Are you searching for a job in Dubai? If so, you may wonder how I got a job in Dubai on a visit visa within seven days. The job market in Dubai is booming, with more job opportunities each year. As a job aspirant, you need to compete with other applicants from all over the world. Getting a job in Dubai is not easy; you need to show that you are a capable candidate for the job. But, the question is how it will represent that you are eligible for a job. It is through building a high-quality resume. When hunting for a new job, having a perfect CV is a golden ticket to attend interviews and get job offers. Here, I share my experience of getting a job in Dubai and how you can prepare for the job. 

Prepare CV & Cover letter

First, the employers will look at your CV. As it is the most valuable tool to get you to the interview stage. CV is the first chance to build a good impression on a potential employer. A good CV will improve the chances of being placed in the right job. Building your resume is not so easy; it requires more effort. 

As to make my resume impressive, I get assistance from the Dubai standard resume in UAE. The professional resume writers politely help me to build a high-quality resume. With their guide, I build the perfect CV, and my resume represents my skill that really impresses lots of employers. I got plenty of job opportunities and was placed in a suitable job in Dubai without much effort.

Be Professional in Your Approach

First, when searching for a job, you should be professional. As you are going for a 7-day visa visit, you should be authentic in your job search. Make sure of your skill and first determine the job that suits your skills. As your visa is expiring soon, you should not be in a manner of desperation. Somehow try to convey the information to the hiring manager that you are on a seven-day visit visa. Know that you can even attend the interview after you return to your home country. If you are the best applicant for the company, they provide a work visa and plane ticket to Dubai. You can impress the hiring team with your confidence and professionalism.

Mention Availability for Interview

As you are in Dubai for a short period of time, it is important to inform the hiring manager when you are available. When they make a recruiting process, include the details such as visa status and the expiry date. 

Submit your CV

Once the company starts their recruiting process in your profession or industry, you start sending a resume. If you want to demonstrate your skills to potential employers, look for the Dubai standard professional resume in UAE. The expert resume builder builds your resume professionally and mentions which job you are looking for, relevant skills, and salary expectations for the job opening. As it is the best source to convey the information.


When you are going to attend the interview, dress up and be confident to attend the interview. If you want to stand out from the other applicants, get in-depth knowledge of the company. If you have selected, inform them that you are a short term visit that they can contact you via phone, email and online. Be professional and express your gratitude to the hiring manager. This creates a good impression on the hiring manager. 

Planning your job search well will definitely land you in a perfect job. However, know that resume building plays an important role to get a dream job. A perfect resume creates a good view among employers that lands you in the right job.