Top 10 Highest Pay scale Jobs in Dubai:

If you are searching for an opportunity to work in the UAE and compensation is the principle perspective to you, or in case you’re a UAE resident and need to look at the positions that have the most significant compensations, continue perusing this article. In this article, highest job paid in Dubai will be mentioned with the list of HRs to contact them for theses job, check the job position below:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

On the off chance that you’re interested to think about the most lucrative positions in UAE. No organization can maintain its business without its CEO since s/he is the chief and all fundamental and significant choices are taken by him/her. This position is involved in all the public and worldwide organizations that open in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, to ensure the progression of the business and its prosperity. Salary range for this highest paid job position: 40,000 – 100,000 AED monthly

2. Head Marketing Officer (HMO):

 An HMO deals with the promoting of an association and means to improve the brand. They make brand techniques to keep up and improve the item or the brand. This activity is one of the most lucrative positions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi since they built a colossal number of brands and associations that require a CMO to oversee and create. From 80,000 to 90,000 AED monthly is the salary range

3. Accounting, Finance Professionals:

In the event that you considered Finance, or you’re filling in as an Accountant, you would need to work in the UAE. These callings are among the best positions in UAE, explicitly in Dubai. The dispatch of all these worldwide associations in Dubai drove the interest for this calling. CFOs (CFO) rank number one since they have a colossal duty in keeping up the business. They take hazardous choices on dangerous issues of benefits, venture, and bookkeeping. You can check the Accounting jobs list in Dubai for getting better idea regarding this. Salary range will be: From 50,000 – 90,000 AED monthly for this position.

4. Lawyer:

Since you need to have a deep understanding of the top paid positions in UAE, attorneys must be referenced. Legal counsellors work for associations to deal with their lawful undertakings and shield the business from any unlawful consistence. They oversee contracts and legitimate arrangements; they can likewise have some expertise in a particular errand like copyright law or practice different regions of law. Pay Range: From 60,000 – 106,000 AED monthly

5. Authorities

You may be contemplating whether all specialists get a similar pay or on the off chance that they even get great ones. Indeed, not all specialists get the most significant pay in UAE, yet a few claims to fame do. For example, pro Neurologists, Surgeons, Cardiologists and youngster Psychiatrists or Psychologists procure the highest job paid in Dubai explicitly because of its interest in clinics and clinical focuses to meet worldwide greatness. The normal pay for the referenced fortes is 75,000 AED a monthly.

6. Senior Bankers

Ranking directors are the spine of any bank, since they take critical choices, settle on long haul advances, meddle in speculations that would raise the profile and control the picture of the bank. That is the reason it’s viewed as one of the most paid positions in UAE, explicitly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi since they have the biggest banks in the Middle East that are controlled by Senior Bankers.

Compensation Range will be from 63,000 – 77,000 AED monthly.

7. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Directors

On the off chance that you’re interested to know why this activity is one of the significant pay occupations in Dubai and UAE for the most part, this is on the grounds that they oversee and regulate all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing establishments in development ventures. There are plentiful of these undertakings occurring in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a rule. Salary range will be from 40,000 – 68,000 AED monthly.

8. Data Technology (IT) Managers

Pay Range for this position will be from 50,000 – 80,000 AED month Boss Information Officers and IT chiefs oversee ventures like planning, advancement, supporting and testing. They facilitate with the IT division where they decide arrangements and the association’s whole set up. This activity is one of the significant compensation occupations in the UAE, due to all the organizations and associations all through the UAE for the highest paid job in Dubai.

9. Marketing Directors

In the event that advertising or retail the board is your investigation, look at this particular employment; it is a standout amongst other paying positions in UAE. Marketing Directors are utilized by retails outlets, style stores, and diversion business and they are basically answerable for advancing these organizations’ brands through various occasions and exercises. Dubai is one of the primary nations that rely upon Merchandising Directors since they have an enormous number of business foundations, and as we as a whole know, it is one of the greatest shopping centres on the planet. With the salary scale from 36,000 – 52,000 AED monthly.

10. Statisticians

They are engaged with insurance agencies. They do a huge information search to recognize and assess dangers to put protection approaches and lower the danger as much as possible. Since insurance agencies are broadly spread among the nations in the UAE, statisticians increase one of the most generously compensated pay in UAE on account of the worth they accommodate insurance agencies for the highest paid job with the salary range from 30,000 – 80,000 AED monthly.

For getting this job you need to connect with the HR of different companies through which you will join this position. Here is the list of the HR email id which will be beneficial for you as job seeker in Dubai.  This list has email Id of this employees and for influence them you need to have Dubai standard resume format through which you attract the employee.  Resume link also there for you to get benefit from there and get these highest paid jobs by being select over there.

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