتنمية المجتمع
 Massar Ministry of Culture 
02-4466145[email protected]
621وزارة الثقافة والشباب وتنمية المجتمع
 Massar Ministry of Culture 
02-4466145[email protected]
622Masraf Al Rayan[email protected]
623HR Recruiting & Consulting Firm[email protected]
624SOS Recruitment Cnosltant02-6508200[email protected]
625SOS Recruitment Cnosltant02-6508200[email protected]
626SOS Recruitment Cnosltant02-6508200[email protected]
627SOS Recruitment Cnosltant02-6508200[email protected]
628Al Chemy HR Consultancy[email protected]
629TGRMCC Group- Mussfah[email protected]
630Goldline Company [email protected]
631ITM Group [email protected]
632AME Rrecruitment [email protected]
633Danway Group LLc[email protected]
634Siedua A.D Gov.[email protected]
635Middle East Sales Company[email protected]
636THEEDGE Agency [email protected]
637Hiretage Company [email protected]
638People Source- me [email protected]
639Abu Dhabi UMCO Group [email protected]
640Synergy Executive Search & ECOSYNE02- 678 0320[email protected]
641Synergy Executive Search & ECOSYNE02- 678 0320[email protected]
642Synergy Executive Search & ECOSYNE02- 678 0320[email protected]
643Synergy Executive Search & ECOSYNE02- 678 0320[email protected]
644Synergy Executive Search & ECOSYNE02- 678 0320[email protected]
645Mecrc Training [email protected]
646Sport Rrecritment[email protected]
647JVI Global [email protected]
648RMC UAE [email protected]
649A.N. P HR[email protected]
650Al Shaheen LLC02-642 9995[email protected] 
651Reyami Investment [email protected]
652دائرة القضاء أبوظبي02-444 8300[email protected]
653Career UAE [email protected]
654CERT Energy Team[email protected]
655Mecrc Training [email protected]
656Reyami Investment [email protected]
657Emirates ERM Risk Management & Consultancy الإمارات لإدارة واستشارات المخاطر02- 6455668[email protected]
658Emirates ERM Risk Management & Consultancy الإمارات لإدارة واستشارات المخاطر02- 645 5668[email protected]
659Emirates ERM Risk Management & Consultancy الإمارات لإدارة واستشارات المخاطر02- 645 5668[email protected]
660Reyami Investment [email protected]
661Pivot Recritment [email protected]
662ASCS Company [email protected]
663CIBCO Company [email protected]
664Cadco Jobs [email protected]
665Intertecs Sys. Company [email protected]
666Pattent Safty Company [email protected]
667A. D V.T.S Company[email protected]
668Arwa Recruitment [email protected]
669Bined Group [email protected]
670PRO Search[email protected]
671Marina Gulf [email protected]
672Laurel & Tercel FZE[email protected]
673Qatar Airways[email protected]
674CIBCO Company [email protected]
675Googleer Company[email protected]
676Choueri Real Estate Establishment[email protected]
677Rak Bank[email protected]
678Gulf Connexions Recriutment Agency02-3376791[email protected]
679Gulf Connexions Recriutment Agency02-4012630 [email protected]
680Hyundai Group [email protected]
681Al Badad [email protected]
682Top FMC Team Trading [email protected]
683Foresight Group [email protected]
684Tawteen02-6997777 [email protected] 
685TNI Group [email protected]
686Tafseer UAE [email protected]
687Nadia Recritment Agency [email protected]
688Preeth Resources[email protected]
689Superme Group [email protected]
690HR Holding [email protected]
691Emiratrs Jobs [email protected]
692Banking & Tec. Jobs[email protected]
693Chartered Institute of Management Accountants4347370[email protected]
694Clarendon Parker[email protected]
695Career UAE [email protected]
696Etazentath LLc[email protected]
697MRI Net Work[email protected]
698MRI Net Work[email protected]
699صندوق أبوظبي للتنمية02-667 7100 [email protected] 
700Al Taiyaba Company [email protected]
701Diae Du [email protected]
702Plimsoll Logistics [email protected]
703Bined Group [email protected]
704Bin Eid Company[email protected]
705Hyundai Group [email protected]
706Nadia Recritment Agency [email protected]
707M.S.G Recritment Agency [email protected]
708إنجازات للخدمات الدفاعية
Injazat Defence Services
02-6992700[email protected]
709S.G.S Groups [email protected]
710Rediffmail Group[email protected]
711Rediffmail Group[email protected]
712Rediffmail Group[email protected]
713Rediffmail Group[email protected]
714Career UAE [email protected]
715DAMCO Company[email protected]
716Manpower – Me A. D [email protected]
717Primary Health Care [email protected]
718Norden Coo. [email protected]
719Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group – A.D02-279666[email protected]
720Seyani Company [email protected]
721UAE DMS Company[email protected]
722Hepworth P.M.E[email protected]
723ADVA Commercial [email protected]
724UAE ID Company[email protected]
725Pal Work Group, LLC[email protected]
726Schlumberger Middle East S.A.02-633 3600[email protected]
727Schlumberger Middle East S.A.02-633 3600[email protected]
728Appointments Recruitment [email protected]
729Appointments Recruitment [email protected]
730Bayt (Omnia)[email protected]
731Abu Dhabi Investment Council 02-6115555[email protected]
732المركز الثقافي اللماني02-672 7902[email protected]
733Dubai Islamic Bank [email protected]
734Noor Bank[email protected]
735Noor Bank[email protected]
736EHCL Company (Gov) A.D[email protected]
737The Center of Waste Management 02-446 5150[email protected]
738شركة إنجاز مينا للإستثمار
Injaz Mena Investmet Co. SPC
02-672 8400[email protected]
739Hunter Company[email protected]
740وزارة البيئة والمياه02-449 5100[email protected]
741Cubic Art02-626 6092[email protected]
742Cubic Art02-626 6092[email protected]
744ADECL Company[email protected]
745Career UAE [email protected]
746Al Benaa Real State Investment Co.02-672 2285[email protected]
747Al Rayan Investment Co.02-666 6332[email protected]
748طيران أبوظبي
Abu Dhabi Aviation Co.  Gov
02-575 8000[email protected]
749Huxley Associates4360404[email protected]
750Huxley Associates4360404[email protected]
751Abu Dhabi Aviation Co. 02-575 8000[email protected]
752شركة أبوظبي لبناء السفن
Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Co
02-502 8000[email protected]
753Abu Dhabi National Co .For Building Materials02-645 5544[email protected]
754Etisalat 02-628 3333[email protected]
755Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co.02-626 4000[email protected]
756Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co.02-626 4000[email protected]
757Al Khazna Insurnace Co. 02-676 7000[email protected]
758Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurnce Co. 02-445 9900[email protected]
759شركة الإمارات لتأمين
Emirates Insurnce Co
02-644 0400[email protected]
760Green Crescent Insurance Co.02-445 8699[email protected]
761Abu Dhabi Natoianl Takaful Co.02-410 7700[email protected]
762التفوق للتدريب والإستشارات
Tafawouq Consultant 
02-681 5555[email protected]
763ADCECO GROUP02-673 2111[email protected]
764BIN FRAIH GROUP02-644 4900 [email protected]
765Carfour [email protected]
766Aabar Investments Co. – AABAR  02-626 4466 [email protected]
767Universal Group of Companies02-633 5331[email protected]
768Universal Group of Companies 02-6335331[email protected]
769United Business Media 02-406 4471[email protected]
770GIBCA Group 02- 626 0222[email protected]
771كلية الإمارات للتطوير التربوي
Emirates College for Advanced Education
02-5099999[email protected]
772MEDECO A.D Medical Devices Co.02-551 0111[email protected]
773وزارة الخارجية – أبوظبي02-2222000[email protected]
774وزارة الخارجية – أبوظبي02-2222000[email protected]
775وزارة الخارجية – أبوظبي02-2222000[email protected]
776Abu Dhabi -Gov.[email protected]
777DPR Gov. Company [email protected]
778Ministry of Helath [email protected]
779Al Mirfa Power Company 02-883 3044[email protected]
780شركة الإمارات سي أم سي للطاقة
Emirates CMS Power Company 
02- 506 7142[email protected]
781شركة الخليج توتال تراكتيل للطاقة 02- 562 7333[email protected]
782شركة الشويهات سي ام اس انتروناشونال باور
Shuweihat CMS International Power Company
02-634 2480[email protected]
783الشركة العربية للطاقة
Arabian Power Company
02- 558 8899[email protected]
784UAE HR Agency [email protected]
785UAE HR Agency – Gov[email protected]
786Marasi Village02-4063580[email protected]
787Multi National Company in Abu Dhabi[email protected]
إبداع الإمارات للدعاية والإعلان
02-676 0052[email protected]
789Abu Dhabi Dutie Free 02-505 2540[email protected]
790Exper Oil Affairs 02-639 1188[email protected]
791Al Nahiya Group02- 622 2302[email protected]
792Belbadi Financial Services02-634 9922[email protected]
793FTS Group [email protected]
794Golden Standard Trading Company02-665 9929[email protected]
795Internatinal Top Ser. LLC02-676 9148[email protected]
796Al Nasr Technical Trading Agencies 02-551 2123[email protected]
797Abu Dhabi Airports Company02-505 3403[email protected]
798HR Elite UAE Company [email protected]
799Gulf Hotles Management 02-6743900[email protected]
800The Three Dimensions For Properties[email protected]
801Trade Line [email protected]
802Elixier- Adnoc Linde Insustrial Gases
الأكسير- أدنوك ليندي للغازات الصناعية المحدودة
02-603 7700[email protected]
803ABU DHABI METRO PROJECTS[email protected]
804Abu Dhabi Holding
ابوظبي القابضة
02-626 7000[email protected]
805Al Babtain LeBlance Emirates Telecom. Sys. LLC02-6745550[email protected]
806Midein Holding 02-6711779[email protected]
807Unique Scaffolding
الفريد للسقالات
02-5540591[email protected]
808UAE Office for the Coordination of Foreign Aid
مكتب تنسيق المساعدات الخارجية لدولة الإمارات
[email protected]
809Barari Forest Management[email protected]
810Petrofac Emiraters
بتروفاك الإمارات 
02-553 2990[email protected]
811Methaq Takaful Insurnce Company 
شركة التطوير والإستثمار السياحي 
02-4437773[email protected]
812Abu Dhabi Ports Company
شركة أبوظبي للموانئ 
02-6952000[email protected]
813Cross Arabia Management Consultancy[email protected]
814AL MASRAF 02-67219000[email protected]
815DAMAC  02- 6672770  [email protected]
816Middle East Ocean Science & Technology Exp. MEOST02-4064245[email protected]
817Abu Dhabi Disruibution 02-4161944[email protected]
818Abu Dhabi – CAPITAL
كابيتال- أبوظبي 
[email protected]
819Royal Group Abu Dhabi02-4416666[email protected]
820United Group Holding 02-6677774[email protected]
821ND & Associates 450 4190[email protected] 
822Natioanl Corporaton fo Tourism 02-5080555[email protected]
823RW Armstrong02-6127744 [email protected]
824Agthia Group PJSC02-6969111[email protected]
825Abu Dhabi Commercial
شركة أبوظبي التجاري للعقارات  
[email protected]
826The Kanoo Group02-6774444[email protected]
827Abu Dhabi Shipping Agency (ADSA)02-6449100 [email protected]
828Al-Masaood Logistics02- 631 7662[email protected]
829Salem Freight International02-627 7333[email protected]
830Tricon Group of Companies02-6262773[email protected]
831Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill LLC02-550 1886 [email protected]
832ADNC02-5515100[email protected]
833Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects Co. (ADNIP)02- 550 0577[email protected]
834Al Taif Techanical Sev. Mubadala Company02-4185534[email protected]
835Business Enterprises Services (BES)02- 642 0520[email protected]
836The Recruitment Team02-401 2454[email protected]
837Ministry of Foreign Trade
وزارة التجارة الخارجية
[email protected]
838Presidential Flight
طيران الرئاسة
02-5757777[email protected]
839Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council
مجلس أبوظبي للتوطين
02-622 2733[email protected]
840Batec General Contracting  L.L.C02-6449556[email protected]
841Edu Park LLC 02-6766288 [email protected]
842TM Lab Systems L.L.C  [email protected]
843Emirates Aluminum
الإمارات للألمنيوم
02- 509 2222[email protected]
844Emirates Aluminum
الإمارات للألمنيوم
02- 509 2222[email protected]
845Executive Affairs Authority
جهاز الشؤون التنفيذية
[email protected]
846SEBA Emirates [email protected]
847دائرة الشؤون البلدية – بلدية مدينة أبوظبي[email protected]
848Abu Dhabi Government [email protected]
849مركز أبوظبي للحوكمة
Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governace 
02-6399833[email protected]
850TAQA[email protected]
851هيئة تنظيم الإتصالات
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
02-611 8209[email protected]
852Musanda 02-404 2222 [email protected]
853Musanda 02-404 2222 [email protected]
854المجلس الأعلى للبترول02-602 0000[email protected]
855آي ميديا للحلول الإعلامية المتكاملة ذ م م02-651 7777 [email protected] 
856المجلس الوطني الاتحادي02-6812000[email protected]
857مجلس تنمية المنطقة الغربية02-404 4000[email protected]
858صندوق الزواج02-699 3000[email protected]
859مركز الإحصاء – أبوظبي
Statistics Center- Abu Dhabi
810 0000[email protected]
860مركز الإحصاء – أبوظبي
Statistics Center- Abu Dhabi
810 0000[email protected]
861مركز الإحصاء – أبوظبي
Communication and Media Section
810 0000[email protected]
862مركز تنظيم النقل02-417 3888[email protected]
863مركز تنظيم النقل02-417 3888[email protected]
864الهلال الاحمر لدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة02-6419000[email protected]
865مصرف الإمارات العربية المتحدة المركزي
Central Bank of the UAE 
02-665 2220[email protected]
866مصرف الإمارات العربية المتحدة المركزي
Central Bank of the UAE 
02-665 2220[email protected]
867مصرف الإمارات العربية المتحدة المركزي
Central Bank of the UAE 
02-665 2220[email protected]
868مصرف الإمارات العربية المتحدة المركزي
Central Bank of the UAE 
02-665 2220[email protected]
869ديوان ممثل الحاكم بالمنطقة الغربية02-884 6600[email protected]
870مؤسسة الإمارات للطاقة النووية02-659 5555[email protected]
871مجلس أبوظبي للتعليم
Abu Dhabi Education Council 
02-615 0000[email protected]
872مجلس أبوظبي للتعليم
Abu Dhabi Education Council 
02-615 0000[email protected]
873Fire Fighter company [email protected]
874هيئة المنطقة الإعلامية (twofour54)02-401 2454[email protected]
875هيئة المنطقة الإعلامية (twofour54)02-401 2454[email protected]
876صندوق خليفة لتطوير المشاريع
Khalifa Fund For Enterprise Development
02-696 0000[email protected]
877المركز الوطني للأرصاد الجوية والزلازل
National Centre Meteorology and Seismology
02-666 7776[email protected]
878المركز الوطني للأرصاد الجوية والزلازل
National Centre Meteorology and Seismology
02-666 7776[email protected]
879GPC Engineering Conusultant [email protected]
880Emirates Foundation
مؤسسة الإمارات
02-404 2900[email protected]
881نادي أبوظبي للسيارات والدراجات02-884 6600[email protected]
882المركز الوطني للتأهيل02-446 7777[email protected]
883Al Forsan Group[email protected]
884Secure Company – A.D Police[email protected]
885Al Nawi Group02 -6333833 [email protected]
886العالمية  للمحاماة والإستشارات الهندسية
International Advocates & Legal Consultants
02-26335000[email protected]
887Platiunum Care (PCC)02-0000000[email protected]
888Gulf Islands General Trading02-632 5250[email protected]
889Astraco Construction02-6343 433[email protected]
890Dornier MedTech Asia Pte Ltd.[email protected]
891الإمارات للتقنية والتصميم 06 -5573933 [email protected]
892ADCOOPS careers Operative Society02-6730517 [email protected]
893ADCOOPS careers Operative Society02-6730517 [email protected]
894ADCOOPS careers Operative Society02-6730517 [email protected]
895Olive Group02- 641 8039[email protected]
896Olive Group02- 641 8039[email protected]
897Mubadala02-413 0000[email protected]
898Abu Dhabi Expat. Job[email protected]
899Al Sayegh Group02-633 0771[email protected]
900ALBANNA GROUP285 3222[email protected]
901Mammut Group801 1111 [email protected]
902United Arab Emirates432 86 63 [email protected]
903CSC Recruitment Mission Statement45 095 0700[email protected]
904Pathway 436 0400[email protected]
905Maken Ziejones Recritment [email protected]
906NSR Associates FZ LLC293 2635[email protected]
907Group Armour429 1590[email protected]
908Strategiame HR & Organizational Development 3042302[email protected]
909Job track Management Serv.3977751[email protected],
910Job track Management Serv.5569757[email protected]
911Job track Management Serv.02 -6764499[email protected]
912Budge FZ-LLC3748101[email protected]
913DSA RECRUITMENT SERVICES345 6719[email protected]
914Job Scan355 9113[email protected]
915Amrop Rasd 332 8830[email protected]
916Inter. Search Worldwide Org. of Executive Search Firms[email protected]
917Inter. Search Worldwide Org. of Executive Search Firms[email protected]
918Dubai Airport Free Zone214 9899[email protected]
919Headway Recruitment 398 7369[email protected]
920Wadi Jobs & Consultancy [email protected]
921Radiant Human Resources Consultancy3551506[email protected]
922Mosaic Search & Consultancy[email protected]
923First Gulf Bank 02-6430667[email protected]
924Michael Page International (UAE) Limited. 02-24146740[email protected]
925Michael Page International (UAE) Limited. 02-24146740[email protected]
926Korn ferry international [email protected]
927Fish People Consulting [email protected]
928First Select International3297 192[email protected]
929Emed HR Recruitment3624749[email protected]
930Dulsco HR Solutions, Al Quoz. 3477500[email protected]
931Abu Dhabi Hiring Company (Gov.)[email protected]
932Hemaya Security Services02-4443699[email protected]
933حديد الإمارات للنقاولاات 02- 6740224[email protected]
934مؤسسة أركون للتعهدات02- 266 8817[email protected]
935ACG دار الاستشارات المعمارية[email protected]
936Allure Yas Island[email protected]
937AMIDEAST 02-445 6720[email protected]
938مركز جامع الشيخ زايد الكبير02-4416444[email protected]
939Commodore Contracting Co. LLC02-625 5550[email protected]
940شركة اشراق العقارية02-635 9901[email protected]
941Moh’d Al Qubaisi Enterpises LLC02-6423999[email protected]
942M. O. Hospital (Gov)[email protected]
944CPLMG Company[email protected]
945SPAR Seeks Food Retail Professinoals – AD[email protected]
946الإتحاد للقطارات
Union Railway
02-4999999[email protected]
947Al Dhafara Cooperative Society [email protected]
948Al Dhafara Cooperative Society [email protected]
949جمعية الإمارات للفلك[email protected]
950Emirates Palace02- 690 9000 [email protected]
951Abu Dhabi Ports Company[email protected]
952Ramesh Hira LLC 02-6347815[email protected]
953Mansoor Group02-6815881[email protected]
954Mansoor Group02-6815881[email protected]
955Al Hasum Group02-6455227[email protected]
956Abu Dhabi Rec. GOV[email protected]
957شركة أبوظبي للنقل والتحكم- Gov- TRANSCO02-6414000[email protected]
958Bin Salem Group02-412 2222[email protected]
959Daff Group 02-4486222[email protected]
960Intelle Health02-658 10 50[email protected]
961Bel Badi Enterprises02-634 99 22[email protected]
962Qcon Struct Group[email protected]
963Best  International Contracting LLC02- 6412444[email protected]
964وزارة المالية [email protected]
965Excellence Property Management LLC02-6412444[email protected]
966Al Shafar General Contracting 02-6817544 [email protected]
96732 Group [email protected]
968Al Bawardi Enterprises LLC[email protected]
969Al Bawardi Enterprises LLC[email protected]
970Al Mco Group of Companies [email protected]
971Geap International (UAE) LLC02-6711753[email protected]
972Citibank NA, UAE[email protected]com
973Etisalat Academy02-2043347[email protected]
974Etisalat [email protected]
975Jobline Management Consultant 02-6778871[email protected]
976شركة أبوظبي للصناعات الأساسية
Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation
02-6988444[email protected]
977Emirates Link Group Oil Field Supply & Seriv.[email protected]
978الفراس للمقاولات العامة
Al Firas General Contracting
02-666 9600[email protected]
979Al Bawardi Enterprises02-6349999[email protected]
980Intelligent Telecommunication System [email protected]
981Ducab Mussafah 1 Factory02-502 7777[email protected]
982DXB Telecom02-6766377[email protected]
983Atlas Telecommunications02-699 7580[email protected]
984Etisalat 2[email protected]
985Case Technology02-6672212[email protected]
986ATCOM02-667 9595[email protected]
987Rail Group [email protected]
988Emerging Technologies 02-681 6055[email protected]
989Mercantile Inf. & Telec. Technology Co. LLC02-6458909 [email protected]
990NetInfo provides consultancy02-6653223[email protected]
991Coppins Holdings 02-627 3444 [email protected]
992Hot Engineering  Construction Company [email protected]
993MBMG Group [email protected]
994Case Technology02-6672117[email protected]
995Siemens LLC02-616 5100[email protected]
996ABU DHABI SUPPLIES & COMMERCIAL SERVICES 02-6767400[email protected]
997ADIT Solutions 02- 677 1070 [email protected]
998Das Holding02- 414 1111[email protected]
999Bin Salam Group02-412-2222[email protected]
1000Al KATHEEB GROUP02-641 9886 [email protected]
1001Al KATHEEB GROUP02-641 9886 [email protected]
1002Bin Seddiq Intderntional 02-6444220 [email protected]
1003Rrcritment Hospial[email protected]
1004Iadgeco Group02-6813111[email protected]
1005Amiri Consultancy04-3322294[email protected]
1006مجلس أبوظبي للتعليم
Abu Dhabi Education Council
02-4999200[email protected]
1007ADSO Company 02- 6335567 [email protected]
1008Capital Security & Communication Services02-6321155 [email protected]
1009Al Salmeen Group Of Companies02-6422237[email protected]
1010Department of Municipal Affairs 02-6777755[email protected]
1011مكتب أبوظبي للهوية الإعلامية
.Abu Dhabi Brand – Gov
02-4991599[email protected]
1012مكتب أبوظبي للهوية الإعلامية
  .Abu Dhabi Brand – Gov
02-499 1533[email protected]
1013التنمية البشرية في أبوظبي
United Nations Development Programme UNDP
[email protected]
1014Tamweel Home Finance 02-681 8252[email protected]
1015شركة أبوظبي للإستثمار
Abu Dhabi Investment Council
02-692 6101[email protected]
1016مصرف الإمارات الصناعي
Emirates Industrial Bank
[email protected] 
1017Ranya Group Engineer[email protected]
1018Al Razouki Exchange02-622 2156[email protected]
1019Emirates Islamic Bank600 599995[email protected]
1020Emirates Banks Association 02-446 7706[email protected]
1021Gulf Finance Corporation GFC Abu Dhab02- 644 5540 [email protected]
1022First Gulf Bank 02-412 6215[email protected]
1023DOPA Gov. Company [email protected]
1024Gulf Capital02-671 6060 [email protected]
1025Abu Dhabi Investment House02-681 1233 [email protected]
1026Evolvence Capital (ECAP)[email protected]
1027ODEH & CO.02-627 4001[email protected]
1028Micael Specialists in Global Recritment[email protected]
1029Pannell Kerr Forster (PKF)[email protected]
1030صناعات التبريد
Refrigeration Insutries Co. (RIC)
[email protected]
1031National Food Products Company02-5582808[email protected]
1032Malabar Gold LLC02-6282300[email protected]
1033Profiles RH LLC – Abu Dhabi02-6272467[email protected]
1034Profiles RH LLC – Abu Dhabi02-6272467[email protected]
1035Arrab Marb Company02-5554008 [email protected]
1036AL Rawdah Chemical Industries Factory02-5544280[email protected]
1037National Paints Factories Co.02-6340400[email protected]
1038Industrial City of Abu Dhabi – ICAD02-5500460[email protected]
1039Industrial City of Abu Dhabi – ICAD02-5500460[email protected]
1040Radiators & Cooling Systems Ltd.02-5553417[email protected]
1041Dolphin Oilfeild Equipment Services LLC.02-5543700[email protected]
1042The National Investor[email protected]
1043مركز خدمات المزارعين[email protected]
1044Insurance Authority02-4108114[email protected]
1045Insurance Authority02-4108114[email protected]
1046Abu Dhabi Gov. [email protected]
1047IHI UAE Co., Ltd. (WLL)02-6789 400[email protected]
1048Concorde Trading LCC 02-6668770 [email protected]
1049DHAFIR ENGINEERING SERVICES L.L.C.02- 6735000[email protected]
1050Al Aweidha Shipping & Marine Services02-6225066[email protected]
1051Emirates Western Petroleum 02-6725637[email protected]
1052Al Fajr Company02-448 8300[email protected]
1053Arabian Pipeline & Serrices ANABEEB [email protected]
1054Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services (ADOS)02-6344441 [email protected]
1055Bainounah Power Company02-673 1100[email protected]
1056Oasis Oilfield Services & Supplies02-6211885[email protected]
1057Al Shoumoukh Group of Companies02-5500522 [email protected]
1058Gulf Industrial Gases Co02-5510616[email protected]
1059EMDAD LLC02-6349999[email protected]
1060EMDAD LLC02-6349999[email protected]
1061Marine Capabilities – MARCAP   L.L.C02-6225100[email protected]
1062Prezioso-Technilor02-6349999[email protected]
1063FISIA ITALIMPIANTI S.P.A.[email protected]
1064Al Mirfa Power Company02-8833044[email protected]
1065Al-Ruwais Industrial Gases Co. L.L.C.02-5553809 [email protected]
1066House of Chemicals L.L.C. 02-4457644[email protected]
1067مجمع أسكورب الصناعي
ASCORP Industrial Complex
02-5511111[email protected]
1068Al Madina Agency [email protected]
1069ALWAZAN Trading 02-622 3200[email protected]
1070ALWAZAN Trading 02-622 3200[email protected]
1071GASOS – A.D.02-6276600 [email protected]
1072Tricon Group of Companies02-626-2773[email protected]
1073MAPCO LLC02-678 3626 [email protected]
1074Al Hathboor Group L.L.C. 02-6418500[email protected]
1075Al Hathboor Group L.L.C. 02-6418500[email protected]
1076Moraik Oil Field Services02-6336900 [email protected]
1077Abu Dhabi National Tanker Co.02-602 8600[email protected]
1078ITP Publishing Group Ltd444 3000[email protected]
1079Al Melehy Trading  02-6271117  [email protected]
1080Energy Ventures Middle East Inc. [email protected]
1081Lootah Gas A. D.[email protected]
1082Q Energy Group02-672 4477[email protected]
1083Al Masaood Oil Ind. S&S Co02-6267666[email protected]
1084United Eastern Group 02-6272737[email protected]
1085Pretread bearingspr[email protected]
1086SWISSBORING OVERSEAS CORP. LTD.02-5662124[email protected]
1087ZIRAK INTERNATIONAL A.D[email protected]
1088Emirates Link Group ELITE02-67 33 336[email protected]
1089Ali Al Hindi Group02 – 6311911[email protected]
1090Geoservices international oil & gas service company[email protected]
1091Al Manhal International Group 02-6675535[email protected]
1092Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies & Services Co.02-555 34 22[email protected]
1093International Deve. Company (IDC)02-6222444 [email protected]
1094Middle East Foundations Group02-6275 335[email protected]
1095DELMON oilfield supply & trading02-6272767 [email protected]
1096The Noble Denton Group[email protected]
1097Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services (ADOS)02-6344441 [email protected]
1098Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services (ADOS)02-6344441 [email protected]
1099Wadi Jobs & Consultancy [email protected]
1100Al Nasr Technical Trading Agencies 02-5512900[email protected]
1101International Inspection Services Ltd02-6225820 [email protected]
1102DSD Steel Group [email protected]
1103DSD Steel Group [email protected]
1104Peeraj G r o u p services of Oil and Gas02-6722872[email protected]
1105Peeraj G r o u p services of Oil and Gas02-6722872[email protected]
1106Al Muhairy General Trading Company 02-6772040[email protected]
1107GETCH bmg Group 02-6266272[email protected]
1108Trizac Oil Field Supplies & Industrial Products02-6330552[email protected]
1109Ali & Sons Oilfields Supplies & Services02-6723900  [email protected]
1110E&I Internet Emirates Company 02-6664846 [email protected]
1111Al Dharis Establishments02-6455868 [email protected]
1112BIN FRAIH GROUP02- 6444900 [email protected]
1113INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL CIRCLE02-6217788[email protected]
1114Dome Oilfield Engineering02-6348800[email protected]
1115Abu Dhabi Securites Exhange[email protected]
1116HR Sport A. D. [email protected]
1117UAV Rrecritment [email protected]
1118West Cost Environmental Company02-6266676[email protected]
1119Makarem Proporties02-4449880[email protected]
1120Autochim Systems02-6265774 [email protected]
1121Chalmers Engineering[email protected]
1122Golden Harbour Technical Equipment Trading & Importing[email protected]
1123Quick Mix Beton L.L.C02-5511100[email protected]
1124Arabian Power Company02-558-8899[email protected]
1125QEnergy Natural Gas and LPG Systems02-6724477[email protected]
1126Petro Gas Company02-6447556 [email protected]
1127Audting Rrecritment GOV. AD[email protected]
1128Petro Gas Company02-6447556 [email protected]
1129Rensus UAE 02-52614995[email protected]
1130Eminent Oil Field Equipments & Serv. 02-5516922[email protected]
1131Eminent Oil Field Equipments & Serv. 02-5516922[email protected]
1132UNION GAS02-6262112[email protected]
1133Darmaki Establishment 02-6712200[email protected]
1134Sun & Chill Consulting[email protected]
1135Tech. Me Technology [email protected]
1136Al Rawdah Chemical Industries Factory02-5544286[email protected]
1137Workcircle Lted Recritment 5579671[email protected]
1138Workcircle Lted Recritment 5579671[email protected]
1139Lmprell Oil Company[email protected]
1140Khatib & Alami Group 4252222[email protected]
1141M.A.H.Y Khoory Group 2666300[email protected]
1142MFC Company8819600[email protected]
1143Prime Limousine2823030[email protected]
1144Wast UAE Company [email protected]
1145Hays Central Dept. Recritment A.D02-6594071[email protected]
1146International Expets Center for Management Constulation (ExMac)02-6788577[email protected]
1147International Expets Center for Management Constulation (ExMac)02-6788577[email protected]
1148Bin Sidra National Petrgas Est.02-6723289[email protected]
1149Al Jazira Pipe Industrial & Oil Servieces02-5502355[email protected]
1150Tameer Abu Dhabi02-643 2474[email protected]
1151Red Sea Housing Compound[email protected]
1152Select Softwares Systems02-6745436[email protected]
1153Blue Sea Environmental Contracts Est.02-6454762[email protected]
1154Akhbar Abu Dhabi[email protected]
1155By Blos General Contracting 02-6418402[email protected]
1156Soma Displays Company A.D.02-6211147 [email protected]
1157AL HADER for Exhibitions & Conferences02-62 22 733[email protected]
1158The Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX)02-444 6011[email protected]
1159Arab Health Exhibition02-444 6113 [email protected]
1160ALUMEX Middle East Aluminum Exhibition 02-444 6113 [email protected]
1161IIR Holdings Ltd 02-4935168[email protected]
1162Burjeel Hospial [email protected]
1163Burjeel Hospial [email protected]
1164Al Mumayez Events Organizing 02-644 66 30[email protected]
1165Dome Exhibitions02-674 4040[email protected]
1166Super Power Technology LLC02-554662[email protected]
1167Super Power Technology LLC02-554662[email protected]
1168The Emirates House for Consultancy & Training02- 6262639[email protected]
1169The Emirates House for Consultancy & Training02-6262639[email protected]
1170International Security National Resilience Exhibition & Conference02-444 6113 [email protected]
1171ALUMEX Middle East Aluminum Exhibition02-444 6113 [email protected]
1172Jobs Recruitment (Gov).8001010[email protected]
1173ALUMEX Middle East Aluminum Exhibition02-444 6113 [email protected]
1174ADIPEC – Abu Dhabi International Petrochemical Exhibition02-406 4463[email protected]
1175Alrakha Group 02-6771624[email protected]
1176ADNEC02- 4444 909[email protected]
1177The Great Entertainment Company[email protected]
1178Fanatazio Group 02-641 5551[email protected]
1179PresenterChoices Models Agency[email protected]
1180Insignia Seminars & Conferences (ISC)02-6818137[email protected]
1181A.D International Book Fair  02-657 6180    [email protected]
1182Simple Pleasures[email protected]
1183Al Fara’a General Contracting Company 02-6431333 [email protected]
1184TARGET Engg Const. Co 02-6714700 [email protected]
1185TARGET Engg Const. Co 02-6714700 [email protected]
1186TARGET Engg Const. Co 02-6714700 [email protected]
1187Actco General Contracting Company L.L.C02-681 2255  [email protected]
1188Gulf Contractors Company [email protected]
1189Algeco Alain General Contracting CO 02-6724242[email protected]
1190Algeco Alain General Contracting CO 02-6724242[email protected]
1191Al Hamed International Trading Circle (ITC)02-667 5555[email protected]
1192Al Hamed Development & Construction (AHDC) 02-667 5555[email protected]
1193Emirates – emi02-667 5555[email protected]
1194National Resources Insurance Services Est. (NRI)02-667 5555[email protected]
1195First Select International02-667 5555[email protected]
1196Falcon Tours, Travel & Cargo (Abu Dhabi)02-667 5555[email protected]
1197Group 4 Securicor Emirates02-667 5555[email protected]
1198Al Hamed Enterprises (Group of Companies)02-667 5555[email protected]
1199MABANI Proporties02-6775 949[email protected]
1200MABANI Proporties02-6775 949[email protected]
1201Ali & Sons Contracting Co. L.L.C.02-5546611[email protected]
1202Al Nasr Contracting Company L.L.C.02- 642 0002[email protected]
1203Larsen & Toubro Ready-mix Concrete Industries LLC02-672-9136 [email protected]
1204Nunzio Quacquarelli[email protected] 
1205Larsen & Toubro Ready-mix Concrete Industries LLC02-672-9136 [email protected]
1206International Supplies and Construction [email protected]
1207PIONEER International Projects Management 02-632 2990[email protected]
1208Design & Architecture bureau DAR 02- 6458850 [email protected]
1209FALCOR Engineering & Contracting services02-634 25 55 [email protected]
1210Turner Construction Company[email protected]
1211Al Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading02-6725451 [email protected]
1212Ticbabd Proporties 02-6451228[email protected]
1213UAE Jobs (Gov)[email protected]
1214Al Khatib Cracknell (AKC)02-6433391[email protected]
1215Al Khatib Cracknell (AKC)02-6433391[email protected]
1216Emirates Heritage2.6342161[email protected]
1217Al aman consulting Engineering02-6332006[email protected]
1218Dewan Architects Properties02-6655599 [email protected]
1219Structure Specialized Civil & Structural Designers02-645 5593[email protected]
1220Emirates Specialities Co. L.L.C.02-678 4800[email protected]
1221FALCOR Engineering & Contracting services02-634 25 55 [email protected]
1222Emirates Steel[email protected]
1223Construction General Contracting House LTD.02-6267424[email protected]
1224Dutco Group8801010[email protected]
1225Education Agency [email protected]
1226Future Pipe Industries[email protected]
1227BMC Gulf :Trading & Contracting LLC02-5544327[email protected]
1228Dhabi Contracting Est.02-627 4733[email protected]
1229Al Muhaiy GCC02-6334100[email protected]
1230Vergo Eng. Establishment02-6459110 [email protected]
1231هيئة تنظيم الإتصالات
Telecomunication Regulatory Authority
02 -6269999[email protected]
1232Vergo Eng. Establishment02-6459110 [email protected]
1233Tawazun02-616 0000[email protected]
1234Costain Group[email protected]
1235Mostafa Bin Abdullatif Group of Companies02-6777763 [email protected]
1236Reliance Electro Mechanical REMCO02-6743440 [email protected]
1237The C.A.T. Group of Companies – Abu Dhabi02-6721626[email protected]
1238Reliance Electro Mechanical02 6743440[email protected]
1239Daral – Binaa Contracting Company LLC02- 6676822 [email protected]
1240هيئة ابوظبي للثقافة والتراث
Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage
02-6576171[email protected]
1241BR International Call Center02-6795440[email protected] 
1242AECOM companies Daniel[email protected]
1243Bavaria Holidays 02-6673767[email protected]
1244Bavaria Holidays 02-6673767[email protected]
1245Conmix Limited02-6410665[email protected]
1246Aramoun General Contracting Co. L.L.C.02-6429922[email protected]
1247Aramoun General Contracting Co. L.L.C.02-6429922[email protected]
1248Vision Plus02-2884888[email protected]
1249ABMC Group02-5554052 [email protected] 
1250Clenco Compny [email protected]
1251ABMC Group02-5554052 [email protected]
1252Academy uae GOV[email protected]
1253وزارة الطاقة02-6126500[email protected]
1254Al Eading Furniture Company [email protected]
1256Abu Dhabi Printing & Publishing Co. – Bin Desmal
02-6732828[email protected]
1257ELS Language Centers Middle East
الشركة المتحدة للخدمات الفنية
02- 6426640[email protected]
1258UAE Steel   04-8873003     [email protected]
1259KAWADER Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.02-4463222[email protected]
1260AAA Construction Equipment Establishment04-8862000[email protected]
1261Fortuna Engineering LLC06-5387740[email protected]
1262Options Furniture Center 02-6354949[email protected]
1263Tas Coutsoucing Company [email protected]
1264Emirates Buldings Private Shareholding Co.02-5513311[email protected]
1265European International College 02-4491450[email protected]
1266Job Envoy Recritment Egncy [email protected]
1267هيئة تنمية وتوظيف الموارد البشربة الوطنية
The National HR Devel. & Employment Authority
6052667[email protected]
1268Advanced Integrated Systems Co. 02-6590909[email protected]
1269Dunia Group [email protected]
1270Golden-Click02-65668322[email protected]
1271ALDAR Careers02-810 5555[email protected]
1272Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital02-665 8090[email protected]
1273Apple Search and Selection – HR e-mail433 0553[email protected]
1274شركة الجزيرة لصناعات الانابيب والخدمات النفطية 02-6343337[email protected]
1275ميريت للخدمات الادارية02-6344282[email protected]
1276ساحل الخليج للمقاولات العامة02-6426660[email protected]
1277Jobs- Me Recritment Agency[email protected]
1278Dulsco HR Solutions02-6266855[email protected] 
1279Bineid Admin Services5686144[email protected]
1280SBS  HR Consultants[email protected]
1281Al-Narjes HR Services EST02-6212129[email protected]
1282Al-Narjes HR Services EST02-6212129[email protected]
1283Dubai Jobs 04-426-4428[email protected]
1284Millennium HR Solutions04-338 4944[email protected]
1285Millennium HR Solutions04-338 4944[email protected]
1286HR Jobtrack Middle East02-6764499[email protected]
1287HR Jobtrack Middle East02-6764499[email protected]
1288HR Jobtrack Middle East02-6764499[email protected] 
1289The HR  Human Angle Ltd3902797[email protected]
1290Lobo Management Services 3313223[email protected]
1291Gulf Personnel JLT3671762[email protected]
1292Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage02 6576171[email protected]
1293Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority02 4954000[email protected]
1294Abu Dhabi National Hotels02 4447228[email protected]
1295Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company02 4168000[email protected]
1296Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 02 6962277[email protected]
1297Air Force & Air Defence02 4076067[email protected]
1298Air Force & Air Defence02 4076067[email protected]
1299Federal Demographic Council[email protected]
1300Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones02 5500000[email protected]
1301Khalifa University02 4018000[email protected]
1302Mubadala02 4131863[email protected]
1303Petrofac Emirates LLC02 8104000[email protected]
1304Care Professional Services[email protected]
1305Special Operations Command (SOC)80057476[email protected]
1306The Emirates Center For Stragetic Studies & Research 02 4044494[email protected]
1307The Emirates Center For Stragetic Studies & Research 02 4044494[email protected]
1308The Offset Program Bureau / Tawazun02 6160249[email protected]
1309UAE Navy Force02 6189742[email protected]
1310صندوق الزواج   02-6993000[email protected]
1311Rigzone Recritment Agency 390 0410[email protected]
1312Special Operations Command (SOC)[email protected]
1313شركة الخزنة للتأمين 02-6417998[email protected]
1314Mott Macd02-4457490[email protected]
1315سفارة الجزائر 02-4445874[email protected] 
1316Global Medical Solutions02-403 6666[email protected]

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December 20, 2021

Iam in search of a Job.
Abroad Experience Two years in Saudi Arabia.
My Age : 51yrs.
Iam currently Employed in India.
Any suitable post I can get in will be great.
Thank you

December 20, 2021

I m searching a job

1 year & 2 months in Oman / 7 & half years in Ghana (West Africa)

Age – 46 Years

Joined – immediately

Kindly update me.


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