About Visa

A visa limited to 6 months that is actual procedures of UAE’s golden residency has been launched by the (ICA-UAE).

The authority mention on official website that service can be extended for a similar period. However, the six-month visa Permit an applicant multiply entry to the UAE.

Eligibility Condition

Investors -public investments – real estate investor-


Specialised talents Like doctors / scientists

Creative in culture and art

Inventors / specialists in scientific fields

Athletes Expert

Ph.D. / Specialists in the area of engineering and science

Outstanding students (high school / university students)

How to apply

you can visit ICA-UAE website for step by step process ,All the instruction is given there.


The cost for the 6 month visa is AED 1150 (issue fee AED 1000; request fee AED 100- e-services fee AED 28 and ICA fees AED 22)


Call centre 600522222 & website www.ica.gov.ae